Solar and all-home battery desired; reality check says otherwise.

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Flat roof, ballasted, 16 panel (separated onto 2 roofs) with smart energy hub

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How can I know this? I’m just a dude.

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My Motivation:

1) to be part of changing energy production 2) desire for energy independence during power outage


1). Whole house battery desired and ordered for $23k. Installers were first to inform that whole house could not be done. Advised to cancel and wait for technology to improve. Please listen to installers, they are smart and professional. 2). Sales and installers and liaison were not on same page, very frustrating. You must be around during installation to answer questions and solve problems. 3). After install, power company (PNM) keeps you appraised. Installer only sends bill, unless a problem. I was expecting a once over, like when you buy a car and the dealer walks you around and shows you what was done and where to go with problems. Assumptions make… 4). After up and running it was confusing for me…simple questions like “are all panels working, how much should it produce in Nov (installed in Oct), etc were up to me to figure out. Very frustrating. 5). Even now, I have questions with no one to ask…do I need to clean panels off? How? Water, broom, windex. Whom do I contact with problems? How do I know there is a problem? I hope to learn more of this but I don’t know whom to ask anymore. 6). If you have questions, installers may know the answers but can’t talk to you. They arrive ready to install with a crew ready. Sales may be unreachable and may be overly optimistic. Someone at installers office knows all your answers but this person is hard to meet. If no problems, you may never meet this person. 7). People make mistakes. Take a deep breath. A pv cost is incredible, and you will feel justified to be angry disproportionately. Overall, I was treated very well.

Experience with Installer:

1). Liaison could not be reached, very frustrating 2). Crew for install were professional and efficient 3). I ordered pv and battery and expected same day install. They arrived only with pv and energy hub. Very frustrating. 4). Stucco was dinged with promises to fix…never done. Very minor problem. 5). I was sent a bill for battery install…which was never brought out to house nor installed. Be prepared for stuff like this, remain calm, and realize people make mistakes. 6). Overall I was treated well and with respect. Try to get to know the sales guy and his boss and ask questions like how do I reach them after install…this will go a very long way to satisfaction 7). Unlike a car or other major purchase, you do t get an owners manual. I got an app. It is simple but new to you unless you work in energy. I’m still trying to learn about my pv but slowly enjoying my decision as I forget about the initial problems. 8). Original install date had to change due to equip wait. No problem. Weather, equipment delays, etc might delay your job…be flexible to reduce your stress.

Additional Notes:

1). Flat roof requires ballast. Some installers balked and walked away 2). I have a membrane roof. Some installers balked and walked away 3). Install was planned entirely on garage roof, but changed to include main home roof, too. No problem, but plan for this ahead of time. 4). PNM was a dream, I only had to sign off on things via email. 5). Batteries…if you want one don’t talk to your sales guy. Go up the line to as high a manager as you can find. Talk, listen. These are complicated and confusing and not enough are installed, yet, to create a competent team….yet. 6). Pvs are expensive. Take a drink, lighten up, and enjoy the ride. People may make mistakes, you may make mistakes…so solve them with a smile…this should be a project to make life better for you! Ensure it does!

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