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25% to 49%

of electricity


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18 panels, connected with microinverters to an enphase system.

Other Benefits:

"Free" charging of my car and during the spring/fall month (when not so hot) - during the day there might be NO grid consumption. With net metering I had $0 energy usage bills during Apr-Oct !

Maintenance Requirements:

after 3y I have not done any maintenance; there is none needed - maybe I should have them come by and clean the panels

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Switched over to EV at the same time of installing the solar panels; and installed 2 years afterwards a 240V garage charger (40A).

My Motivation:

Sustainability; do my fair share in fighting the global warming


Get the Consumption measurement implemented and installed right away - I waited 1y after install and invested another $250 for it. For knowing how much your house consumes - very useful data. Check also out the different panels; there are grey aluminum casing ones and black ones; the blacks fit better into the house design (like mine are street facing); nice appeal.

Experience with Installer:

Great installer, worked nicely and clean. The panel installation was done great and look beautiful - a neighbor installed differently and their system looks not as nice as mine :)

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