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Not built due to negative NPV when accurate utility rate values were used. Installation costs in Massachusetts averaged $3.58/watt at the time I received proposals. None of the installers would install for less than $3.90/watt at that time. Meanwhile installation costs in some neighboring states were less than $3.15/watt. California, a high wage state had installations of about $2.80/W.


Don't take installer financial analysis at face value. The proposals I received all made assumptions that have collapsed in the last 90 days. You need to take inflation and the long term utility rate trend into consideration. Do your own financial analysis and use discounted cash flow methods.

Experience with Installer:

All installers sent deceptive financial information and despite the fact that some where installing for much lower rates in surrounding states refused to even match the average in Massachusetts.

Additional Notes:

One further note. It is in the installer's interest to avoid using high output panels because they want to install more panels with lower nominal power ratings. It was a struggle to get proposals that used 440W panels instead of 400W panels. Caveat emptor.

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