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CollectiveSun, LLC

CollectiveSun can apply tax credits to reduce ANY solar installers bid by 15%. Why pay 100% when you can pay 85%?
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About CollectiveSun, LLC

CollectiveSun is proud to be the only company in America that exclusively helps nonprofits and tax exempt organizations fund solar projects nationwide. CollectiveSun was founded in 2011 on the principle all nonprofits and tax exempt organizations should have access to clean, renewable energy. Our team of experts understand the financing challenges nonprofits and tax exempt organizations face better than anyone else. Our proprietary funding models were designed to minimize your nonprofit and tax exempt organization’s time and effort while guaranteeing the least expensive funding options available. IRS rules unfairly dictate nonprofits and tax exempt organizations are excluded from utilizing tax benefits because of their tax exempt status. However, CollectiveSun’s innovative financing model applies tax credits that reduce the cost of your nonprofit or tax exempt organization’s solar project by 15%! CollectiveSun can reduce ANY solar installer’s bid by 15% on projects 50 kW or greater. CollectiveSun can help finance solar projects for ANY nonprofit or tax exempt organization nationwide. CollectiveSun will ALWAYS offer nonprofits the least expensive funding options. CollectiveSun provides financing solutions for non-profits such as: Churches, Synagogues, All Faith Based Organizations, Schools, Transitional Housing, Arts & Culture Organizations, Environmental Organizations, Veterans Organizations, Hospitals, Animal Shelters, Youth Organizations, Food Banks And Other Community Service Organizations
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