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Project management - stay on top of it

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24 8.16 Kw panels to offset electrical utilization

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The recent pricing reduction in panels Fear of rising energy costs


Do your own assessment of your property to ensure the installation location is free of shade and provides the most sun exposure properly

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Our experience unfortunately is still in the progress of writing this. Our permits were submitted late as a result of poor project management and resource assignments. Our initial project coordinator had to be prodded for information and status. We had a site survey completed w/o having a signed purchase agreement, then once the agreement was signed, another site visit was scheduled only to find that it wasn't needed. Be sure you fully understand the schedule of events and timeline. We missed out on completion in 2020 due to the delays and project coordinator terminated and new coordinator assignment. Fast forward to Feb 2021, we have our panels installed. Installation was prompt and fast and the crew was excellent. Now we just need 2 inspections by the county and the electrical provider to go live.

Additional Notes:

Be sure you go over with your installer the timeline and expected durations for each of the steps: 1. Purchase agreement 2. Site Survey 3. Permits 4. Installation 5. Electric company approval 6. Connection completion

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