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You may have heard that the climate is best in Redwood City, and that’s due in no small part to people like Chris M. who are making the switch to solar! Chris wanted to upgrade his home to solar, but he knew it would be a challenge. The roof of his home is quite large, and on top of that, his new roof would be made of a unique material. This large membrane roof would prove a challenge for any installer, but Chris knew that he could rely on Simply Solar, based on their reputation with large scale and specialty projects. After speaking to one of our expert solar consultants, Chris decided to make the switch, and the results speak for themselves. With Simply Solar, Chris was able to achieve the electrical energy cost reductions he was hoping for, and those savings will only increase over time. In 25 years, Chris will see almost $500,000 dollars in total savings on his electric bill alone!

Other Benefits:

Based on the electrical savings achieved by this system, Chris should see a return on his solar investment in about 9 years - potentially even less depending on anticipated electricity rate increases! After the point at which the system has paid for itself, any savings achieved by the system are pure value for Chris. Chris will be able to save approximately $26K on his solar panel system in the form of a tax credit. Additionally, Chris was able to take advantage of NEM2, the current Net Energy Metering program, which will protect him from future rate increases and allow him to maximize his return on investment.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Over the lifetime of his system, Chris will have greatly reduced his environmental impact. In addition to saving almost $500,000, his system will have an environmental impact equivalent to the following over the course of 25 years: 1,095,886 miles driven by an average vehicle 481,961 pounds of coal not burned 130,680 square feet of US forest preserved

My Motivation:

Chris was once paying around $700 a month for his PG&E bill - but with his new Simply Solar installation, those high bills are a thing of the past! His current average bill is approximately $50 a month, and with savings like this, we anticipate that Chris will save almost $500,000 in the next 25 years!

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