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Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of electricity

Net Investment


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What You Need to Know


24 panels: 20 on back of house; 4 on front; surrounded by a lot of trees

Other Benefits:

contribution to preserving the environment & our health

Maintenance Requirements:

no maintenance

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Weatherization: (HES) Air sealing + insulation: attic floor: from R-30 to R-60 garage ceiling: from R-21 to R-25 garage walls: from R-0 to R-13 house walls were/are R-19; no room to add more insulation; Energy-star appliances: dishwasher; line-dry clothes, use dryer sparingly; FSC-cabinets in kitchen & bathroom; non-VOC paint; Future installations: cold climate heat pump (for heating + cooling), energy-efficient window treatments, newer washer & refrigerator; heat pump or tankless hot water heater

My Motivation:

benefit planetary & our own health, spend less on energy, increase value of house


Before solar installation do weatherization, air sealing & insulation.

Experience with Installer:

part of Solarize Hamden initiative; professional & fast installation, Enphase online let's you see solar production per year/month/day/hour; but not consumption: would cost another $600 to install (still looking for an energy monitor that does that)

Additional Notes:

time to get more energy-efficient: I had been looking into it since 2010 but we didn't have a house until 2017. We are currently looking into becoming fossil-fuel free by switching to cold climate heat pumps from natural gas furnace/AC.

Open House Info:

I'd be happy to participate in solar open houses; parking is on street

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