SolarWise Rhode Island

National Grid is offering you a simple & easy way to learn more about your solar potential and RI Renewable Energy Growth incentives

The new SolarWise Rhode Island program brings together energy efficiency and solar under the RI Renewable Energy Growth program. We can help you save money on the cost of going solar and improve your return on investment.

SolarWise RI begins with your no-cost home energy assessment. If you have not yet obtained one, you can schedule it today.

Why Go Solar with the RI Renewable Energy Growth Program?

Going solar helps reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions associated with fossil fuels, promotes economic development in RI communities, and diversifies RI’s energy sources. It can also be a good investment for homeowners.

Under the RI Renewable Energy Growth Program, National Grid pays residential customers a fixed, long-term rate for energy from their solar system for up to 20 years.

We’ve designed new tools on these pages to help you benefit from this solar opportunity, while pursuing the energy efficiency upgrades recommended by your Energy Specialist.

Get Started with Your Custom Solar Assessment Today

You can now obtain a free online Custom Solar Assessment to see whether your home might be good for solar energy, and if so, how much you might be able to earn from it.

With the SolarWise Marketplace, powered by EnergySage, you can also request and review quotes from solar installers in a standardized, easy-to-compare format.

Save More, Earn More with the SolarWise Bonus

Saving energy is more cost-effective than paying for energy – whether your energy comes from the grid or from a solar PV system.

With the SolarWise Bonus, it makes even more financial sense to complete your efficiency upgrades before you go solar. National Grid may pay you up to 10% more for your solar energy production based on the energy efficiency upgrades you make. Use the chart below and visit the Residential Guide to learn more.

Click the buttons below to see how much more you could earn with energy efficiency actions
  • Examples include:

    LED lightbulbs, programmable thermostat...

  • Examples include:

    Insulation, air sealing...

Example Net Earnings over 20 years (based on example 6kW system)1

1. The results shown in this example are based on a 6 kW solar PV system which does not change as a result of efficiency upgrades. If you apply for the SolarWise Bonus, your recommended PV system size may be adjusted to reflect your expected energy savings from energy upgrades.

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The second most important thing was that I kept getting new quotes and thinking about different options. The quotes were for different price points, and it was the last quote I got that was the best - partly because I had asked questions and knew better what I was looking for by that time!”

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