The contractor failed to complete the installation. I tried to pull against their performance bond. But there are other people who have claimed against the performance bond too, so I probably won't get any money back. I lost almost $20,000! Can't say I love anything about this system, since all I have are bare railse on the roof.

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Well, the contractor put the inverter, which was supposed to include a car charger in the back of the roof. And I have metal rails all over the roof, but no inverters. And the system is not where it is supposed to be. The racking is not in the agreed place with the plan.

Other Benefits:

It provides a cautionary tale to others.

Maintenance Requirements:

I probably call the contractor at least once a week. Plus I have had to call the insurance company lawyer several times this month and fill out a lot of insurance forms to try to get some of my money back. Don't think I will get much back, though.

Experience with Installer:

Disaster. Avoid.

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