Quest for a "Once Installed, Walk Away Solar System" with the exception of unforseen and yet undiscovered problems, product failures, and of course any influence by "Mother" Nature.

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An electrically balanced p/v panels to battery storage with a power inverter sized to provide coverage for all usual/average household needs including A/C, kitchen appliances, power tools, lighting, ect.

Other Benefits:

Self designed charge control board with over-charging limit protection or cut off

Maintenance Requirements:

Lead acid batteries require weekly monitoring of the acid levels and adding distilled water when necessary.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Backups of a 5,000w gas or propane generator for comfort, just in case and still in design and building stage of a wind generator for charge assistance due to expected change in weather conditions.

My Motivation:

Believed in myself and desire to succeed


Cooking meals and water heating are more efficiently done with propane

Experience with Installer:


Additional Notes:

Lifestyle changes and problems that were not considered important became quite a bit of a shock, and extremely important in retrospect.

Open House Info:

Contact me through email, I am open to any suggestions or ideas.

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