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There are 26 panels in my system and the goal is to meet 100% of my electric needs for the year. I have a strong southern exposure on the back of my house, so the system fit nicely on the back roof of my house.

My Motivation:

There are a number of reasons we made the move to solar power. First, we like the idea of producing our own energy. Having a smaller carbon footprint has been a goal for us. There was also a good tax credit incentive for our taxes coupled with the fact that RI does not add the value of our system to the taxed value of our home.


Use Energy Sage to help navigate the process - if not for everything, at least doing research is a breeze, but they put us in contact with a great installer, and once we started the process, my only obligation was to be here on the day of the site evaluation and installation day.

Experience with Installer:

Green Power Energy, out of NJ, handled the job very capably. Every step of the process was clear, well-supported, and I never waited more than an hour or two for a response to my MANY questions. They were fantastic.

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