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My system has a 25 year production warranty and has been consistently overproducing the estimates since it was installed! I got Tier 1 commercial-grade panels and micro-inverters. The system offsets 100% of my monthly utility bill.

Maintenance Requirements:

There hasn't been any maintenance yet, but I plan on cleaning the panels once every 5 years.

My Motivation:

I made the decision to go solar because I wanted to be in control of my power and eliminate my monthly utility bill.


I think it's important to understand what equipment you're getting, what the warranties are, and how the savings estimates are produced.

Experience with Installer:

Terra Solar was great to work with! They were transparent about costs and timelines and were really quick to answer any question I had as we worked through the process. They were also extremely fast as they installed and had my system running within 30 days of me making the decision to sign with them.

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