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I have 15 SunPower 320 Watts solar panels, due to which I have 0 electricity bills.

My Motivation:

I decided to install solar panel system mainly for environmental purposes and to increase my home value. Solar panel system is reliable, saves money and is environmentally friendly, as it takes advantage of solar power, which I think is great. Also, it sets you free from grid. The system generated so much energy that I sold the excess to the grid. At the end of the year, not only did I save on my electricity bill but also the utility company owed me money.


Definitely it is worth going solar and once you decide to do so, call LA Solar Group.

Experience with Installer:

Conducting a deep research starting from 2011, I ended up choosing LA Solar Group because of its great reviews. I was able to easily sell my previous house at a higher price due to the quality install of the company. I was so satisfied with my previous experience that being moved to a new house, I contacted them again to install my solar panels. The install was very clean and the installers were sharp and professional. LA Solar Group takes care of all the contact with the city officials starting from scheduling inspections to getting permits. All in all, it was one-call and all-problems-solved experience.

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