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26 solar panels and 26 inverters located on the south side of my shop. The system is projected to supply 94% of my annual electricity for both my shop and home.

Other Benefits:

Reduced carbon footprint and electricity increases in the future will have little to no impact on my monthly electric bill.

Maintenance Requirements:

System is brand new and officially went online May 4, 2022. The solar panels and inverters come with a 25 year warranty.

My Motivation:

I was motivated to go with solar panels in order to reduce my environmental footprint, save money and increase the value of my home.


Act now if you're considering solar to take advantage of the state and federal tax credits, as they are projected to be going away in the near future. I wish that I had purchased my solar system last year because of an even larger federal tax credit.

Experience with Installer:

The process of choosing a solar contractor was fairly straightforward. I contacted my current energy provider via their website and was able to get valuable information. I also perused the internet and located EnergySage which was a great help.

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