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I was asked to submit this case study on the assumption that my system was up and running at this point. In reality, it has been nearly 4 months and the process hasn't even gotten close to starting. I have no system, no parts, not even an ETA from the solar company on when things will begin. I get sent an automated email every 2 weeks saying they're still working on getting things ready. When reaching out for progress updates, they couldn't give me any information besides "we're still waiting on permits". Ready to call off the whole thing at this point.

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Honestly not sure how I could have avoided this since the company was supposedly well-rated, even by energysage.

Experience with Installer:

The initial planning stage was good 4 months ago, (I was told it would take roughly 11 weeks for install) but now I'm wondering if I'm being scammed in some way since nothing has been done for months. It's looking like my panels won't be installed within 6 months of starting the project, and I won't be able to claim the 26% rebate on the panels since that's only eligible on panels installed this year, and it's going away at the end of the year.

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