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34 panel system (Silfab 380W) placed in two arrays on a south facing roof of house. Roof is partially shaded by two large Maple trees in yard which will likely impact energy production. Additionally, Squirrel Guard was also included in installation to prevent small animals from affecting the system.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Making a 30-40y house energy efficient is an ongoing process. Windows were replaced several years ago, new furnace/AC installed this past year (w/Smart Thermostat), and lights are being transitioned to LED at replacement.

My Motivation:

Primarily motivated to go green/do it for the environmental benefit. The cost/savings over the next XX years was certainly a nice way to justify it to my spouse. Additionally, we are interested in adding some energy storage in the future to avoid issues from outages.


**Solicit as many quotes as possible (both on and off websites like EnergySage).** Even if you aren't "in love" with the first online quote from a company, still engage them and many are willing to tailor the array/design per your needs. It helped to view the first quote as a rough draft. Also, some installers use a high-pressure sales tactic during their initial site visit/phone call and push for an immediate decision. A good way to nip that in the bud is to use the defense of "I am still collecting other quotes so I cannot sign right now" or even with the last quotes I could say that I needed some time to digest and compare/contrast the options. Lastly, take some time to create a spreadsheet with some of the generals stats about each company's solution (cost, size, manufacturer, warranties, expected 1st year production, etc.) -- while some of the numbers are calculated/estimates, it still helps to have them in a combined view to see them side-by-side.

Experience with Installer:

Some companies offer great Labor Warranties while others rely on the Manufacturer's warranty to do the heavy lifting by sounding impressive. A better/longer labor warranty was a big positive with the company we decided upon. Also, the final company was local to my area which was preferred to a national chain that uses subcontractors.

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