As an Airbnb host who also lives in the building, our solar panels are a great marketing tool, a way to save money, and an incredible educational tool for our kids.

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Our solar array is separated into two meters that provide electricity for the three units in our building. Our roof is orientated east-west with more panels on the west side.

Other Benefits:

I am able to monitor our energy production in real-time on an app.

Maintenance Requirements:

We haven't needed to service our panel but we did have our roof and chimney inspected and repaired before our panels were installed.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:


My Motivation:

Our number one motivation for installing solar panels was to reduce our carbon footprint to do our part to combat our global climate emergency. We also run an AirBnb / short term rental on our first floor and we think having solar panels is a great marketing tool. Lastly, we have loved teaching our kids about solar power.


Be patient. From the time of our initial conversation with an installer to the time our interconnection was officially approved by the utility was 11 months. We got several quotes, I consulted with Energy Sage, negotiated with installers, had to go through Chicago's building permit process, get approval from the local utility, and get the panels installed. Great advice I got from Energy Sage was that if your solar loan's rate is impossibly low then you are paying for it somewhere else in the loan, usually with a higher principle amount.

Experience with Installer:

PlugPV was terrific. The sales guy offered me a great price and was willing to work with me to fit our needs. The guys installing the panels were polite, careful with our house, and were so kind when speaking with our kids about what they were doing.

Open House Info:

Our solar array is visible from the sidewalk across the street from our house. There isn't really anywhere you can get a great look at our panels but I am happy to walk someone around our place if they are interested.

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