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My electricity bill has practically vanished when I put solar panels.

My Motivation:

I decided to go solar because I was sick of paying so much for electricity. Summer becomes hotter every year, which causes my electricity expenses to increase. In addition, I recognize how critical it is to use renewable energy and protect our planet from climate change. I was also ecstatic to learn about solar incentives, such as a tax credit, which will help me save even more money on my solar purchase.


Don't waste your money. Go solar as soon as you can and LA Solar Group will be there for you during the entire process.

Experience with Installer:

Installers are very professional. They carefully responded to all my questions and explained the benefits of solar panels. They kept communicating during the whole installation process and made my solar trip as simple as possible. The working process ran smoothly they did very fast and clean installation. Overall I had a a 5-star experience with LA Solar Group.

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