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Emerald Energy of North Carolina - Profile & Reviews

Emerald Energy is a fully licensed North Carolina General Contractor/Solar company that provides design, consulting, and turn key installations of solar PV projects, both residential and commercial. We specialize in Solar PV as well as general contracting. In addition to solar projects, we also consult with our customers to determine the most beneficial energy saving solutions for their home or business.

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  • "Excellent from start to finish"

    Reviewed Oct 31, 2019
    "Excellent from start to finish"

    Reviewed Oct 31, 2019

    From beginning to end, I was extremely pleased with the customer service that I got from Emerald Energy and the workmanship. They helped me navigate through the difficult process of picking the type of panels, getting the panels installed, replacing my roof (which was old and almost ready to be replaced), and working with Duke Energy to get my system connected. Throughout the process, they took time to hear what my concerns were and address them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering getting solar panels and have already recommended them to my neighbors and acquaintances!

  • "Very Satisfied With Emerald Energy Solar Panel Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2019
    "Very Satisfied With Emerald Energy Solar Panel Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2019

    I did my homework and chose John and the Emerald Energy Crew to install my solar panels. Using this Energy Sage site got me in contact with John and four other companies. Emerald Energy's price quotes and warranties were best of the group, even while using premium panels. I was especially sold on his company when I learned that they were licensed building contractors as well as electricians. He did all the building permits with the county office and worked all the connection hook-ups with the power company. I just sat back and watched his crew work. I highly recommend Emerald Energy for your solar panel installation.

  • "Solar System Purchase and Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2019
    "Solar System Purchase and Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2019

    We were very impressed with both John and Justin and their professionalism. Their crew showed up timely and were supervised as well. They completed the job on time as promised and cleaned up afterward. We did our diligent homework prior to going with this company and are so very glad that we ended up choosing them. I would give this company higher than a 5 star rating if possible. I'm so thankful we went with them very professional and they very prompt in answering all of our phone calls and emails. Thank you Emerald Energy for such an excellent job. We would definitely choose this company again.

  • "Best solar company in the triangle"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2019
    "Best solar company in the triangle"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2019

    After getting 5 quotes from big and small solar companies in the Raleigh area. We went with emerald solar . they offered by far the best warranty with great l
    Pricing. They answered all my questions even after they installed the solar panels.


    Reviewed Sep 04, 2019

    John, Justin and his team rock! My wife and I love our solar panel system! Here are the best points below:

    1) John and Justin have so many options, and don't lock you into a specific manufacturer. This allows them to investigate all the providers of equipment out there and help you choose the best one.

    2) Both of them were incredibly courteous and prompt. They met or exceeded deadlines set for them, always kept me updated on the status of the project, and answer all of my questions (and believe me, there were a lot of them).

    3) Price. The best part, is that you will get the best quality and best price from them. They may not be the cheapest out there, but that's because they are insanely qualified and back their systems. Our system has a 25 year warranty, and we got it for a great price!

    Look no further, just call these guys now!

  • "Great people!"

    Reviewed Jul 23, 2019

    As soon as I spoke with Justin, I knew he knew what he was talking about. He explained everything very thoroughly and was always only one call away. Also have the best price and best warranty around!

  • "Very Reliable and Professional Installation - Very Happy with service and outcome"

    Reviewed Jul 22, 2019
    "Very Reliable and Professional Installation - Very Happy with service and outcome"

    Reviewed Jul 22, 2019

    Very professional install, and John provided excellent service with his indepth expertise in this field, and was able to tailor project to better suit our needs.Very upfront with the cost, time table and all of the in's and outs. John has always answered questions that I had and always took care of any request very quickly. Me and four of my neighbors all went with John after talking with more than 2 dozen companies, and our choice turned out to be an good one. And excellent warranty added for peace of mind. Would definitely recommend John and his Emerald Energy company to be the go to place for Solar projects, and the service and pricing is way better than any others in market.

  • "Excellent Service and Value"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2019
    "Excellent Service and Value"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2019

    John was professional throughout our solar process (quotation, installation, follow-up). We had ours installed in 2016 and John provided several options for a system and finally personalized a system just for us. He was much more thorough than any others that we had come look at our house. We have had an issue with the software that tracks how much power we're generating (not an issue with his system or costing us any lost power, just a syncing issue with the software) and John noticed and alerted us before we noticed. He also was able to rectify the situation.

    Unfortunately, a solar system is something you only ever install once in your house. However, if we move, John will be one of our first calls to come install a system on our next house.

  • "Workmanship and Quality"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2019

    Excellent workmanship and high quality of work done in an efficient manner.
    The crew was well prepared for the project with all the materials, supplies and tools. I have already recommended this company to my friends and co-workers for taking care of their solar installation project s.

  • "22.2 Kw system"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    I contracted with Emerald Energy to install a 22.2 Kw system after getting quotes from several Solar Installation contractors. Justin was very thorough and did an excellent job explaining my options and answering my questions. Justin and John, the owners were onsite during the majority of the installation and discussed all aspects of the installation. Emerald Energy took care of all aspects of the project from design, engineering, permitting, and installation. If you are interested in going solar look no further than Emerald Energy of NC!

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  • "Great experience with Solar Installation!"

    Reviewed May 21, 2019
    "Great experience with Solar Installation!"

    Reviewed May 21, 2019

    My husband and I are very pleased with Emerald Energy! We had several quotes for Solar Panels and this company had by far the best prices as well as warranties. From the very beginning we have been treated as if we were their only customer with fast responses to phone calls, texts, and email correspondence. The process was fast and our panels are generating electricity as they should. We love the way they look, especially since we had to place them at the front roof of our house. Justin Dunlap was the person who handled the process with us and he was extremely knowledgeable as well as friendly. I cannot say enough nice things about him and I think he represents the company well! The added bonus is that we are not only doing something good for the environment but we are also longterm investing in our wealth. Thanks Emerald Energy for a job well done! If after doing your own research and you agree with me, please tell them Jamie Kinder referred you. :)

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  • "Phenomenal Solar Company"

    Reviewed Apr 08, 2019

    Cut my power bill by 75%. John is extremely knowledgeable, honest and professional. The entire company goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I Highly recommend Emerald for anyone considering installing a solar system.

  • "Top Rate"

    Reviewed Apr 06, 2019

    John and Emerald Energy were knowledgable, explained everything thoroughly, patient, and helped to guide us with honesty. The team was efficient, careful of our property, expedient, and provided excellent work. Our system is running great and we are very pleased with the investment and work.

  • "Well Done Job"

    Reviewed Apr 03, 2019

    I have had a great experience with Emerald Energy from start to finish.
    They were very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs through the process.
    Very professional design, competitive price and seamless installation.
    I would highly recommend this company to anyone who decide to switch to Solar

  • "Excellent Service!"

    Reviewed Apr 03, 2019

    This is the best company for solar projects! Good Job John & Team!

  • "Great Job - Took Care of Everything"

    Reviewed Apr 03, 2019
    "Great Job - Took Care of Everything"

    Reviewed Apr 03, 2019

    John Leonard and company did a fantastic job of helping us prepare for a solar installation, appreciate the options we had, and ensure we were well positioned for tax and rebate implications, even ushering the process.

    They have followed up regularly and addressed every question I've had thoroughly. I'd recommend them to anyone.

  • "The Best there Is!"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2019

    I interviewed several solar companies for my home PV system, Emerald Energy and John Leonard stood heads above the rest. I have been in the construction industry for over 45 years and am a Licensed Electrician in my state, I knew exactly what I wanted in a PV system and Emerald Energy delivered. I considered doing it myself, but being older, having a steep roof and not well versed in the intricacies, I realized that was not advisable. Other companies, even after telling them I was a commercial electrician, didn't listen or tried to sell what they had. I wanted high wattage panels with an excellent warranty, to deliver 100% of my power needs, hence Panasonic. I also wanted the ability to add batteries at a later date, when prices improve. I wanted a high quality, specific type of mounting system and electrical rooftop box, John told me that's all they use, He heard what I asked for and designed a system that met all my criteria. Emerald Energies people were professional, courteous and paid attention to detail. I watched them carefully every step of the way! John or Justin were always at the worksite, ensuring it was all done correctly. After all things considered, price, quality and expert installation in 4 days, I would have been crazy to do it myself. If I had a question, John happily and quickly answered them. And I asked a lot of questions. Emerald Energies level of professionalism, care and quality set them Light years above the rest. I would say unequivocally,
    YOU WOULD BE FOOLISH, to use anyone else!!!
    Sincerely, J.P.

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  • "Personal & professional service!"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2019
    "Personal & professional service!"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2019

    John and Justin were great to do business with. They gave me the best value quote, then patiently helped me find the right loan for my needs. Installation was a breeze. They did all the paperwork for my rebate from Duke Energy. They followed up when it looked like my panels might not be working, and made sure I turned the system off during a storm power outage. Highly recommend this company -- the service is both personal and professional, a rare combination.

  • "Greensboro Homeowner Solar Project"

    Reviewed Feb 25, 2019
    "Greensboro Homeowner Solar Project"

    Reviewed Feb 25, 2019

    I found Emerald Energy to provide a great solar system at a price per watt that was far less than others that quoted. The work performed and system that was installed definitely met my expectations and I would recommend them to other homeowners.

  • "Best Solar Company in NC"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2019

    If you are getting or thinking about getting solar energy in your home or business, this is the company you want to use and here is why:
    1. The knowledge of the process and materials is on point. When John comes to your house or business, he is not going to give you a sales pitch, he is going to assess the best project for your needs and give you information on, not one, but many options on panels. He gives you the facts, and let's you make the decision. Other companies will tell you: This is the panel we install...
    2. Accessibility: I had SO MANY questions throughout the process. I had a hard time making up my mind on some aspects of the project, and John was always there with the information that helped me make a decision.
    3. Timing: He was able to complete the project in the time promised despite some unavoidable delays (rain, city inspections...)
    4. Let's not forget the most important thing - The Price. Yes you will get the best price you can get. I know because I got quotes from other companies.
    Let's not forget that they have been in business for a while, so their warranty means something.
    The only thing that they can't seem to get me is more sun :)
    I am very happy with my decision and you will be too!

  • "Excellent Solar Company!"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2019

    I have been in the building trades for 45 years and John Leonard and Emerald Energy are one the most professional contractors I have ever met. He carefully listened to my thoughts on what I wanted from my PV system and designed one at a reasonable price. He was upfront about all the costs, unlike some other companies. He handled all the paperwork, even with my HOA. He was on time and if he was running late, he texted. Anytime I had a question John promptly replied back. His installers and electrician were respectful of my home and did neat, excellent work. It has been a long time since I have met a company with integrity and exceptional skills like Emerald Energy. You would be foolish to use anyone else!
    Under service - I can only rate them 5 stars, but they are definately a TEN!
    Sincerely, J. Paterno

  • "Great Product and Service"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2019

    I don't usually write reviews but I want others looking to know and have a hassle-free experience when they want a PV solar system installed on their property. John and Justin of Emerald Energy are two of the most professional people you are going to meet. They make sure to answer all questions with no pressure and sales pitches. Justin even overboard by pointing some defects in our roof and fixed what they could and helped us replace some missing shingles. I am very pleased with the work they have done and the professionalism of the whole crew. Amazing that service company like Emerald Energy are getting 5-star reviews from everyone. It goes to show that there are still some companies out there that are not just after your money but do really care about your satisfaction. Great job Emerald Energy and crew!

  • "Emerald Energy Seamless Installers"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2019
    "Emerald Energy Seamless Installers"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2019

    Emerald Energy installed a 10kW system on my residence and the job was so well done I went out to recruit my neighbors.......... I opted for the Hanwha QPeak Duo-G5 315 watt panels. I got 33 beautiful panels aesthetically installed on my rear roof as the company navigated through numerous protrusions of vents and piping. Great customer service, Great price, Great job.........Fantastic company. Don’t lock in with another installer until you get their quote.

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  • "Awesome Experience"

    Reviewed Dec 30, 2018

    I recently purchased a home in Gastonia for some of my mother to live in with my niece and nephews and decided to add solar. Emerald Energy’s quote was the best from the start, though this isn’t why I decided to go with them. Out of three installers I met with prior to making the decision, John was the only one who actually treated me as though I was already a customer from the moment I responded to the quote. He checked my electric panel, took a look in the attic and took measurements all during the initial visit while others gave me a sales pitch or offered to match other quotes (they had a shorter labor warranty as well).

    The service since has been great! The crew was awesome (polite, informative, professional), they did the install over two days (because of rain). Shortly before install, John reached out to let me know my inverter was on backorder and offered to provide a slightly higher capacity version at no cost (which I really appreciated because I’d planned on adding capacity in the future and the larger inverter gives more flexibility there). I was going to take advantage of the electrical panel cover being removed and install a whole home surge suppressor, but their electrician was nice enough to do that for me (which was great because I would have turned the main off to do it, I’m not quite comfortable working around a live panel ;)).

    John’s answered every question, he’s always available by text and email and is quick to respond. He’s even provided guidance and answered questions related to adding more panels, even though it’s something I’m doing myself.

    Honestly, I can’t say enough great things about Emerald, I’d recommend them to anyone and would definitely use them again (in the event I move back to the area and have solar installed on my own home).

  • "As Good As It Gets"

    Reviewed Dec 27, 2018

    The guys at Emerald Energy could not have been any more professional and helpful. My wife and I went in fairly unknown about Solar and what was needed. John and the crew were there every step of the way. John was always accessible via text/call/email when a question arose. They handled all the permitting. We happened to have an issue with our Homeowners insurance and John contacted on our behalf. That was a messy issue, but with him working with us on it we pushed through it and got it squared away. Install process took about 2-3 days. Guys were clean and thorough. No debris/trash left in the yard or around the house.

    I could not recommend these guys enough if your thinking about going Solar.

  • "Happy Customer"

    Reviewed Dec 20, 2018

    I highly recommend Emerald Energy to anyone considering installation of a PV System! I gathered proposals from many companies and Emerald Energy was very competitive price wise. They were never pushy and always kept me informed re status. I was very impressed with their professionalism throughout the entire process, from the initial system proposal to installation and subsequent activation. John and Justin were always willing and able to answer my myriad of questions. They handled all the installation details, including permits, inspections and interfacing with my electric utility. All workmanship was top notch. They were a pleasure to work with. Net… Emerald Energy does a great job designing and installing PV systems. Their prices are very competitive and their customer service is A+.

  • "Solar system"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2018

    Excellent work by Emerald energy crew
    Specially John is very knowledgeable on solar
    Who did everything from negotiating contract to installation of solar system
    I got best deal, also very good service after sales

  • "First timer for solar"

    Reviewed Nov 14, 2018

    Having dealt with John and his associates since we began this process back in the spring of 2018, I have found him to be responsive, honest, and even proactive regarding potential advantages, pitfalls and weaving through the mire of permits required. An issue of a roof leak was quickly addressed and resolved. His associates working with the roof and electrical were also easy to work with, informative and responsive. We couldn't have done better elsewhere.

  • "Great experience and a pleasure to work with"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2018
    "Great experience and a pleasure to work with"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2018

    Let me start by saying that I did the project to save money and if it saves a few trees I’m okay with that but at the end of the day it had to save me money. The team from EmeraldEnergy did an outstanding job explaining the financial benefits of solar, provide financing options, and long term projections that helped me run my own financial models. And yes, there was some tree talk in there somewhere. After the initial discussions I selected EmeraldEnergy to do my project.

    The team that did my install was amazing, the whole project was done in just a few days. They were very curious and even picked up their trash as they went, not a scrap was ever in the yard. After the install was completed Justin walked me through the equipment explain to us how it worked and what we would need to do if there ever was a problem.

    Overall EmeraldEnergy did an outstanding job and I would be more than happy to show off their work and recommend them to anyone. Amazing team and company.

  • "Emerald Energy is Great"

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2018

    They told me what they would do and they did exactly what they said. I have never experienced this level of professionalism. You will not be disappointed.

  • "Great experience, entire process was really good"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2018
    "Great experience, entire process was really good"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2018

    I started looking at solar about 6 months ago. I decided to take the plunge and came to EnergySage (and looked a bit outside of EnergySage) to find a bunch of local installers. I interviewed 5 different companies and called references for most of them.

    I went with John from Emerald Energy b/c of the references, trustworthy demeanor, and low pressure sales process. He walked me through the whole process of how things would work, how the rebate process (local and federal) would work, and was very communicative during the install process.

    I would highly recommend John to anyone and am happy to be a reference for Emerald Energy and their work.

  • "Good job!"

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2018

    We got 9KW system on top of our roof with Emerald and had a really good experience from start to finish. John was proactive, responsive and honest. It's been 3 months now since the system is functional and has been working flawlessly. I highly recommend these guys for anyone looking to go solar in Raleigh/RTP area.

  • "Great Experiences"

    Reviewed Oct 03, 2018

    The whole process was great with john and team. Originally reached out in 2105 no pressure just great info and when I reached back out in 2018 they still had my info and quickly where able to move forward with the installation and set up.

    Always take the time to answer follow up questions and always point me in the right direction even when it means less money.

  • "Best Company to deal with."

    Reviewed Oct 03, 2018

    After contacting Emerald Energy they came to my house checked all the roof pitches, sun direction etc and sat down with us and discussed my options.

    This was before my wife and I ever decided to purchase solar.

    Other Companies that I contacted emailed me their quote from a picture of my house on Google Earth, and that was the last I heard from them.

    This Company went above and beyond to make sure my questions were answered.

    They explained all the rebate scenarios and the tax savings that I could receive from installing the system.

    Installation was done quickly and correctly.

    The system design that they used on my house works great and looks nice also.

  • "The Best of the Best!!!"

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2018

    So, I wanted to just take a second to give a shout out to Emerald Energy NC.

    They did such an awesome job getting us set up with a solar array for our home and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with them from start to finish.
    They are professional, hardworking and even took the time to put my LED flood lamp bulbs in since I don’t have an extension ladder yet.
    If you are looking to go solar in the triangle area, give John and Justin a call at Emerald Energy. Cannot recommend these guys enough!

  • "wow was that fast"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2018

    can't say enough good about this company. Low pressure guys that love what they do . they measured my roof for an estimated output and explained my choices on equipment and installation. Said call if i had any questions or wanted to procede. Owners john and Justin were out here every step of the install and were on the roof checking on the install. kept me informed on every step of the permitting , delivery of panels, install, and final inspection . took only 4 weeks from the go ahead by me . John even expedited my duke net meter install which took one day !! Dont hold him to that as its not under his control but it was nice making money right away. best thing is how accesible they are . always returned calls in minutes and just knw how to get things done. i love the free energy monitoring and am gettin 83 killowats on a pure sunny day . system is 44 300 watt panels at 13.2 kw dc.

  • "very pleased"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2018

    They were closely in touch with us through the whole process. Very happy about the equipment and value.

  • "Emerald Energy of NC Review"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2018

    Emerald Energy installed a 16 panel solar grid on my house in Hampstead. John Leonard and his crew showed up on time and accomplished their tasks ahead of schedule. John explained the operation in depth, and was a 100% available liason for me after the install. When ever things have been less than perfect with the system, John and the rest of Emerald Energy have been right there to help and advise me. I highly recommend them to anyone considering going Green with solar energy technology.

  • "Fantastic company to work with!"

    Reviewed May 07, 2018
    "Fantastic company to work with!"

    Reviewed May 07, 2018

    Great communication- always quick to follow up with me when I had questions along the way (and very patient in answering my many questions!). Very knowledgeable about every aspect of the solar process, from dealing with the power company and permits, right down to the actual install. Install was smooth and efficient. They showed up exactly the time they said they would (on the dot!), and got right to work. A short 8 hours later, my 4.96 kW system is up and running. They walked me through the workings of each component, leaving me comfortable with my new power system. Highly recommended!!

  • "hand's on professionals"

    Reviewed May 06, 2018

    John and Dustin provided the highest quality and attentiveness to our solar panel buying and installation experience. We saw their level of experience and commitment to handling every detailed aspect of our installation needs, taking care of every communication and 'red tape' with Duke, Lee County, and, I suspect, more than we know they did, they did. Their crew was efficient, polite, and able to complete the whole installation in less than 8 hours from entering the property to final checkout of the correct operation. We have absolutely no reason not to recommended them for your solar power project.

  • "Solar Fun"

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2017
    "Solar Fun"

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2017

    John (and Emerald Energy) was super from answering any questions to returning calls and of course the installation - first class in every way. At the time of this review, I have had 3 electric bills since installation and although we have had a lot of overcast days, my bills were minimum (under $25). I highly encourage anyone to get on the bandwagon.

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  • "Great experience!"

    Reviewed Apr 05, 2016

    We had a great experience. Service was great and the installation was completed on time. And the price was very reasonable. I would recommend Emerald Energy to my friends

  • "Emerald Energy delivered for us"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2016
    "Emerald Energy delivered for us"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2016

    John Leonard and the team from Emerald Energy helped us get our solar system installed and functioning in time to claim both NC and Federal tax credits. They were the third firm we spoke with, but the only one able to get the system installed in our tight timeframe. John is extremely knowledgeable and is focused on delivering a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • "Honest professionals"

    Reviewed Sep 10, 2015

    Emerald Energy was great to work with. They did quality work using quality materials and were really great about keeping me informed and answering my questions in a prompt and truthful way. They are real hands-on professionals with a real stake in what they do - They're not just sales people and that means a lot to me. A small but meaningful detail that I really appreciated was that they painted the conduit to match the house color. Well, done Emerald Energy

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  • "Emerald Energy gets a Green Star"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2015

    We had a fantastic experience from start to finish with John Leonard at Emerald Energy. He patiently explained all the ins and outs and merits of various solar systems and helped us to make our investment right for us.

    A word to people considering this, there can and probably will be delays that are outside of the solar installer's control (utility processing delays, permitting, any HOA approvals, and the inspections inherent in home improvements).

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  • "Great job. Awesome contractor. "

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2015
    "Great job. Awesome contractor. "

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2015

    Emerald Energy is a great company to work with. From the start they have been professional and very helpful. They designed the system I wanted and it has been performing beyond my expectations. I have never had a problem with my system and they stay in touch with me to make sure everything is running smoothly. I highly recommend Emerald Energy to anyone who decides to go solar!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator

At Emerald Energy we cater to providing the most effective solar investment for our customers. Established in 2009, Emerald Energy is one of the only fully Licensed General Contractors established in North Carolina installing and designing solar systems. Customer satisfaction is our main focus, as well as making sure the investment makes sense. We also have expertise in building performance and home energy savings which allows us to provide the best solutions for our customers. Emerald Energy is a licensed North Carolina General contractor with over 20 years of solar experience between their ownership members.
Building with energy savings in mind for today and the ever changing future is how we approach every single project at Emerald Energy.

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  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Emerald Energy of North Carolina Headquarters

2624 Leighton Ridge Drive, Suite 120
Wake Forest, NC
27587 US

Workmanship Warranty

Our warranty covers 10 years workmanship of your solar system.


Duke/Progress Energy Certified Contractor
BPI (Building Performance Institute) Accredited Contractor
NC Greenpower (Renewable Energy Generator)
American Solar Energy Society
NABCEP Certified


NABCEP Certified Solar Heating
BPI (Building Performance Institute) Accredited Contractor
Duke/Progress Energy Certified Contractor


North Carolina General Contractors License # 69879
BPI (Building Performance Institute) Accredited Contractor
NABCEP Certified Solar Heating


Commercial General Liability Coverage (Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company)
Workers Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance (American Zurich Insurance Company)

States served by Emerald Energy of North Carolina

  • North Carolina NC