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1, First floor- Install Waterfurnace 2 ton geo split system, Model- NDZ026100CNNOBN. ( 5 series ). 2 speed compressor, matching A- Coil. On a Rheem 70,000 btu 96% gas furnace, Model- R96VA0702317MSA. FC-2 flow center. PVC exhaust. Second floor- Install Waterfurnace 2 ton geo split system. Model- NDZ026100CNNOBN, ( 5 series) 2 speed compressor. With matching variable speed , waterfurnace air handler in attic. (5KW) heater. New duct work installed. 6 supplies, & 4 returns. All duct work sealed & insulated to R-8 . 2-320 ft. bores. 1.25” geo pipe & grout. Inside geo piping, insulated geo lines. Price includes 10 year warranty all parts, 5 year labor allowance, & 2 year labor warranty. 2- programmable thermostats. Re Cycle existing HVAC eq. Extra- Hot water assist, 50 gal. Storage tank, & plumbing - $1,800.00 Instellstart- $300.00 each unit

Other Benefits:

We have a hot water pre-heat before the refrigerant goes back out the loop field. The system is super quiet. No condensers whirring away all summer long.

Maintenance Requirements:

Changing filers

My Motivation:

Save energy overall while protecting the environment.

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