Nope, don't do it! Extreme lack of communication, no timelines, poor installation experiences- requested in October, started in Feb, it is mid-May and still not done.


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Tesla shingles

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Despite the poor reviews, I wanted the nice look of Tesla shingles. We were due for a new roof otherwise we would not have considered this due to cost. However, having one company to deal with replacing a roof, plus adding solar shingles which have a great warranty and are of quality materials motivated us. Once we submitted the application- it took months and months of communicating with the tesla advisor to get any date set. From October 2020- late January 2021. Finally, we were given a date in March, but then last minute changed it to Feb- cool. The actual date changed again last minute. The tear-down was great and quick. The installation took about a week but the finishing touches were subpar (flashing, uneven shingles, Frankenstein looking "siding"). The quality inspection officer agreed. Some painting was done, but then a crew came to take the materials, and then we went another few months without a connection/finished roof. After a few months, another crew came out and had to rip off 1/3 of the roof to redo it but left it exposed/untarped over the weekend. It rained of course. After a few more weeks, we are now waiting on siding replacement. Still, we have yet to leverage the solar. Getting a hold of someone has been difficult- even the emergency line I called when it rained into our attic was not confident she could send crews over! She also claimed that providing me with the quality audit checklist and what was done/left to do was "proprietary" information. I informed her that I wasn't asking how the shingles were made, simply the work I was paying to be done- what was exactly on their to do list- seriously could not get this information sent to me from anyone. Extremely disappointed in the disjointed teams required to install this roof and the complete lack of communication, and timeline.

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