Have Contingency exits.


What You Need to Know


(49) REC REC 370NP2 Black (49) Enphase IQ8PLUS‐72‐2‐US (240V)

My Motivation:

remove dependence on local electric company help the environment tax incentive


Even after doing all the homework, have contigent exits built into the contract. Salespeople are paid to do lip service and blow smoke, never, ever, believe that one company is better than another until the rubber meets the road.

Experience with Installer:

poor communication, addressed me by a different name, submitted my paperwork for authorization to the wrong utility company, was not entirely truthful about the tax incentive eligibility in the current tax year, pretty much a poorly run project to date. If I would have project managed like this, I would not have a job.

Additional Notes:

to make things easier, I had 4 trees removed that shaded the house.

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