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Initial install was 30 Solar panels (330W) and 2 Tesla PW2 batteries. Updated a year later with 12 Panasonic solar panels (340W) and a 3rd Tesla PW2 battery.

Other Benefits:

Lowering our carbon footprint.

Maintenance Requirements:

Maintenance free and trouble free so far.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We're on rain water only. The house is very well insulated and a good build with quality metal roof.

My Motivation:

Help with the environment and our energy needs. Solar power is plentiful and provided free by our sun for many years to come. The solar system will probably increase the value of the property. And, it feels great.


Find the best installers, install as much collecting power as you can afford and don't worry about ROI, it will all add up at the end.

Experience with Installer:

We were extremely lucky to find HESolar Hoffman brothers, Eric and Derrick. They were professional, honest, fair and loved their job. A pleasure to work with.

Additional Notes:

When we decided to upgrade our system with another Tesla PW2 battery and 12 more panels, our SolarEdge inverter was clipping at 10KW, HESolar offered to swap our inverter for a more powerful one for a small fee. Saved the day.

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