Roof damaged. 17 Enphase solar panels misaligned with roof ridge and eves.

What You Need to Know


17 Enphase solar panels, with two Enphase batteries.

My Motivation:

Energy independence from ocasionally unstable power grid.

Experience with Installer:

We had existing roof tile solar panels that did not generate sufficient energy. So, we decided to upgrade to Enphase panels that are capable of generating far more. Energy independence was the goal. We had the old solar tiles removed. And then we replaced a large section of our roof where they had been, at a $6K cost. ATMA Energy, Inc.'s installers damaged our new roof section when they installed the new frames and Enphase solar panels. Plus, they misaligned our 17 Enphase panels by about three inches and failed to secure at least one panel. ATMA's failure to conform to their own engineering specifications is well documented in photographs and measurements. Now we must have the Enphase solar panels removed, along with their frames, and have our roof redone. After that, the frames and Enphase solar panels must all be reinstalled--with proper alignment. ATMA's work was not performed to industry standards. And we are now beginning a formal legal process against them.

Additional Notes:

ATMA is listed as a five star company on Energy Sage. But we will never do business with them again, under any circumstances.

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