I was so tired of my continuously increasing electric bills and decided to give solar energy a try, which proved to be more effective than expected.

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To fully cover my electricity needs, I decided to purchase a 15.98 KW system that the CA Solar team designed for me.

My Motivation:

My electricity bills were really bothering me and once I shared my concerns with a friend, who had recently installed solar panels. Being pretty satisfied of his purchase he advised me to go solar as well and recommended to go with CA Solar Group.


I wish I had the persistence to go solar sooner and spare myself from spending so much on electricity bills. All those, who are hesitating to take that step, I recommend not to and be 100% sure that their investment will be justified leaving no regrets. I got sure of that starting from the very 1st month.

Experience with Installer:

I really liked how much attention I got from CA Solar Group. Starting from the first call, I noticed their eagerness to do everything possible to meet my needs. The process went smooth, all the communication with the city was handled by them, and the installation was fast and neat. Even now, when I have questions regarding my system out of my curiosity, they are always happy to assist.

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