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Energy Needs Met

50% to 74%

of electricity


What You Need to Know


A 7.6 kW system with battery backup. I'm using 2 Tesla Powerwalls, rated at 13.6 kW each.

Other Benefits:

I chose to add battery backup so the system will work during a power outage, and to save power to use during the Peak period in our Time of Use.

Maintenance Requirements:

Occasional washing.

My Motivation:

Initially it was to save money, and that has remained my primary goal. But, as I learned more, I became more excited to add the technology to my house. That's why I added a battery backup and ultimately chose Tesla as my provider.


Research, research, research. You need to find the right system for you. Every solar dealer will tell you they have the right system for your needs. Find out how much you pay for electricity, what your time of day use is and run the numbers on one of the many free solar calculators.

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