Rural hilltop solar system exceeds expectations!!

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Quick Facts
Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of electricity

Net Investment


Return on Investment



What You Need to Know


Rooftop system comprised of 25 Q-cell Peak 425 panels with 25 SMA TS4 optimizers; 2 SMA invertors and one Tesla Powerwall 2.

Other Benefits:

Battery backup in case of power outage.

Maintenance Requirements:

None yet.

My Motivation:

1. Control energy cost and usage. 2. To benefit the environment. 3. To benefit from government incentives.


Screen your proposal carefully and learn as much as you can before starting the process.

Experience with Installer:

I received 9 bids from installers with one being a little non truthful. I chose the company I did because they were reasonably local (under 50 miles) as well as a lower cost (not the lowest.) Their equipment choices were well explained to me as well. They were also the ONLY company to make a site visit before submitting a proposal.

Additional Notes:

We are on top of the only large hill for miles. It was an experience for the installers lugging their equipment to the top via truck. More than a bit steep.

Open House Info:

We are a bit away from DFW.

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