It just works! And the battery backup kicks in is so fast you don’t notice the grid power is out.


What You Need to Know


My system has XYZ LongE panels, two Tesla Powerwall2s, and an Enphase IQ inverter

Other Benefits:

Charges my EV and keeps my home operating costs low. And I love the reduction in carbon emissions.

Maintenance Requirements:

Zero maintenance so far.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Radiant barrier and half of the windows were replaced.

My Motivation:

1- cost avoidance that pays for the system 2- reduce carbon footprint 3- fix the cost of power for the next 30+ years 4- battery backup 5- it’s just cool at those PV panels and monitor energy flows in near real time.

Open House Info:

Contact me on twitter @LancerKind and I’m happy to arrange an i person visit or virtual visit.

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