If you need to have roof work done prior to installing solar, make sure the roofing company coordinates with the solar company on the installation.

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25 Panasonic panels with micro-inverters. No battery (yet). There are multiple angles on the roof and we were able to come up with a design such that the panels will not be visible from the street.

Other Benefits:

We have an electric vehicle (Tesla Model 3) and this will provide a low cost way of charging the battery.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We had to replace the underlayment (e.g., tar paper) on the roof as it was cracking. We had Courtesy Roofing do a "lift and relay" project that involves removing the roof tiles, replacing the underlayment with a titanium sheet and the relaying the tiles. Cost was roughly $20K.

My Motivation:

Wanted to "go green" and control cost at the same time.


If you need to do any roof work, make sure the roofer and the solar installers coordinate! After the roofers did the "lift and relay" work noted above, they informed me that a solar installation would void the roof warranty! They said I should have told them so the solar posts could be installed prior to the roofing.

Experience with Installer:

Courtesy Roofing did a good job, but were a bit confusing on the price. They told me they would have to use additional tiles at additional cost since the current tiles did not have enough overlap. Later, they said the additional tiles were included in the price. I did have to pay extra to replace old wood, which was not included in the original quote. Be sure to ask about these items that could add to the cost.

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