Our electric bill is just the excess price right now, and we're breaking even for the electricity we use from the solar power generated. So, I think we sized it exactly right.

What You Need to Know

My Motivation:

Aside from the savings that I get while going solar, I very much value the environmental benefits it has, and that's another reason I decided to have my solar panel system installed.

Experience with Installer:

I shopped around and called a lot of different places. The salesperson from AMECO was the best and clearest that we talked to, and it turned out they have the best price as well. My wife and I were both working from home, they didn't even interrupt us. The team installed completely clean and quick, and the system looks pristine on the roof, they didn't leave any mess. We have an electric car too, we discussed installing the charger at the same time, and AMECO was really helpful in answering all of the questions we had. All our interactions with people at AMECO have been great. They followed up to make sure it went well, and it was perfect. I have zero complaints and recommend them highly.

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