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Free Multifamily Solar Consultant Services Solution

Sunny Cambridge recognizes that your condo property may have multiple owners, or if you’re a landlord, you may have multiple units. These situations can add complexity in getting a solar project completed. As a result, we are now offering a free service to assist you in moving your project forward so that you are solar ready! To take advantage of this free service, simply complete the form below.

The City of Cambridge has teamed up with EnergySage to light up our homes with solar power

It's the Cambridge Year of Solar! Sunny Cambridge is the city-wide initiative to make it easy for all types of residents to get solar power for their homes.

Solar is a smart choice for our community--not only is it clean energy, it also provides significant long-term savings. Solar paired with battery storage also helps prepare your home to withstand for the extreme weather impacts of climate change by providing electricity even when the grid power is knocked out.

Sunny Cambridge has lined up local solar installers through the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, which helps you request, receive, and compare solar quotes 100% online, with support available every step of the way. Check out the resources below for information about solar options for single family, multi-family, and condo buildings in Cambridge.

How the EnergySage Marketplace Works

The best way to request, receive and compare solar quotes, 100% online.

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Step 2:
Pre-screened installers submit quotes online

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Solar plus Battery Storage = Climate Preparedness

A solar installation can help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change and when you add battery storage you help prepare your home for the impacts of climate change. Climate change is bringing more extreme weather and power outages. Solar paired with batteries helps provide your home with electricity when the power is out. This is especially important for people with medical equipment or other needs that require electricity at all times.

Everyone can afford solar -
$0 Down Mass Solar Loan Available!

  • 7.5% maximum rate
  • Moderate income rebates
  • 3-20 year terms
  • Low credit scores accepted

The Solar Access program for middle-income homeowners provides support, incentives and financing for solar plus heating & cooling using heat pumps. Learn more about the MassCEC sponsored program.

Learn how solar works for your home type

  • Single family homeowners

    You probably know that solar is good for the environment, but state and federal incentives can help your roof generate money along with power… Read more

  • Condo owners

    Solar is a great investment for condos, and Sunny Cambridge has resources to help you through the installation process… Read more

  • Landlords

    With Sunny Cambridge, you can enjoy all the benefits of solar if you are the landlord or a multi-family building… Read more

  • Commercial property owners

    Solar works well for businesses, too! Save money by protecting against rising electricity costs and make your expenses more predictable… Read more

Why participate in Sunny Cambridge?

  • Save money
  • Help the City of Cambridge reach its solar goals
  • Support the local economy & local installers
  • Promote cleaner air & help Cambridge meet its climate change goals

Program partners

Cambridge Solar Map

Get an estimate of your building’s solar energy potential using Cambridge’s interactive solar map. Developed by Mapdwell, a collective of MIT academics and professionals, the map allows users to click on a given property to learn its solar potential, including financial implications.