Thoroughly pleased with everything except the electric meter update.

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I have 29 solar panels installed that are projected to provide 115% of my energy needs

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It reduces my carbon footprint and protects me from future electric rate increases.

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My Motivation:

Establishing a fixed monthly cost for my energy. By enrolling in an energy provider, such as Green Mountain, that buys back at the same rate it is sold, I can build up credit.


Think it through and ask a lot of questions. Be aware that your roof should be in good condition as it will cost around $200 per panel to remove the system and reinstall it after a roof replacement (unless it's as a result of an insurance claim) Notify your insurance company when the work is complete. It will raise your premium but by a relatively small amount. Mine goes up around $70/year. Don't expect everything to happen quickly. The biggest hold up for me is getting the meter replaced/updated as it will not register going in reverse. So far I've waited 2 weeks for AEP to replace my meter and during this time I could have been building credit. If you don't plan to stay in your house for very long, don't buy solar as you will be wasting money. Most solar loans are assumable providing the person assuming the loan qualifies, and assuming they are willing to assume the loan. Otherwise you have to pay off the balance if you financed the solar system or at it into the sale price of your house.

Experience with Installer:

I went with a company called Sunpower by Freedom Solar. There were 4 or 5 great companies out there but this company is based in Texas and been in business for 13 or 14 years. I wanted a company with a track record and all of the others that provided a quote had less time in the business. Sunpower panels are also rated one of the highest quality panels in the business. Sunpower also has its own staff and does not subcontract the installation, which was very important to me. They are professional and gave an excellent presentation prior to me selecting them.

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