Lake side solar project using Silfab Solar panels and SolarEdge inverter

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36 panels, placed on rooftop to gather maximum exposure.

Other Benefits:

The system makes our home more attractive to lake front buyers as compared to other homes on the lake with no solar setup.

Maintenance Requirements:

Little to none, sweeping snow in winter would aid in winter production.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

New roof shingles

My Motivation:

Knowing we needed new shingles, it was our goal to use the government solar incentive To offset some of that cost.


Get multiple quotes. Ask for the best warranty equipment available.

Experience with Installer:

Our local installers were fantastic and it was all arranged by YellowLite.

Additional Notes:

Modernizing our lakefront home that was built in the 1990’s is our primary focus. We aim to increase to value of the home for resale when we retire.

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