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SOLAR TOPPS, LLC - Profile & Reviews

  • Installer
  • Financing Company
  • Energy Auditor

Solar Topps Engineering and installation of solar photovoltaic PV systems for residential, commercial, and Industrial applications.

14 reviews

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  • "shady and dishonest"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019

    I am hesitant on leaving a review for a company that I did not move forward with, however I am glad I didn’t. Solar Topps deliberately lied about their warranties, and with there being so many choices and so much information to know when going solar, there is no excuse for misinformation. The consultant I spoke with, confidently stated they were an authorized Panasonic installer, and with this status, they were able to honor 25 year warranties that they are in fact not able to honor. I asked for proof that they were able to provide these warranties, and Solar Topps just went dark on me. They are not a Panasonic Installer. I felt my experience with them was not one of trust and honesty. Going with another installer.

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  • "2 Stars"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2019
    "2 Stars"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2019

    Reading the reviews were great! Speaking with the manager Stever Unger was less than impressive however.

    Before I even told him what our project was he told us no he wouldn't put solar panels at our address.

    In his defense, shared roofs with other neighbors you would think cannot be done. Solar Topps either got in trouble doing them in the past because they weren't done properly. Or they don't fully understand the project I never got to explain to them.

    Keep in mind, I have already received 6 great quotes from other places. If I'm not mistaken either Steve.. A Solar Site Survey can be conducted on private townhomes shared or not shared. We have already had one done and our HOA approves.

    Please do the needful.

  • "When only the best will do"

    Reviewed Jul 31, 2019

    Solar Topps, had the best price after checking with 4 other companies. They had a fast install, great crew not to mention their sale rep who knew solar inside and out. Highly recommend this company you will not be sorry.

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  • "Great company, great service"

    Reviewed Jul 26, 2019

    We have chosen to go with Solar Topps for our last two homes and have been very happy. They have treated us as a valued customer and have always been very responsive to our needs. There are a lot of solar companies to choose from but we have no regrets with our choice

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  • "Great Solar Company"

    Reviewed Jun 28, 2019

    Great experience working with this company and I'm loving the savings

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  • "Professional Installation"

    Reviewed Jun 28, 2019

    This company made the entire process of going solar very easy and they did an excellent job!

  • "Excellent Customer Service"

    Reviewed Jun 28, 2019

    Everyone was very professional and customer service has been superb. Would highly recommend this company!

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  • "Good Company"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2019

    Great company to work with. They are timely and efficient. They are knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer all your questions.

  • "Thank you for the outstanding service"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2019
    "Thank you for the outstanding service"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2019

    The effort that went into providing my family and I with solar energy was out standing from the first contact through the Installation process and the customer service afterwards thank you for your great work.

  • "Quick Service"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2019

    Something happened with my solar panels and solar topps' customer service contacted me before I realized there was a problem. They sent someone out very fast to fix the problem. I was very pleased with the initiative that was taken on my behalf, the speedy service and the efficiency of it all.

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  • "5 Stars"

    Reviewed Jun 20, 2019

    They are awesome and were helpful through the whole project. I know it isn't true, but it seemed like all of the employees were just focused on my project because it went so well and went by so fast.

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  • "Highly recommended"

    Reviewed Jun 13, 2019

    From the start the customer care was fantastic. The process was smooth and painless. I would absolutely recommend Solar Topps to anyone wanting a solar system.

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  • "Excellent Service"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2019

    Very happy from time of requirement to plan to implementation. System is up and running in no time.

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  • "Good solar company"

    Reviewed Jun 06, 2019

    I had my install back in October of 2018, I was happy with the service and communication from solartopps. I shopped around with 3 other companies and was happy with my decision to go with this company. I would recommend to my friends and family.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Since forming in 2009, Solar Topps has been dedicated to setting and meeting a higher standard when it comes to photovoltaic (“PV”) Engineering, engineering and installation. Solar Topps has consistently delivered the highest performing PV systems to a steadily growing, very knowledgeable, and fully satisfied customer base. Our success comes from our commitment to details needed to achieve our goals of making solar easy, affordable and hassle-free to generate more savings for our customers.

Solar Topps offers many avenues to reaching your goal of obtaining a PV system for your family. We have several financing, lease and cash options. Any and all options can be gone over to see what fits the needs of your family best.

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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SOLAR TOPPS, LLC Headquarters

102 S. 28th Street
Phoenix, AZ
85034 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 102 S 28th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85034

Workmanship Warranty

We offer industries best warranty.
10 Year Roof Warranty

25 Year Workmanship and Labor Warranty

25 year Performance Guaranty


NABCEP Certified


Better Business Bureau Accredited with A+ Rating


ROC: 264969 K-11

States served by SOLAR TOPPS, LLC

  • Arizona AZ