Solar Optimum, Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Energy Auditor

  • Solar O&M Provider

Solar Optimum, Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Energy Auditor

  • Solar O&M Provider

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Community Solar

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

For more than a decade, Solar Optimum continues to be the leader in supplying Solar Energy systems and Tesla Energy batteries to residential and commercial clients. Our team is made up of professionals that aim to protect the environment with the latest technologies as well as offer immediate and long-term savings to the consumer.

* Since 2008, Solar Optimum has led the solar revolution across California
* Our solar systems deliver at 103% over production
* Ranked Top 15% in the U.S. by Solar Power World (2017-18)
* Top rated 5-Star Yelp Reviews
* Ranked #4 Overall in the U.S. by (2018)
* 6-Time Daily News' Best Solar Company: (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013)
* 4-Time Angie's List Super Service Winner: (2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015)
* A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau
* Tesla Energy Powerwall Certified Installer
* 95% First-Time Inspection Approval Rating

* 25-YEAR WARRANTY on Panels, Inverters, Workmanship, Roof, Racking and Performance Guarantee.

* PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE-- We'll beat or match the solar system price on ANY competitor quote

* SOLAR OPTIMUM has 220+ years of combined construction managerial experience, 155+ years of combined engineering managerial experience and 115+ years of combined design experience

More About Us

More About Us

At Solar Optimum, our local experts never take the satisfaction of our customers for granted. That’s just one of the many reasons why we’re dedicated to an unwavering philosophy making our customers our top priority.


Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
264 Reviews
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"Extremely Helpful Company"
Reviewed Jul 14, 2019

I had Solar Optimum install panels in my home. The team has been extremely helpful in getting my solar system, providing maintenance , and follow-up through the whole process. I feel safe and secure with my decision to go with them, especially with their 25 years warranty. I don't think anyone else can beat it.

"Offering warranties for good quality supplies"
Reviewed Jul 13, 2019

I would recommend Solar Optimum to those looking to install solar. I went into this not knowing much about the process. I met with a few companies who all presented very similar packages. In the end what got me to go with solar optimum was the fact that they were backed by all the major supplies like Panasonic and etc. I felt comfortable knowing they provided warranties on the install and was ready to sign. I really like that they worked fast and clean while keeping me updated. There was little involvement from my side as they took care of everything for us.

"Smooth Installation"
Reviewed Jul 13, 2019

After I began repairs to my house I discovered my roof was in bad need of a change. I learned through my friend who just purchased solar that it would be good idea to look into both since I could stand to gain some money back. I met with few companies before choosing Solar Optimum for the job. They had great service reviews and the thoroughness of their consultation left me feeling like I was in good hands. The install was smooth and completed within 2 months of my signing.

"Comfortable Life Style with Solar"
Reviewed Jul 10, 2019

Solar seemed more and more like a better idea living in California. I decided to see what it would cost to make the switch. In the end it cost me less per month to pay for having solar than paying my actual bills. The decision was made for me after meeting with Sean and finding out just how easy this would make my life. This system allow me to live comfortably without sacrificing my life style.

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"Courteous Service for Solar"
Reviewed Jul 04, 2019

Wonderful company that cares about their customers and their installations. They provided courteous service and went above and beyond my expectations during the install. They moved quickly and made sure everything was installed to my satisfaction.

"Getting enough information about my system."
Reviewed Jul 01, 2019

Going solar was not a decision I took lightly. I did months of research in order to decide which solar company would be best for me and my family. I really loved the efficiency of Solar Optimum from the beginning. Silva contacted me right away after my initial contact then I met with Artur for my home consultation. The installation crew who eventually came out to install the solar panels, did so in a really clean and efficient way. They then proceeded to show me everything I needed to know about my new system and monitoring to ensure I was aware of each step in the process. It's also nice to have Silva and Artur's direct phone numbers making the communication as seamless and easy as possible.

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"Perfect Solar Experience"
Reviewed Jun 29, 2019

While I did my research on Solar, I couldn’t have been in better hands for designing my system and meeting my requirements. Alex and Mohi from the operations as well as the installation team were fantastic with their work and logistics. Special mention to Kevin and his partner from the installation team for the work they did. The attention to details and tireless approach was impressive.

Solar optimum also had one of the best if not the best quote for my system but what distinguished them was their staff and quality of their work.

I would recommend solar optimum to anyone.

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"Successful Design for my System"
Reviewed Jun 25, 2019

What attracted me to Solar Optimum to begin with was their depth of knowledge and understanding of my overall power needs from out initial conversation. Although the team is small, they operate like a large business, putting communication with their customers first. Not to mention, they quoted me the best price for my system than neighboring competitors. The combination of professionalism, knowledge, and best value is what ultimately made me decide to go with Solar optimum.

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"Helpful rebates for decreasing cost of my system"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2019

I though solar would take a big chunk out of my wallet so I waited a long time and got many reviews before moving forward. After I as told about the incentives and rebates that were available to me the cost not bad at all. We soon signed and found that our worries were all for not. We have enjoyed our power with little bills to show for it.

"Best Overall Value"
Reviewed Jun 22, 2019

We choose Solar Optimum because they had a better roof warranty 25 vs 20 years for other solar companies, a complementary re-installation if the roof needs replacement, guaranteed annual Kwh performance or they will pay $.20 for every Kwh that the system under produced, and the most efficient solar panels available - Panasonic with micro inverters (no need for a separate inverter box). They took care of all the paperwork except for the HOA contract and they were very easy to work with.

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"Expert Team."
Reviewed Jun 22, 2019

Look no further for a solar company! Solar Optimum is the best! I feel confident saying that, because I have talked to more than just a handful when researching for solar. Solar Optimum stands out because of their 25 years warranties and their years of experience installing solar in California. They have a team of experts that handles just everything from point A to point B. Only once did we experience a tiny problem which was turning on the system (slight delay to the utility company being later). We could not ask for better service, and the panels have been working perfectly since then! I should have written this review sooner, but better late than never.

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"Special Thanks To Mark And Solar Optimum"
Reviewed Jun 22, 2019

Thank you, Solar Optimum, for doing a fantastic job on our NOT SO SIMPLE roof. It has it's challenges, but you knew exactly how handle it. Especially thank you to Mark for being patient with us and all our questions and for going over options more than once without being the slightest bit pushy. We love our system and we've enjoyed it for years. it's been great and we see big saving.

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"The Best Solution For Our Electricity Bill"
Reviewed Jun 20, 2019

The salesperson that we were assigned was very friendly and informative. He helped us understand all the components and what it actually takes to get solar on your home (Like permits, rebates, etc) and he was more than willing to take his time to listen to our needs, questions and concerns to make sure we got the solution that was the absolute best for us. We are very happy with the level of service from the whole team. Solar Optimum did all the legwork for us, and much of what they didn't really fully understand, so they made sure to explain every step to us. We are extremely happy with our choice. Thank you, Solar Optimum!

"Fantastic job"
Reviewed Jun 17, 2019

Solar Optimum were professional and provided a superb level of service. We have a bit of a complicated roof pitch - not exactly straight forward - and Solar Optimum were very, very through when assessing our unique situation. The installers did fantastic job as well and took great care of our property as cleaned up like it was there own home. But more importantly, our solar system has now been running for years, and it's working perfectly. Saving a ton of money every month especially in summers, We are very happy, and we highly recommend Solar Optimum.

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"Best Decision In The Best Time"
Reviewed Jun 16, 2019

Going solar was one of the best decisions I have made. It was difficult having to decide when to use our electrical devices and how to appropriately specially with all the power warning being issued during the hot summers. Going solar allows me to produce what I need when I need it.

"Affordable price, fantastic job"
Reviewed Jun 15, 2019

Their prices are very competitive and their products are the best there is and they did a fantastic job. I highly recommend asking for Tom and Mark. They'll take great care of you and will give you a very aggressive pricing for solar and Tesla powerwall battery.

"Best Price and good quality material"
Reviewed Jun 15, 2019

I'm not writhing this review because Solar Optimum gave me the cheapest price but because they gave me the BEST price!!! When I researched, I was considering all of these factors when I evaluate if my investment was worth it: quality of products, customer service, professionalism, honestly and no BS. Solar Optimum gets top scores in every single category! When I compare to the salespeople I've met from other companies, Solar Optimum really stood out. Polite, Knowledgeable, clear in what they are offering and (it seems) really excited about solar. This was the overall impression of everyone I came across from Solar Optimum. When it comes to my panels, I am beyond satisfied. Thanks OPTIMUM.

"Great service with high speed."
Reviewed Jun 14, 2019

Solar Optimum has changed our life for the better! I know it sounds exaggerated, but it's the truth. Thanks to their great solar systems and amazing designers, I now have a system that saves me from going broke every single month on utility bills. And it actually looks good on my house, which was something I was a little worried about to be honest. The service and speed to installation was key for me. I'm glad I chose Solar Optimum and highly recommend them.

"Answering all of my questions and running my system."
Reviewed Jun 13, 2019

I don't usually write reviews, but for Solar Optimum I had to! They took the time to explain everything that comes with the installation process to make sure we knew exactly what we got ourselves into. And once we signed with them, they took over the process and handled it without a single hiccup! We're so happy with the result, we LOVE our system!!!

"Polite and helpful company"
Reviewed Jun 11, 2019

I'm really happy we ended up calling Solar Optimum, they are great! Extremely knowledgeable, polite, helpful and honest! Thumbs up!

"Overall positive experience"
Reviewed Jun 08, 2019

Sales process was good. Had a few hiccups during installation, but Solar Optimum worked hard to address these. Installers and electrician also seemed competent and friendly. Still waiting for utility company to approve everything, but already looking forward to savings on my bills!

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"Clean Service with high performance."
Reviewed Jun 01, 2019

Everything went according to plan. No hiccups. The cleanup of my roof was done nicely, The panels are working as they should. Great service!

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"A+ Performing."
Reviewed May 31, 2019

I am very happy with Solar Optimum. The Process of getting my solar panels took some time, but that is because this sort of project is not something you just do in a day. I had a lot of questions before and during (and actually even after) the installation, and Solar Optimum was happy to answer all of them in timely manner. I have had the panels up and running for years, and they are performing exactly like they said they would. A+

"Great Construction Experience"
Reviewed May 29, 2019

I am very happy to write this review for Solar Optimum. The experience I received through the energy consultants was amazing. They were very detail oriented, Thoroughly explained the benefits of solar and had great customer service. The Solar Optimum Install team handled the construction in less than 2 days and left our home in pristine condition.

"My Solar System Process."
Reviewed May 28, 2019

Solar Optimum installed a solar system on our house. From my initial call, to the quote and to the installation, I was really pleased with the entire solar team. Their operation ran pretty smooth despite an extra delay on turning on our system (thanks to the utility company, not Solar Optimum). Definitely will be recommending them to my neighbors and family who are interested in solar.

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"High Level Service"
Reviewed May 24, 2019

My wife and I spoke to a number of solar installers around the L.A. area and there are a lot. We were looking for solar company that had years of experience in installing solar systems and had good reviews from real customers. After researching many companies on Yelp, Google reviews and BestCompany, we narrowed our list down and met with two companies-- Semper Solaris and Solar Optimum. Both were competitive in price but the biggest difference was the level of service that Solar Optimum gave us. That made a big difference to me so it was an easy choice. Overall, I give a lot of praise to everyone there. I'm glad I made the choice to go with them.

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"Good deal with professional company"
Reviewed May 23, 2019

Sean was great to work with. I had never met a salesman who looked like they genuinely looked what they did. He went over my proposal with such attention to detail and really explained fully any question I threw at him. It was refreshing to meet with someone so knowledgeable. I signed with them as I felt they had provided me clear and concise information with no hidden agenda. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who has gotten the run around or would simply like straight answers.

Reviewed May 22, 2019

I called Solar Optimum after having met with a few solar companies and receiving quotes from each. After careful review I noticed that each company had a offered me something slightly different from the next. I wanted to find out exactly what I needed and after reading the reviews from Solar Optimum decided to meet with them. Meeting with them was the best decision. After sitting with Ivan I walked away with a wealth of information and finally understood my needs. My system, was installed quick and had no surprises during that time. I have been very happy with my choice and my system.

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"Less Money On Electricity."
Reviewed May 19, 2019

I was referred Solar Optimum and got their solar system buyers guide on their website which gave me really useful information when I started shopping around for Solar. I got a call from Silvia who setup my appointment. She was very knowledgeable and helpful about solar. She also explained to me what rebates and incentives I might qualify for. After learning more about the tax credit and the California rebate on solar the saving was pretty insane. I shopped other installers and to be honest, they are pretty much offered very similar solar package. The tipping point with Solar Optimum was the education they provided (Silvia) and the patiently walked me through how this all worked. My solar system has been up for years and I'm so happy. My family is spending a lot less money on electricity now.

"Knowledgeable and helpful staff"
Reviewed May 19, 2019

I'm the type of customer who appreciate details thus I spent countless hours researching everything I need to know about solar including panel brands, panel type, installers, the finances and return on investment that I would get. After meeting with six different vendors, I narrowed it down to Semper Solarus and Solar Optimum. Both gave me quote for my solar system and both had a similar warranty package. I took the chance with Solar Optimum based on their overall reviews on Yelp and other sites including BestCompany, Google and Facebook. Happy to say I made the right decision and I'm very satisfied with my system. Great team over there at Solar Optimum. Friendly people and helpful with my detailed questions.

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"Clean Installation."
Reviewed May 16, 2019

I would give more than five stars if I could! Solar Optimum did a great job with my solar system. Compared to other solar companies that I met with, They are by far the best. Fair prices, GREAT service and easy, quick installation. It looks great on our roof and caught the attention of our neighbors. I was very happy to refer Solar Optimum to everyone. In fact, I can't recommended them enough!

"Best price with the best warranty."
Reviewed May 13, 2019

My experience with Solar Optimum was fantastic every single little step of the way. My rep, Mark was fantastic. I recommend you ask for him when you call Solar Optimum. He explained all of my options without pressuring. I'm not used to sales people being patient :D Overall, I experienced an enormous amount of respect from Solar Optimum - from the first phone call to the end of installation. On top of that, they deliver the highest quality, the best prices AND the best warranties.

"Solar Optimum did everything to make me happy"
Reviewed May 12, 2019

I highly recommend Solar Optimum, and here's why: They were a true pleasure to work with. They delivered everything they promise (no surprises), and the installation went so well and they cleaned up thoroughly. In short: Solar Optimum did everything to make me happy, and they succeeded! Can't tell you how much money we're now saving with our new Solar system!

"getting answers of all questions and select a good choice"
Reviewed May 10, 2019

Solar was a goal of ours for years. I saw the system that my cousin had installed and was impressed by what it did for them. I thought to look into it myself and began meeting with companies. Sean made it super easy for us to understand what we were purchasing and what it would do for us. He was very patient and answered both me and my wife's questions. We were happy with the choice to go solar and it has since saved me tons of cash.

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"Price and quality"
Reviewed May 07, 2019

I had been shopping around for solar system for months. I met with a many companies all who offered similar products each with it's own twist. I needed a company who offered the most and this is what I found in Solar Optimum. I loved the products and promos offered, the prices were fair, and I found a one stop shop for it all. I got my system installed and I was happy with the time it took to complete my install and have since referred my friends and coworkers.

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"Fast Installation with no issue"
Reviewed May 05, 2019

Solar Optimum took care of everything for us, and we got our panels installed in only 2 days. They look great, and (more importantly), they work as promised! We Could't be happier with a minimal connection bill each month for about $15.

"Customer Service"
Reviewed May 04, 2019

Finding a company like Solar Optimum is hard these days. When looking for an installer, we got quotes from 5 different companies, including Solar Optimum. At first glance, they were not that far apart, but Solar Optimum stood out because of several reasons: Firstly, their warranties are unbeatable. Secondly, their products are top-of-the-line. No mediocre panels that won't perform as well. And then thirty, their customer service was off the charges. We knew what was going on every step of the way, and the installation crew got the work done fast. They cleaned up after and the panels sit nice and neatly just as planned. Thank you for making this process a great one, Solar Optimum.

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"The best products with the best price."
Reviewed May 02, 2019

Solar Optimum was not the least expensive solar company we talked to with our quote, but they were not the most expensive either. What they had was the BEST products and warranty. Their Panasonic panels that we chose, were only slightly more than the cost of other panels of lesser quality and it came with 25 years warranty which was important for me. On top of that, they offer great financing solutions. I'd actually go so far as to say that most people will be able to afford a great, high-quality solar system if they go through Solar Optimum. We are very happy with them.

"Started off good, then disappeared"
Reviewed May 02, 2019

Decided awhile ago to get solar installed with Solar Optimum, based mainly on these reviews.

After they measured my roof and did their assessment, they submitted their proposal. I contacted them back asking a few follow-up questions and had a couple concerns I wanted addressed.... and this is when then they disappeared.

I didn't hear back from anyone for a few weeks, even after attempting to follow up myself multiple times.

Not sure what the cause or issue was on their end, but it seems like I was being pass onto several different sales people for the company. Not a great impression.


[edited 05/17/19, replying to SolarOptimum response]

This is widely incorrect. First of all, don't pass the blame onto EnergySage. I had direct communication with your company directly, not through EnergySage. My multiple accounts have nothing to do with the issues with your company, but issues re-activing my account here on EnergySage after your company strung me along for months than became unresponsive, requiring me to open a new account to look for another provider.

I had several correspondences with Jacob (email and on the phone) but was then was passed onto Mohi. After raising my concerns with your proposal and the system production, Mohi replied that "Silva will give you a call and assist you regarding your concerns", which never happened.

I even followed up to that email several days later with "Haven't heard anything from Silva - any updates?", which was also met with no response.

It's rather funny I received an email with "I just saw your review on ES and will get to the bottom of this. I sincerely apologize and hope to resolve your issues quickly.", and yet, no actions were taken on their part to even attempt to resolve any issues... besides replying to this review attempting to discredit it.

No other attempt, email or phone, has been made from them.

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Verified Installer
Response from Solar Optimum, Inc.
Responded May 17, 2019

Ricky, thank you for the opportunity to be able to quote you for a new solar system. As you can see here on EnergySage and other review platforms, Solar Optimum has a consistent and near spotless reputation for our top-notch customer service and installation for solar. We certainly would not be in business for nearly 12 years if it weren't for us aiming to provide a high level of professionalism to the solar community.

Over the past several weeks, we've made numerous attempts by phone and email to contact you and discuss your concerns but we have heard back from you. Understanding and getting to the root of the problem is something we want to fix with all customers. However, we haven't been able to handle your situation without you opening a line of communication with us. In fact, we are aware that an EnergySage executive reached out to you as well but nothing directly through us.

The EnergySage platform maintains detailed records of the various communication attempts we made to reach every customer so its surprising to hear that you feel we've "disappeared" on you. Admittedly, the EnergySage platform is not perfect so perhaps there was a glitch that prevented our messages to successfully get to you.

Lastly, you engaged with us last summer and at that point in time, you were assigned a designated Solar Optimum representative. One year later, you re-engaged with Solar Optimum again through EnergySage and because you set up a new account under a different name, you were assigned a new solar representative. This explains why may feel you were "passed onto several different sales people." In reality, that was not intentional.

We are still open to discussing this one-on-one with you if you're open to it.

"Go with this company!"
Reviewed May 02, 2019

We are so happy we went with Solar Optimum. They are professional, precise, and personable. From start to finish, it never felt like we were making the wrong decision. Not only were they thorough in explaining the process, they also let us know by phone and email step by step what would happen next. My family did A LOT of research prior to switching over to solar, and I know we chose the best company.

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"Researching For Tesla Powerwall Battery backup"
Reviewed Apr 29, 2019

I was contacted recently by Solar Optimum customer service representative with a courtesy call to see how my solar system has been performing. Completely caught me off guard because I installed my system in 2014. Honestly, I've never had anyone call me 4 to 5 years later just to check in to make sure things are good. Happy to say I've had nothing short but a great experience with this company. Many years later the system is still doing its job and saving us a lot of money! I was actually thinking about a back up battery and knew that Solar Optimum carried Tesla Powerwall. I haven't decided yet but exploring the idea of adding of to my energy system with back up home battery. Thanks for the call, Solar Optimum and thank you for the great service. These guys are top notch.

"Great design, wonderful service"
Reviewed Apr 28, 2019

I was referred to Solar Optimum through LinkedIn. I am connected to a few people in the solar industry and came across a post about a solar panel buyer's guide. Since I've been thinking about going solar for a few months. I downloaded the guide by Solar Optimum. It was really informative but I had many more questions. I called and spoke to a really nice lade name Silva who then set up a meeting at my house. Joe came to my home a few days later he answers all of the questions and concerns that I have. I was most interested in the 30% solar tax credit. I met with 2 other solar installers but ultimately came back to Joe and signed contract with Solar Optimum. They custom design was done to perfection and more importantly, my savings on electricity is better than I expected.

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"Saving on my electricity usages by solar."
Reviewed Apr 25, 2019

Solar Optimum is a great company! They saved us more than $1,200 last year. I've been recommending them to brother, neighbors and my doctor who have expressed an interest in solar because they are the most qualified in Southern California. I did my homework before hiring them, and they did not disappoint. Their knowledge about solar and renewable energy is impressive. They keep up with the latest equipment, so I fully trust that they always recommend the best and/or newest solutions. Solar Optimum had no problem catering to our busy work schedules to make the whole process pain free. I can't recommend Solar Optimum enough.

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"Sounds like a great solar company!"
Reviewed Apr 23, 2019

I got an excellent estimate and plan from Solar Optimum in just a few hours on Energy Sage. Ultimately my husband and I chose a local company in Fremont, CA, that had done another house in our area, but I feel Solar Optimum would have been just as good, and their estimate was comparable in price and quality to others we received. Their information about parts/labor was excellent and helpful. We learned from their input and I thank them for that. We wish them many happy customers.

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"Good quality of panels and long time service"
Reviewed Apr 22, 2019

We Hired Solar Optimum because they had good reviews and also the best deals we could find. Some solar companies were little cheper, but they also don't offer the same quality panels OR the same warranty, so it's not worth saving a little to get poorer quality. They handled everything we needed, including the design, the engineering and all the permits, and we actually had the system installed about a week ahead of schedule. We wanted to wait to write this review until we know how our system was actually performing, and we've no had it for almost five years. No down time at all! We're very satisfied with Solar Optimum!

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Reviewed Apr 19, 2019

My solar has been on and running through seasons. I was blown away by the difference it has made on my home and on my wallet. All the review you've read about how great this company is, are the absolute truth. The staff there is extremely caring and helpful.

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Reviewed Apr 19, 2019

I am really happy with Solar Optimum. From beginning to end, Solar Optimum made the process of installing solar on our home a joy. Comparing other companies in Orange County, their 25 year warranty on ALL aspects of the project is what sold us on them. We also had them upgrade our main panel unit, and their electricians Armond & Sevada couldn't have worked harder, been more professional or been nicer. Definitely would recommend them to my friends.

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"Started out great but went downhill"
Reviewed Apr 19, 2019

They called me back with some good options upon request for a quote. Then the handoff with an actual onsite consultation never went anywhere as one employee did not know what the other was to do. Simple: come to my house, take a look (ie measure), then give me an accurate quote. Nothing happened after more than a week from the initial request.

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Verified Installer
Response from Solar Optimum, Inc.
Responded May 07, 2019

Mr Amir, we have attempted to contact you on several occasions but have not heard back from you. We'd like to address and resolve this right away so we move forward with a solar quote. Please return our call at 818-804-3122 or email us at

"Going To Solar"
Reviewed Apr 19, 2019

Every year I thank myself for making the decision to go solar! I save so much on my electricity bill every year - especially in the summer where I have the A/C going pretty much all the time. I also want to add that I haven't had any problems at all with my solar system, it has worked perfectly from day one. Everything about this experience has been better than I ever imagined it would be. If you're thinking about whether you should get solar or not, stop thinking and call Solar Optimum! They are the best out there!

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"Really Great Experience"
Reviewed Apr 16, 2019

For me, one of the most important things when looking for a solar company was to make sure the process would be as hassle free as possible. I am very busy, and I don't have much time to spend on solving any problems that may occur. I am happy to report that Solar Optimum took care of everything in a very efficient and professional manner. My time spend on the project was minimal, but Solar Optimum still informed me about what was going on at all times. Really great experience!

"Super helpful and efficient company"
Reviewed Apr 14, 2019

I love Solar Optimum! From day one, They were super helpful and efficient , and even after installation, they wanted to make sure I was happy with the process and my solar system. Talk about great customer service!!! FYI, I am happy with everything, and I am already seeing saving on my bills. I encourage everyone who is interesting solar to go with Solar Optimum.

Reviewed Apr 13, 2019

I do not look back on my decision to use Solar optimum to install my system. I had a lot of questions for them from the beginning and they were very detailed and efficient in answering me. It took only about 2 months from start to finish and when they were done they still answered all my questions post install as well. They walked me through all the aspects and gave me their card so if I should have any more questions I could call in directly. I appreciate all the special touches they took to make me feel centered throughout the process.

"Replace the roof and adding solar system."
Reviewed Apr 12, 2019

My family and I moved into a new home and knew that we had some repairs that were needed. When we found out that our roof was bad as well as old we decided to replace it. My neighbor told me that he was putting solar on his home and that his roof was being repaired at the same time. When I found out that I could not only replace the roof but also attach a system that would save me money on top it felt too good to be true. I met with the same company Solar Optimum and they were able to make the process very affordable. I now have a new roof and new system.

"Helpful Crew"
Reviewed Apr 10, 2019

I can't say enough about Sean or the crew at Solar Optimum. I had called in originally just to get some info regarding going solar. I chatted with one of their coordinators and from the get go was impressed by how much information they had on hand. After meeting with Sean I was blown away by both his knowledge and attention to detail. I felt safe in knowing that a company so well trained would be helping me accomplish my goal.

"Answering to all questions"
Reviewed Apr 06, 2019

I really enjoyed my experience with Solar Optimum. From the beginning to the end I felt that my interest were always their concern. From the start the level of information they presented was far beyond the rest of the sales people we had met with. Not only did they have answers for all my questions but went into great detail making sure I understood what I was buying. I had some decisions to make in the end but with their help seemed less a chore.

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"Santa Barbara Ground Mount"
Reviewed Apr 05, 2019

Solar Optimum put in an 8 kW ground mount system for us. Once they had secured a permit, the work went relatively quickly and well. They handled trenching up the hill as well as all other work. Everyone was very professional, and also very nice. Definitely happy we chose Solar Optimum. Their design (24 micro-inverters) was technically superior to the competition's, which used optimizers and a single inverter (the least reliable component in any system).

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"Long time warranty"
Reviewed Apr 01, 2019

Just Stop Looking for a solar company! Go straight to Solar Optimum! They are the best in the business ( we talked to many, and none of them compared ), and Alex is extremely knowledgeable and service-mined. On top of that, their warranties are incredible! We are so happy we bought our solar system from them. No regrets.

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"Switching To SOLAR"
Reviewed Mar 30, 2019

Our Consultant Steve, came to our house only one day after we called to schedule an appoitment. He took his time explaning everything to us, because we didn't know about all the benefits of solar, and he gave us a really good solultion. Going into it, we had a few doubts because it is a big investment, and we wanted to make sure it was really worth it, but after dealing with Solar Optimum we have NO doubts left. The process didn't take as long as we thought. Actually, from the moment we signed the contract with them to the moment our system was switched on, it only took 2 months. Thanks Steve!

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"Researching For Solar"
Reviewed Mar 28, 2019

I spent a lot of time researching solar before I got quotes from a handful of Solar companies. I think I spent almost an entire year researching, so I know a lot before I contacted all the different companies, and Solar Optimum has BY FAR the best offer! Best products and definitely best warranties too. Every single interaction with Solar Optimum was a good experience. Evan when things didn't go as expected (in all fairness, it was never Solar Optimum's fault, and they handled it so well). I'm very happy with my choice!

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"Honest Company with Great Service and Awesome Panels"
Reviewed Mar 25, 2019

I have used my Panasonic Panels with Enphase Micro-Inverters for approximately 6 months now and the panels have been stellar thus far. Even in the first three months of use during the winter months, I still over produced by $60 dollars. my monthly bill dropped from 180 dollars down to 15 dollars a month(for an Edison Line Usage Fee) and life has been great. I am even able to check my daily production. I have called a few time ask questions and Solar Optimum has picked up every time to promptly provide service. Installation was a breeze...roughly 4 hour long install and I was ready to rock and roll. In any case, definitely consider going with Solar Optimum, they will give you a fair price and a quality product.

"Saving on My Electric Bill."
Reviewed Mar 25, 2019

Thoroughly impressed doesn't even start to scratch the surface of our time with Solar Optimum. We were originaly searching for quality panels to fit our budget and Solar Optimum was able to work with us by providing one of their financing options to fit our needs. It's been a pleasure working with them and already loving the savings we are seeing with our electric bill thus far. Finally we won't have to regulate our A/C over the summer just to save a few dollars each month.

"25 Years Performance Guarantee for good quality Material"
Reviewed Mar 22, 2019

I wanted to go with a company based in Southern Callifornia that was easy to communicate with (excellent customer service) and would provide me with the best technology and warranty. After doing some extensive research on all the options, I was able to find that Solar Optimum checked all those boxes. The 25 years performance guarantee gives me comfort that my money is being invested in equipment that actually works and will continue to work through the life of the system. I would happily recommend them to others looking to make the switch to solar.

"Solar Optimum Exceeds Expectations"
Reviewed Mar 20, 2019

I wanted a solar company with a great reputation, longevity in the market, and of a size that they were known widely. Solar Optimum met all those requirements. They weren’t the lowest cost per watt in their bid, but I am satisfied they are the best for the money. The awards they have received are well deserved based on my experience with them.
Communication: 5 star; Customer Service: 5 star; Product Quality: 5 star; Installation: 5 star. This was, by far, the easiest and most pleasant home improvement project I have ever undertaken.

"Perfect Investment for having better environment."
Reviewed Mar 20, 2019

I have worked in the service industry for 20+ years and rarely do I leave reviews but I had to mention Solar Optimum in particular because of how impressed I am from the initial call for a quote to the installation and follow-up. The staff as Optimum has been a breath of fresh air as it was difficult to find a company in which we could really feel comfortable investing in and building a long-term relationship with. We feel 100% confident the decision we made going with Solar Optimum was the best one we could've done for our home and the environment.

"Super solar"
Reviewed Mar 20, 2019

We had a great experience working with everyone at solar optimum. From first contacting them to getting the permit to installation and finally turning on our solar. It took less than a month to complete everything and I felt like I didnt have to do very much thru the entire process. We now monitor our production thru the app and am happy to see how much we are producing a day.

"Correct decision with the best solar company."
Reviewed Mar 18, 2019

Solar Optimum is the best solar company! When I first contacted them, I wasn't sure if I even what type o solar system I wanted, and I expected them to try to push me into buying the most expensive, but that was not the case at all. The sales representative I talked to, Ivan took his time to simply answer my questions and explain to me everything I needed to know to make an informed decision. He then told me just go home and think it over and even meet with other solar companies. He then told me to just go home and think it over and even meet with other solar companies. I met with two other, but Solar Optimum had by far the best deal (in addition to their honesty, professionalism and knowledge) - for example, they were the only ones I talked to who offers a full 25 years warranty!! My system is running perfectly. I'm very impressed with Solar Optimum.

"Fast Installation without any problem."
Reviewed Mar 16, 2019

I contacted Solar Optimum after reading all these great review about them, and now I feel like I need to also write one, Because they truly did a tremendous job for me. Both Mike and Silva were really good at explaining everything to me, and the installation only took five days.

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"Idea of Satisfy Customer"
Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

This company made me feel very secure in my decision because they kept me informed every step of the way. Excellent customer service and excellent result. I'm very happy with with my new solar system.

"Residential Solar Installation with a Hiccup"
Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

Overall I am very pleased with the job that Solar Optimum did for us. We had a hiccup because they submitted plans with the wrong tile style for permit purposes, and did not replace those with the plans that I signed, which had the correct tiles. The result had a ripple effect. The day that the contractors arrived (MLK day) they did not have the correct hardware and the supplier was closed for MLK. They were able to start work, but not make as much progress as needed. When they returned 2 days later, they ended up working from 7:30AM to 8:00PM, in the dark.
Solar Optimum was very good about responding to my request to have a 2nd set of eyes look at the installation. However, we did not pass inspection because the supports were not spaced closely enough in a few places. They immediately sent another crew to effect the changes.
We are up & running now and I'm very pleased with the Kwh results. The Enphase web site for monitoring production is great.

"The Team of Solar Optimum gave us great service and all information."
Reviewed Mar 11, 2019

Rarely have I come across a company with such a courteous and helpful staff. Our solar representative Mark was patient and very informative, and he made sure we understood exactly what we were doing, both in terms of the project itself as well as the financial gain. Solar Optimum took care of everything for us, form the custom solar design, permits, rebates and installation, and it all happened just like they explained us it would and right on time.

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"Set Up Solar For Home And EV"
Reviewed Mar 09, 2019

I had just upgraded my home by adding a few missing touches. For one we recently purchased an EV car that we now were charging at home. This coupled with the new man cave I put in raised my consumption reasonably. I hooked into different option and found that solar provided all the answers. If I could create the energy I needed there would be no need to pay the high prices. We met with Solar Optimum after reading about their company. We met their company and were impressed by the knowledge they came with. We decided to switch and have not looked back.

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"Saving On My Monthly Electricity Bill"
Reviewed Mar 07, 2019

Solar was truly a great addition to the household. I like to be comfortable in my home so you will generally find the AC on during hot and cold months. My comfort was coming at a high price as each month my bills would topple $400. I met with a few companies before I chose Solar Optimum. They made the most sense to me and answered my questions with easy to understand answers. I think I liked that the best.

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"Quick Respond With Good Result"
Reviewed Mar 03, 2019

Solar is a big investment, so it's really important to find a company that you can count on and that doesn't try to trick you into buying the wrong thing. Solar Optimum has been so helpful in guiding us, and their advice has been honest and not pushy. They did not recommend the most expensive solution for us, because they looked our particular need and did not try to up sell. Please go with Solar Optimum if you are getting solar. Especially if you need a company who responds quickly and who will be straight with you.

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"Good Job ( A ) to ( Z )"
Reviewed Mar 02, 2019

Solar Optimum did a fantastic job! They are very professional and knowledgeable. Even before signing with them, they took the time to thoroughly walk us through every step of what we could expect. They had us covered at all times from the very beginning until after the system was up and running! It was a great experience, and we love our solar system!

"Good Respond of Research For Green Energy"
Reviewed Feb 27, 2019

If you are looking for a good, trustworthy and affordable solar company in California, look no further. My husband and I reached out to Solar Optimum as part of our initial research phase, and they stood out by being the first ones to respond ( some actually never got back to us ). Tom and Ivan were honest and polite, and when it came to the prices, Solar Optimum actually had the best offer of them all too. I really recommend them for going to solar.

"Excellent Support and Service"
Reviewed Feb 26, 2019

I have been living in the same house for years and was ready to make some changes to it. The first on my list was switching to solar. As someone who is born and raised in California, living an Eco-friendly lifestyle is something that has been ingrained in me since birth. I know that going solar would be a choice I would make some day. After communicating with several different solar companies in the Southern California area, it was clear to me just by the initial reach-out which one I would decide to go with. Solar Optimum not only stood out as being the most trustworthy, credible, with years of experience, but they also went above and beyond by catering to my extremely crazy work schedule and finishing the job in less time than expected. Every single person has been a tremendous help, from the sales assistant to the site technician. I can't express my gratitude to Solar Optimum enough.

"Researching for Solar"
Reviewed Feb 22, 2019

When researching solar, I was definitely skeptical and made sure to do more research on what company I wanted to install my solar system. At the end, the final decision came from word of mouth and doing my own research on those companies. I set up an initial consult with various ones to feel which one would be the "best fit". Since this is a life-long investment, it's important to me that the people I am going to be seeing and working in my home will be ones that I can connect with. I found Solar Optimum to be the most Knowledgeable and friendliest and immediately decided to go with them...not to mention, they have the best warranties as well. I'm grateful to be part of the Solar Optimum family where they take care of me as if I was family!

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"Huge Favor for Environment and my Wallet"
Reviewed Feb 21, 2019

I have always been interested in solar energy and have friends that currently use solar to power their home. After hearing about how much money it saved them in utility bills I was shocked at the long-term return and investment. So, of course, after discussing with my husband we decided to look into it ourselves further and set up a consultation with Solar Optimum - which is one of the solar companies we kept hearing about that came highly recommended. After our initial meeting, I was able to have a lot of my questions answered, as this is a big investment for us so we wanted to make sure about making the right decision. The team completely put me at ease with their professionalism and knowledge in the field. I feel like I can contact them at anytime with whatever questions I may have. I am extremely excited that we switched to solar and start doing the environment (and my wallet) a huge favor in the long run. Thank you, Solar Optimum!

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"Wonderful Service"
Reviewed Feb 18, 2019

For someone who didn't know much about solar when first deciding to look into it, Solar Optimum was the perfect choice. From day one their communication, assistance and patience was incredible. They answered every question I had (and the ones I didn't know I had), and they never tried to push any product or service on me. I had my solar system installed, and I could't be more pleased with the process or the end result. Not once did I experience any problem, Sean was accessible any time I had any questions or concerns, and everything went exactly according to plan. Don't even think twice about going with Solar Optimum!

"Honest Team"
Reviewed Feb 16, 2019

The team at Solar optimum have been amazing. From Silva, the sales coordinator to Mike, my energy representative. and every one in between including the site checkers and installers, all have been a pleasure to work with. We had our solar system for years and saving a lot money in the summer. If you want the solid, honest solar rep, ask Mike H.

"Long term Warranty"
Reviewed Feb 15, 2019

I was a bit skeptical in choosing a local installer over a larger, well know national company until I met with Alex at Solar Optimum. I called on a Friday and was able to get an in-home appointment that same Sunday which was great! Alex explained solar to me in a way that made perfect sense. No confusion, no gimmicks and no games. I appreciated that. When it was all said and done, I chose a Panasonic solar system with the Enphase Microinverters. Solar Optimum's 25-years warranty was the game changer. No other company offered the same scale of warranty like Solar Optimum. Very happy with my decision.

"Searching For Best Solar Company"
Reviewed Feb 12, 2019

My bills had increased moving into our new home and flt to get ahead of our expenses was the best choice. We looked into solar for a few months before choosing a company to go with. We went over many sites trying to pin down a company that would serve us best. We chose Solar Optimum in part because of the many 5 star comments left on each site for them but really because I felt comfortable talking to them. They treated me as a person with real concerns. I am glad I put in the effort it paid off.

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"Smooth Installation."
Reviewed Feb 09, 2019

I just wanted to thank the team at Solar Optimum for making this transition so seamless. The whole project from start to finish was incredible. The teams moved in and went about their work without a hitch. It was nice to see a team happy doing what they are so good at. Thank you for making my home a self sufficient one.

"Honest Company"
Reviewed Feb 02, 2019

I had a terrible experience dealing with a previous solar company that not surprisingly went out of business. Sean from Solar Optimum was super helpful. They are honest, helpful and reliable company, I wish I had contacted them from the beginning.

"Low Price And Good Quality"
Reviewed Jan 31, 2019

I was happy with the plan and timeline Solar Optimum made for me, but then they actually went and got it all done faster than we anticipated. I now have my solar system up and running ahead of schedule. On top of that the price quote was better than all of the other companies I talked to. Such a pleasure!! I can Only recommend Solar Optimum.

"Should be comfortable for the next 25 years!"
Reviewed Jan 30, 2019

While the experience was not what I expected, the gentleman in charge of customer relations was very responsive. I hope that it will be a comfortable experience dealing with them for 25 years, which is what they guarantee on the panels, the workmanship and the roof. I'm waiting to see what my first electric bill will be like, too... we'll see!

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"Solar Optimum was Super!"
Reviewed Jan 28, 2019

My selection of SolarOptimum (SO) could not have worked out better. Thru-out the process, SO maintained constant communication, answering my questions quickly and kept me updated. The team (Mohi and Anna, Sandra, Jilbert, Angie, Tom and Alexander) was responsive and easy to work with. I needed to reroof; they hooked me up with a super roofing co (AC Roofing) that did a great job with the roof and left my property clean. The solar installation team was fast and the team was prompt and pleasant. And now that my system is active, they are completing the process by filing for my LADWP and Panasonic rebates. Couldn’t be happier!

Also - kudos to EnergySage. Their marketplace was a simple and comprehensive tool for evaluating a group of vetted installers; their advisors were a knowledgeable resource - answering my questions through messaging and scheduled conference calls.

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"Correct Answers To All of my Questions About The Solar"
Reviewed Jan 27, 2019

I liked that when I called and had my initial discussion they were not quick to sell me on a pitch but instead listed to what I was trying to do. After explaining my part they explained in quiet some detail the options available to me. I had some time to digest the information before calling back. I was ready to meet with someone as I now had prepared some questions. I again appreciated the way Sean explained how each one of my decision would impact either the cost or the performance of my system. In the end we were able to identify what I needed and was just extra. I truly enjoyed the honest approach and that was what in the end finally won me over.

"Great Federal Tax return"
Reviewed Jan 24, 2019

I just had solar installed at my home and couldn't be happier that I did. It was quite the challenge finding a company that I finally wanted to go with. Each person I spoke to at Solar Optimum had so much information to relay. I loved that every time I called they would have a specialist ready to answer my questions. They were wonderful about keeping me informed with each process that had to take place. My system has been up and running for years now saving me from my bills every month and on top I am to expect a tax return for adding this. Truly a win , win for me.

"Reliable and knowledgeable team"
Reviewed Jan 21, 2019

My brother recommended Solar Optimum to us after having solar panels installed on his house. He went through a long research phase and talked to several solar companies before choosing Solar Optimum, and he told me to not even bother talking to anyone else! When I contacted Solar Optimum, They told me to always talk to few companies before making a decision. That was such a positive experience, because it just shows that they know what they are doing and are not trying to trick anyone. So we actually did what they said and talked to a few other companies, but none of them seemed quite as reliable and knowledgeable, so it was pretty much a no-brainier to choose them. And we are so happy we did! Everything went according to plan - no surprises - and we now have a solar system and saving!

Reviewed Jan 19, 2019

I would highly recommend Solar Optimum. Mark H is great to work with and helped me everything I needed while proactively monitoring my solar system all the way until installation was complete. At no point did I feel like he stopped prioritizing me. Solar Optimum was a real pleasure to work with!!

"Done everything quickly and running my system with no issue."
Reviewed Jan 13, 2019

After reading so many reviews I chose the top 3 companies I wanted to consider in the end.I met with all three companies and while I felt their proposals came fairly close, in the end it came down to the knowledge demonstrated by Solar Optimum not only during the install but even at this early a stage. They answered all my questions and left no stone unturned. They installed my system quickly and had it running before the heavy usage months affected me.

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"Receiving a quote from Solar Optimum and selected them"
Reviewed Jan 11, 2019

We have done everything in our control to try and limit our costs. We have done lots of upgrades to more energy efficient items and figured the last phase would be to finally go solar at our home. I received a quote from Solar Optimum and was surprised at the amount of details that went into it. The others I had received didn't seem to much in quality. After meeting with Ivan and going through project I felt really good about my choice to move forward with them.

"Knowledgeable and friendly team"
Reviewed Jan 06, 2019

Great service and very knowledgeable and friendly team. We purchased our solar system years ago and never wrote a review until a neighbor of ours recently asked for a referral as they were interested in solar. We told them to call Solar Optimum without even blinking, and then we decided to write a review so people can learn about this company. We haven't had a single problem with our panels.

"Economic Purchase"
Reviewed Jan 02, 2019

I see why Solar Optimum gets good reviews, because I have so many positive things to say about them, their customer service and the way they handled my solar installation. I was nervous about approaching a solar company with the very limited knowledge I had - I was scared that they were going to take advantage of that. But that was not the case. Mike was great at explaining everything to me, and even when I stalled for days with new questions almost every day, he was patient and answered politely. I ended up purchasing Panasonic panels and I have no regrets. Finally I'm able to money on my utility bills.

"Benefits of Solar"
Reviewed Dec 27, 2018

We moved to Southern California from Northern California where we had solar on our house, so we knew everything worth knowing about the benefits of solar and the price level we could expect ( we also did research of course because times have changed ), so we appalled by the treatment we received from some of the companies we talked to. We were given the run around and misquoted on our system size when we inquired, but not by Solar Optimum. Everything they told us matched what we already knew - and they were not trying to up sell or push anything on us. Very honest and efficient, we highly recommend them.

"My experience with Solar Optimum"
Reviewed Dec 18, 2018

I began my research into solar way before pulling the trigger. I met with handfuls of companies before finally deciding to allow Solar Optimum to design my system. Along with the reviews that I had read the finally straw that made me choose was my co worker who overheard my discussion and told me about his experience with Solar Optimum. They were great in answering my questions and updating me every step along the way. My consultant was so impressive as any question I threw at him he came back with a response. A special thanks to the team for handling my project with great care. I have already told two of my friends also exploring this option to call.

"The best company with good customer service"
Reviewed Dec 15, 2018

I have had different companies work on my house and do different installs. Truly Solar Optimum was one of the best I have had the opportunity to work with. There crew is very professional in their work and their attitudes. they answered all my questions about the work they were doing, while I watched. They informed me of the materials they used and why. I loved the work they did and more important the finished result.

"Void my electricity bill with solar"
Reviewed Dec 11, 2018

My house is one of extremes. In the winter we usually have our heater cranked up to keep the house from becoming to chilly. In the summer, the exact opposite. It seems no matter what of the year we are in our bills stay fairly high. Anyway we decided to get a solar system to allow us to produce the energy we needed in comfort. Since we went solar my bills have been extremely manageable. I can't begin to explain how beneficial this changes has been for my family.

"Having solar with low bill"
Reviewed Dec 09, 2018

I can't believe I waited to go solar when I could have saved a lot more money a lot sooner. I knew while my bills were moderate to high in the summers there was a better answer yet. EVEN LOWER BILLS. After I saw the results of what solar could do for both my home and my wallet I would be crazy not to. The crew from Solar Optimum came over and began working on my house and before I knew it, were done. My system looked sleek and stylish and did not diminish from the look of my home. the saving since have been second to none and I am so glad to have made the switch.

Reviewed Dec 08, 2018

My reason for exploring solar as an option for me was due to my friend at work referring us all to the company that installed his system. He kept bragging about his install and how it saved him so much in just the year he had it. I thought it would be a smart thing to get a quote myself. I went straight to the company he had chosen and set an appoitment. I met with Solar Optimum and discussed what they could do. After comparing their quote with some others I had received I realized they offered the best parts, warranties and on top of that were local.

"reduce monthly spending with optimum"
Reviewed Dec 07, 2018

Solar was a good idea for me because we used a lot of power at my home. I had a lot of devices plugged in and since I had a babysitter home most of the day the TV and AC ran around the clock. I started to meet with companies I hope to find a way to reduce my monthly spending. I met with one of the reps at Solar Optimum who came by with a great presentation. He had all sort of ways of helping me understand the work that would go into my build. I felt really comfortable moving forward with them and they did not let me down. My system looks great and brings me all the power I need and sometimes more. They have installed a monitoring system that I can use to see my daily consumption. All this was more than I expected.

"Clean background, and great history in Solar industry"
Reviewed Dec 05, 2018

I found this company on Yelp. They had a lot of great reviews and also a long history of being in business. When I called them and gave them my information a solar rep visited me at my house to show me a proposal and go over my questions with me. They began the install and even installed an outlet for my EV car charger. In 3 days everything was completed and I would definitely recommend them.

Reviewed Dec 03, 2018

I was going to go with Solar Optimum about 3 years ago but couldn't afford it at the time. Now 3 years later I called Solar Optimum and 2 other companies and Solar was still the best. I had been going back and forth since July with the financing and finally decided on one. Eric Todd was awesome throughout the signing of the contract because it was a chunk of money and I had to be sure I was doing the right thing. He called me whenever I needed to ask him questions. Very knowledgeable and great personality. We finally signed the papers in September 2018 for a 9.9kw with battery backup. Solar Optimum sent the best people out to do the job on 11/20/18 and where done by 11/23/18. All the guys that came out were great and the work they did looks wonderful.

The one I was very impressed with was Kim the Site Technician. She came out today to make sure everything was good for the City Inspection that is coming on Monday. She got me connected to the Tesla site on my cell phone that shows me what is being used by the grid and what is being used by the solar. She helped me to understand the system and how it works. She was amazing, very patient and answered all my questions so I think I know what I am looking at and what its doing. You guys have a great employee there.

This company was great and I would recommend them to everyone that wants to hear about solar. You guys aced it. God Bless and Happy Holidays.

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"Awesome quality of the material with long term warranty"
Reviewed Dec 02, 2018

My experience with Solar Optimum was great from the start. We had a lot of questions as solar seemed very confusing for me. When they arrived and went through their presentation everything started to sink in. They were able to answer all of my questions and installed my system fast and without any issues. I was so happy with the great quality of work both with the equipment and warranties offered.

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"Special Offer with LOW payment"
Reviewed Dec 02, 2018

I signed the contract with Solar Optimum and got a great deal. it came along term warranty which made me feel safe about my decisions. finding out that they could also help finance my loan with low monthly payments the choice was made simple. They ended up covering 100% of my usage.

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"Unfortunately we must be the black sheep of the bunch"
Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

We specifically chose solar optimimumbased on everyone's great reviews.they were not the cheapest of the 3 companies that we quoted but with the positive reviews and great warranty we decided to move forward.since our survey for panel installations 3 weeks ago there has been zero contact from the company.i have called for the last 2 weeks to speak to the designer and have never been put through.always left with the secretary and notifying her of the no contact.stiill no response.also after the first estimate with our salesman Mike's visit I referred a friend to get a quote.mike met him the next week and they are likely going to purchase.i sent messages through the secretary again about why no mention of the $500 REFERRAL FEE THAT IS IN OUR CONTRACT. NO CALL BACK NO INTEREST.
I have no idea why this company has abandoned their promises and communication but we are done.we are cancelling our contract today.this is the first time the review did not match the company.
Confused in alpine

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"Nice Experienced with the Best SOLAR COMPANY"
Reviewed Nov 29, 2018

After three very expensive summer seasons paying a high electricity bill, my wife and I finally agreed to look into solar. At first we were skeptical hearing solar ads on the radio, seeing it on TV, getting flyers in the mail and on our door. Every company seemed to be offering the same exact thing with the slight variation in price, equipment and warranty. After meeting with a handful of local companies we ended up choosing Solar Optimum mainly because of the performance guarantee. We have some shade due to trees around our home and we wanted to assure we'd get the maximum system size possible to get the optimal sun exposure. My solar rep, Mike, was a pleasure to work with. Solar finally made some sense to my wife and I. Felt less confused after our home consultation. Long story short, I'm so happy and satisfy with this system.

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"Terrible Experience"
Reviewed Nov 29, 2018

I initially went with Solar Optimum because they matched the best quote I had, and they used high quality equipment. They were upfront that it was going to be a couple of months lead time to perform the install and I was happy with the sales process. They came out and did measurements and things were going well. I did have to reach out to them a few times to find out when the install was going to start after we received permits because I didn't hear from them, but this didn't seem concerning.

Then came the day they sent Sasan Maknouni to my house to do the install. I can't suggest highly enough that if you work with them and they send him to your house that you get someone else. He was supposed to come in the morning, and didn't end up showing up until after 10 both days he was there. As part of the install they had to put 38 mounts in the roof. All that is required is to use a stud finder and it is easy to find the roof trusses to mount to. Apparently this skill is lost on him. Of the 38 mounts, he managed to get 17 right on the first try. He then put 21 extra holes in my roof that didn't need to be there. 12 of them completely missed the studs and he sealed them, but on 9 of them he installed the lag bolts either into just the plywood, or they just glanced the roof trusses and stuck out the side. Considering he first drilled the holes before installing the lag bolts, he should have noticed when he was drilling in thin air. My personal favorite when he drilled 3 holes in one place, one to the left of the truss, one through the center, and one on the right. Can you guess which one he installed the bolt in? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the one in the truss.

It would be nice if this was the end of the story, but it isn't. The installer drew a line on the stucco for the initial setup of the disconnect box with something that wouldn't wash off, which required me to scrape off a layer of stucco to remove. I asked him if this would wash off and he told me not to worry about it, however he never did anything about it. He scratched off the white paint on my gutters where the installer put his ladder directly on my gutters and didn't take any effort to avoid damage. I did mention this to him late during the install and he said something along the lines of "I didn't know you were going to be so picky", and that he didn't have any paint to fix it. I found that comment alone to be incredibly unprofessional.

They were supposed to paint the conduit to match my house as part of the install, but he really didn't have a paint for the conduit that matched my house very well, and since he didn't show up until probably after 10am both days to start work, by the time he was ready to paint on the 2nd night it was already mostly dark and he didn't have time to try to get the right paint, so I was forced to choose whatever old paint he had rolling around in the back of his van which didn't even come close to matching.

Then when it came time for inspection we failed because we needed a panel layout placard on the fuse box. He pretended they didn't know they needed a layout placard on the electrical panel. However since the company does business in San Diego this shouldn't have been a surprise to them at all as this is a requirement. When they finally get it and put it on, the inspector wanted them to rivet it to the box. Pop rivets are quite easy to use, but apparently that is also a tool that is too complicated for him, as he installed some of the rivets from the inside and some from the outside so they were facing two different directions! He also cracked the placard at the same time. I'm not sure he could have made the job look any less professional if he tried.

I reported all the problems to the company and to their credit they were very willing to come fix it and apologized. Since I needed to take off work to be home to fix their problems I requested they compensate me for my time, and they did refund some of my money. They wanted to send Sasan back out to fix it, but I would absolutely not allow this to happen. I made them send someone else out to fix all the missed lag bolts, paint the gutters, repaint the conduit and replace the placard. They came, and did the job mostly right, however they forgot to bolt down all the bolts on a couple of the panels so I had to do that myself once they were gone. Also, they didn't bring a new placard, so they said they would send someone down. After not hearing from them for a while and being sick of this whole situation I told them to just mail it to me.

Well just like everything else with this install, of course that can't even go right. The new placard is smaller than the old one so it doesn't cover all the adhesive from the old one and luckily it barely covered the old rivet holes. Since they use a very strong adhesive on the placards, it took a significant amount of time and effort for me to clean this off.

I've already had a number of people ask me who did my install, and I've told them I can't recommend going with them.

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"Saving Energy For Future"
Reviewed Nov 28, 2018

I think about green energy every single day. Also I try to use it in my life. I changed all my bank statements to paperless because I like to save paper and seeing trees around. I started to think about solar also, after researching I tried to meet with the team at Solar Optimum. They offered me a system that would cover 100% of my usage. After getting the permit from the city, they started installation and soon were DONE. It was so fast and clean installation. I am so happy for save the energy for future.

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Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

When I saw the roof of my friend's house and asked about solar, He had only one answer, Solar Optimum. I checked their 10 years background in social media and pushed start key for my house and car. They checked my property and roof, also or electricity bill and gave me the best design of panels. I approved it and they did the best. Now I can charge my car at home and pay only $12.00 to city as connection fee. I really recommend them if you like to have solar without any problems.

Reviewed Nov 25, 2018

After I find solar as best solution for my power bill, I didn't know which company will be best and how can I pay the amount month to month. Finally after a lot research I choose the best one in town. Solar Optimum was my golden key to decrease my electricity bill. Solar Optimum could find the best loan for my solar with low APR. I am so happy and satisfied with my payment. I like to say thank you to their consultant for finding the best kind of loan for me.

"Professional Consultant"
Reviewed Nov 21, 2018

I had met with a lot of other companies and thought I would make my rounds before selecting who would do the work. Everyone was quick to spit out a general quote to show me numbers that were close. When I met with my consultant from Solar Optimum they had a wealth of information along with their proposal. They had filled me in with a more complete picture of what I could do for my home with my solar. In the end it was their expertise that helped close the deal.

"Quickly $ Perfectly Install The Panels"
Reviewed Nov 19, 2018

Solar Optimum came to me by way of referral from a friend of mine at work. He was excited about his own install and was telling everyone about it. I felt my story at home was similar to his and if he was so happy maybe I should try. My warmest thanks to the team there who helped me get the system installed quickly and perfectly . The value it added to my home is great but more so is the value of the company you choose to go with.

Reviewed Nov 18, 2018

The entire process was fairly easy and smooth. I think that may have been the best part of this. There was no point that made me feel like I just wanted to get this over with. The crew was very respectful when they were at my house and so polite. I had made a few changes to my layout early in the process and it was so reassuring to knew that the team knew exactly what I wanted in the end was able to design me a system to meet those needs. My bills have been at an all time low and has motivated me to spread the word wherever I go.

"Quick & Clean Installation With Great Saving"
Reviewed Nov 17, 2018

Really glad we decided to go with Solar Optimum. They were able to get our system installed quickly and allowed me to enjoy my savings sooner than later. The system has been up for years and has been performing as promised. I really enjoy the new look of my house and specially like running my appliances with little to no worry.

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Reviewed Nov 16, 2018

I was told to call Solar Optimum after a work friend mentioned them to me. When I met with Sean he was able to explain to me not only why solar was a good idea but could show me the cost savings I could expect to see. This coupled with the fact that i could get the system with no money down made it seem to good be true. I had the system up an running for years and from the very first month my bills lower than before.

"Successful Solar Installation"
Reviewed Nov 11, 2018

I think what I liked most about going with Solar Optimum is the progress reports I would get along the way. I had a few questions too and they were nice enough to answer them in a lot of detail. I was able to get system and some knowledge around how it worked. I can't speak highly enough about my installation.

Reviewed Nov 11, 2018

We weren't sure what it would take to get solar on our house as it was a older place. After the initial visit we found out we had to upgrade our panel. Solar Optimum was able to help get our system installed and our home upgraded all at the same time. They did the work very neat and I would highly recommend them to all.

Reviewed Nov 10, 2018