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A 15 kW system with 35 Panasonic 335 panels.

Maintenance Requirements:

While I don't have to wash the solar panels, I choose to wash them during the summer approximately once per month so that production remains at maximum levels. I notice about a 5% increase in production once the panels have been washed. I live in an agricultural area so dust can settle on the panels.

My Motivation:

Cost savings.


Thoroughly research you electrical usage for as far back as your energy provider allows. For me, PGE allowed by to go back 10 years and this gave me an excellent history of my electrical usage and the system size I would need to accomplish my electrical energy system needs (i.e. 100% off-set). I also used the solar system computer generation model at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to get a clear idea of how many panels I would need and where I my roof they would be placed.

Experience with Installer:

Nothing but good things to say about Planet Solar who installed my system.

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