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Solarize Salisbury-Rowan A Community Solar Marketplace

Solarize Salisbury-Rowan is helping residents and businesses go solar and save money. We provide quotes online from multiple, pre-screened local installers, helping you compare offers so you get the best deal.

But you must act now!

Now is the time to make the smart financial decision to take advantage of the 35% state credit (expires in 2015) and 30% federal tax credit (expires in 2016).

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It's never been easier to shop for solar systems with confidence. Get quotes from multiple pre-screened installers. The EnergySage Marketplace makes comparison shopping for solar simple and transparent, so you can understand the true costs and benefits of each quote across all of your financing options. Don’t shop without it!

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Now is the time to go solar in North Carolina

We have pre-qualified local solar installers to assure that you will be offered the highest quality systems for the most competitive price. We have your best interest as a consumer at heart. As part of the program, you will receive free on-line estimates from a choice of qualified installers. With the 35% state tax credit and the 30% federal tax credit, now is the time to make that smart solar investment!

Case Study

4.578 kW system installed in Landis, NC

System meets 75% to 99% of electricity needs

Annual Savings
Trees planted every year

Solar Saves You Money

An overview of the benefits of going solar

Going solar more often than not means you won't pay an electric bill for the next 25-30 years. What would that mean for you and your family? See how going solar will put money in your pocket.

Learn About Solar

From why to how of going solar! And it's a great investment.

Going solar has a wide range of benefits and that's great news! Whether economic, environmental, personal, or political, all of these benefits are fueling the United States’ solar power boom.

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Step 1: Register to get custom quotes from pre-screened solar installers!