Install solar on your home with Sunny Cambridge

You probably know that solar power is good for the environment, but Massachusetts state and federal financial incentives mean that solar is a smart investment for homeowners. With Sunny Cambridge, you can request, receive, and compare solar quotes from local solar installers on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.

You Can Save Money Going Solar In Cambridge

The amount of money that you can save by going solar is directly related to the cost of electricity where you live – if you pay more for electricity, you save more when you start generating it yourself. Even though Cambridge isn’t quite as sunny as Los Angeles or Miami, our relatively high electricity costs mean that solar installations are a great investment.

Even if you have a flat roof, eaves or dormers, your home is likely suitable for solar, too. Solutions like microinverters and angled solar panel mounts ensure that your panels get enough sunlight to power your home or business. Even if you've been told before that your home is not a good fit for solar, it's worth checking again since technology has improved. To take a look at your solar potential, try entering your address in the Cambridge Solar Map.

Live in a multi-family home or condo? Solar is for you, too.

Sunny Cambridge has resources for property owners who live in a condominium complex or multi-family home. Sign up for updates on Cambridge’s solar campaign to get the latest.

$0 Down Financing Options Make Going Solar Easy

Even if you don’t have the cash to buy a solar energy system out-of-pocket, you can purchase a system in Cambridge with no money down thanks to the Massachusetts Solar Loan program. Mass Solar Loan offers low-interest, fixed-term loans to homeowners in Massachusetts through local installers and financiers.

If you don’t pay enough in taxes to take full advantage of state and local tax credits, consider going solar with a lease or power purchase agreement. You will still see savings on your electricity costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

Tips & Tricks for Installing Solar On Your Home

  • Use Solar Power to Increase the Value of Your Home

    Multiple studies by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have found that, if you buy a solar energy system for your home, your property value increases by an average of $15,000. Solar power doesn’t just reduce your electricity bills – it’s actually an investment in your property. You do not get taxed on the increased property value.

  • Use Online Resources to Gather Information on Going Solar

    In the early stages of the solar shopping process, use a solar calculator that incorporates equipment costs, electricity prices, and financial incentives to estimate just how much you can save by going solar in Cambridge.

    If you’re ready to start reviewing specific quotes from solar installers, register your property at no cost on the Sunny Cambridge EnergySage Solar Marketplace. There, you can receive proposals from local program installers customized to your property.

  • Your Solar Installer Is An Important Resource

    Solar installers can provide more detailed information about the options that will work best for your property. Finding a contractor that has experience in the industry and that you are comfortable working with will go a long way in helping you with the process of going solar.

More About Going Solar in Cambridge

Know Your Solar Financing Options

There are plenty of financing options available to help you go solar. Whether you decide to buy your solar PV system or lease it from a third-party owner, solar can provide significant financial benefits with no money down.

  • Buying a Solar Energy System

    Purchasing a solar energy system is your best option if your primary concerns are long-term financial benefits and flexibility. However, to buy a system, you will need to make an upfront investment or get access to capital through a lender.

    By purchasing a solar energy system, you gain access to state and federal tax incentives that help to reduce your upfront costs. When you own your system, you may also qualify for SRECs, an additional stream of income that can increase returns on your investment. Owning a solar system can also add to the value of your property.

    If the property is owned by a corporate entity, you may also be able to recover some costs through depreciation. (Consult your tax advisor if you have any questions about how this might work.) However, some of these benefits are expiring soon – now is the best time to go solar if you want to take full advantage of incentives.

    There are plenty of solar loan options available to help finance your solar PV system purchase with little to no money down, while still delivering the financial benefits associated with ownership. The Mass Solar Loan program offers no money down options from local lenders and rates below 3.25%. See how much you might save with a solar energy system for your property using the Solar Calculator.

  • Leasing a Solar Energy System

    Leasing a solar PV system is a great low-risk opportunity to reduce your electricity costs. While the financial benefits of a solar lease might be lower than if you owned the system, solar leases have no upfront expenses and do not require you to take out a loan.

    Leasing arrangements also offer energy production guarantees and maintenance services, offering peace of mind that the system will always produce energy without incurring any unexpected costs. However, systems owned by a third party are not included in property value assessments, so they have little to no impact on the value of your property.

    If neither of these options is viable for you, you and/or your tenants may consider community solar power, either by finding an existing project or by working with the community to create a new community solar installation.

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