LA/ BAY/NEVADA SOLAR GROUP - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

LA/ BAY/NEVADA SOLAR GROUP - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

LA SOLAR GROUP is one of the highest rated solar companies in California.

With over 100+ installations each month, most of our business comes directly from referrals of satisfied customers.

We are an INC 5000 company as one of the fastest growing business for 3 straight consecutive year. We are committed to designing for you the most cost-effective and productive solar solutions for your home. We take a conservative and realistic approach to our evaluation process, as it protects you, the client, from the false expectations that other companies may provide. We take pride in our accuracy and detailed approach to your project, as you will be fully educated to understand the full scope of your project.

We provide the best equipment on the market including
Enphase, SolarEdge, Sunpower, JA Solar
Panasonic(One of few preferred dealers) LG & Enphase

25-year production guarantee,
25-year product and labor warranty
25-year roofing warranty.

State licensed with C-10, C-39, and C-46 (Solar License) Lic# 947115. Unlike most other companies who only carry a C-10 or B (Builders License). This means our expertise is more detailed and thorough, saving you from unnecessary headaches and complications.

Reasons why customers choose us:

● One Stop Shop (Finance, Battery)
● 8 years and over 4,000 Installs
● Best Return On Investment –Guarantee
● Lifetime support
● Your safest investment
● Leading Warranty with the industry’s only fully sustainable financial model
● Roofing Solar Battery
● Empower you to make the best decision
● Guaranteed Installation Time
● Guaranteed Solar Production
● A Solar Reinstallation for future re-roofing for free IF WE ARE YOUR CHOSEN ROOFER ($2,000 value)
● You, your legacy, your environment, your family
● Safest, most effective installation

More About Us

More About Us

LA Solar Group is one of the fastest growing solar companies in the country. We pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment, design, installation, and customer service.

We have a team of highly-trained specialized staff who excel at each step of the solar process.

Our award-winning engineers provide the most effective and efficient solar designs.

Our company's founder has an extensive engineering background. All of our installers have years of schooling and experience prior to ever stepping foot on a roof.

We have one of the best finishing teams in the industry who will make your solar installation and electrical equipment look amazing, while our customer concierge team ensures you are comfortable every step of the way.

At LA Solar Group we take great pride in having an exceptional staff to handle all the small details regarding solar. From trained engineers to permitting departments, financing team, and installation crews, our staff will take care of you and your new solar system every step of the way.

We offer 15 brands of solar modules giving you the best variety of cutting-edge equipment to meet your unique needs. We always ensure that the system we design for you will be the most efficient cost productive system possible.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Industry Endorsements

Industry Endorsements
  • LG Pro: Silver
  • Panasonic Premium
  • SolarEdge Preferred
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
71 Reviews
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"Updated Review"
Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

My solar is now up and running and I am very satisfied to this point with the product and material quality. I can't comment on the company's responsiveness to monitoring the system as PTO was just granted a week ago so more on that later.
As with any big projects there are bumps in the road. I think some of these bumps could have been avoided if there was better internal communication within the company. I believe I got my message across and they are working hard on that.
This wouldn't be a bad choice to go with for your solar project and just be prepared because no matter who you go with, there will be a few bumps along the way.

Thanks for reading,

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Verified Installer
Responded Aug 22, 2019

Hello, Thank you for your review, We apologize the frustration you are expressing during your project with us, Can you please provide me with your project name so we can look into this and provide a solution? Thank you - Toni Miner.

"Top-Notch Solar Company"
Reviewed Jul 18, 2019

Very professional and informative Toni was very receptive to requested changes and provided them to the quote extremely fast. I felt the quote spot on equipment and value wise and seemed very fair.
Would definitely consider LA Solar for future solar work.

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"Great job"
Reviewed Jul 15, 2019

After a rough start with the installation process, Gary Lubin came in and addressed all of my concerns and did an outstanding job in remedying the situation. He and all the sales staff (Toni Miner) were absolutely wonderful to deal with. I would highly recommend LA Solar Group.

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"Terrible job completion/communication"
Reviewed Jul 03, 2019

I hired LA Solar after considering couple of installers and after talking to Toni who was pretty responsive and helpful. The initial survey was easy to set up, and based on the system design/quote, I signed the agreement. The process of obtaining permits from the city and SDGE was taken care of, and they even offered to work with my HOA (but because of the way it worked, I had to deal with HOA directly). So far, the process had been smooth, but things started going downhill from installation. With no communication of any sort beforehand, somebody sent a text message (!!) one afternoon saying the installers would be there the next day and to confirm. After an hour hurriedly trying to figure out things with my wife because we have twin babies at home, I confirmed, and asked for a response. No response at all, and nobody showed up the next day. I had to call and check the next day and reschedule for couple of days later. During the actual installation, I found out that I had not been made aware of wiring options after the initial survey, and so the installers were ready to drill holes through the garage as the best option. When they told me about the possibility of wiring through the attic, I called and tried to set it up ready to pay extra, but the operations manager informed me that it was too late to make any changes. Fortunately, I found out that there was already some roof to garage wire conduit, and the installers could use that (less work than drilling holes). There was some unnecessary piping installed which was not required at all because of the preinstalled conduit (which I only realized when I actually asked about it), but the overall job was alright, so I was ok with this (even though there's unnecessary piping visible outside the house) . During the installation, the crew ruined an existing wall cover and repurposed another one leaving behind a hole in the wall. From the original agreement, they were also supposed to install an EV outlet, but they did not do that because they had not received instructions. Since these were not pressing issues for me, I was ok with doing this later. This happened in the middle of April, and I paid the remaining balance right after. Since then (this is July), I have been trying to get them to finish the work, but with no success at all. The communication is really poor about what's happening, why the delay etc. Toni is responsive in replying that she will check, but it seems the operations team is not. Given that the same team is supposed to provide support with any system issues, I am not sure I can rely on the running status of the system (it does not seem like what's in the agreement is stopping them from being unresponsive). I do NOT recommend LA Solar Group. Yes, the value is good, and the front office seems to be good, but at the end of the day, it's the backend support team which can help ensure the system is running.
EDIT: I recently found out that the crew had pulled on the HVAC condensation drain pipe while installing the wiring and because I was running the AC during hot weather, there was water leakage and there's water damage in the walls/flooring, and the repairs are still ongoing. I was contacted about resolving issues after I posted this review, and had set up an appointment. I waited during the 2 hour time window, nobody shows up and no follow up. I am downgrading the rating.

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Verified Installer
Responded Sep 23, 2019

Thank you for your review- We are working to resolve this , and appreicate your business & apologize for the issues with service on the system. We have you on scheduled today and look forward to resolving with you.

"going solar"
Reviewed Jun 18, 2019

We were never able to get a time where we could actually meet due to an unexpected circumstance but they were very accommodating and sent me the quote on line and were more than willing to take time to go over it with me. In the end, I went with another provider that better met my needs.

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"Good equipment and installation, could improve communication"
Reviewed Jun 02, 2019

LA Solar was the second on my list. The first one did not answer my questions, so I went with LA Solar. Good communication at the beginning, and they accepted to modify some terms of the contract that I was not happy with.
Once the contract was signed, it got difficult to get an installation date. They let me hope until the last moment that installation would happen in December, and only in January they re-contacted me to set up the installation date. But then installation went smooth. I was surprised that they did the plan without on site visit, which resulted in a few panels located in the shadow of the chimney. But they accepted without problem to relocate the panels. Later, at my request, they came back to replace the Wireless monitoring (which was slow) with a wired connection.
In summary, good equipment, good installation team. Could improve communication.

"Thorough and Professional"
Reviewed May 24, 2019

From the initial quote which offered premium quality system components at a price competitive with others of lesser quality.. through the final PTO notification and system activation the folks at LA Solar have been knowledgeable, patient and very responsive. My Main Contact Toni fronted the operation and, in addition to answering about a zillion questions/concerns, provided me with ongoing updates on activities and progress. Bryce and his crew of brothers (actual brothers) installed the solar panels and related equipment and worked with me to insure the best and cleanest presentation. In short, these folks know their business, communicate well and meet and often exceed their commitments.

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Verified Installer
Responded May 28, 2019

Thank you so very much for your review Bryan ! We appreciate working with you, and look forward to assisting you further for many years to come! Please reach out anytime with questions on your billing & monitoring system.

"Didn't show up..."
Reviewed May 21, 2019

Scheduled an appointment and I took off work. They did call and say the Tech was sick and needed to reschedule. Then, they said I was out of their service area? How do you quote an install, show it on my roof and then discover I'm not in your area? You had my address the whole time. Very unprofessional.

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Verified Installer
Responded May 28, 2019

Hello Wade,

I hope you are well.

I wanted to reach out and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I was not aware that you were out of our service area. When I scheduled the site inspection, it was brought to my attention that we are not able to service your area when he saw it on calendar, and that happened to be days after we had confirmed it . We are a highly rated company, and put a lot of care into the systems we provide and install, and we feel if a home is out of the immediate service area, we won't be able to deliver the premier service and quality you deserve.

This was completely my fault, and my mistake, and lack of knowledge on the limitations of our service area in the Northern CA region.

May I call you to explain myself and apologize ?

I feel terrible about this and want to reach out to see what we can do to help find you a new installer and make it up to you for the trouble and hopefully end this on good terms sir?

"Exceeded Expectations"
Reviewed May 15, 2019

I picked LA Solar for their premium panels, labor and power production warranties. Very competitive pricing too. Installation was super quick - all done within a day. But I ran into issues when my sales rep was let go without any notice. The hand-off was chaotic which caused paperwork delay in getting PG&E's Permission to Operate. Other than that, my system has been operating seamlessly for over a year now.

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Verified Installer
Responded May 28, 2019

Thank you so much for your review Chia! We appreciate your business & look forward to working with you further, Please do reach out with any questions .

"Do not consider LA Solar. Horrible experience end-to-end."
Reviewed May 12, 2019

Overall, if I could start over with someone else, I would. This has been a HORRIBLE experience.

Since signing the contract over 3 months ago, LA Solar has delivered the wrong panels (which I was the one who had to notice - their installers did not), installed the electrical boxes in the wrong location, failed the initial inspection, and didn't even show up for the second inspection.

At no time have they offered any kind of compensation for an utterly horrible install experience, outside of "we're sorry, this isn't typical, and we'll do better from this point forward" - which they fail again, and again.

3 months in, I wanted to cancel and go with someone else, but the project was too far along. I'm happy to have solar, and this is my only solar installation experience. For all I know, this is how they all go. But I can't say I'd recommend LA Solar.

Feb 4 - Signed initial contract
Feb 12 - Site Visit
Feb 27 - New design after site visit, another contract signed
March 5 - Plans submitted to city
March 19 - Permit approved by city
April 24 - Installation started. Wrong panels delivered.
April 25-26 - Installation completed, but electrical boxes installed in wrong location. LA Solar advised to continue with process and fix location later. Crew also left wooden palette on property.
May 1 - First site inspection. Didn’t pass because of solar breaker problem.
May 8 - 2nd inspection appointment, but cancelled because LA Solar doesn't show up.
May 13 - 3rd inspection, passed.
May 15 - Received bill for work, I said I wouldn’t pay until job was finished correctly. Salesperson said the CEO said they couldn’t move the equipment for free. I separately emailed CEO who agreed to move it.
May 17 - System turned on.
May 21 - Crew returned, put the equipment in the correct position, and painted conduit. Only remaining item is for them to come remove the wooden palette the panels came on.

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Verified Installer
Responded May 22, 2019

Hello " BM" Please provide your project name so we can have management contact you to assist on the project issues. Thank you for bringing to our attention, we look forward to resolving your concerns.

"the way every business should be run"
Reviewed Apr 01, 2019

i cannot sing their praises enough. friendly and attentive to everything, super helpful, totally on top of it. =)

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"Amazing customer service"
Reviewed Apr 01, 2019

LA Solar installed panels on our house about 5 years ago. The system works amazingly well, just as designed with great output. The customer service is really great too. They alert us if there is any small technical issue with the system and come and fix it right away before we would even know there is an issue. I would highly recommend them.

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"LA Solar Group is the Best Company for your Solar Needs!"
Reviewed Mar 25, 2019

I received 6 quotes from various companies on the EnergySage website. I went with LA Solar Group because of their 25-year production guarantee, product/labor & roofing warranty. Also, because they install premium equipment and their reviews. I didn’t want to skimp on an investment this big. They weren’t the lowest quote for price/watt but they were the best quote I received. Some of the reviews seemed questionable, I have trouble believing they are about the same company. My experience was outstanding!

My system consists of 23, 330 watt Panasonic panels with SolarEdge string inverters with optimizers. I can monitor the production through the SolarEdge app on my phone or computer.

Daniel Medford and Gary Lubin at LA Solar Group were very helpful and thorough answering all my questions and getting me just what I wanted on my system. I was particularly concerned with the high temps my location experiences throughout summer and the performance of the solar panels. They adjusted my quote to what I needed.

I had some financing challenges and my solar consultant worked very hard to find me financing. Megan DeSilva at Salal Credit Union kept working with me until they could approve me for my loan.

My solar journey began Oct 2018 and was completed by Jan 2019. Being the end of the year, there were some scheduling constraints but my consultant worked hard to get my system installed before the end of the year so I could claim the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) on my taxes this year.

My installation went off without any problems, they took care of all the permits, the site was left clean and the crew were very courteous and professional. They answered all of my questions and explained my system to me so I knew what to expect. I also noticed they wore safety equipment during the installation, less professional companies will skimp on saftey but it was important to me.

I received my PTO a couple days later and I got a rebate on my Panasonic solar panels so that was nice little bonus.

My co-worker bought through another company (not through EnergySage) and bought a system that was roughly twice my cost and even spent $5,000 more but his system only produces half as much energy.

I highly recommend LA Solar Group!

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"Use another company"
Reviewed Mar 22, 2019

Do yourself a favor and pay a little more to use another company. LA Solar was my cheapest quote, and I see why. The system is working fine, but it was absolutely not worth the hassle of working with them.

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"Happy client w/ up & running solar panels"
Reviewed Mar 10, 2019

Very happy with L.A. Solar from start to PTO of the solar panels. I am happy with the team that was assigned to me, they were very professional and got the job done. Started with Nicholai who came to my home, checked out the premise, worked with me on the quote and answered the never ending list of questions I had. Nicholai was very responsive, managed the project well and kept me posted with progress of the project along the way. Also, due to the consistent rains in December, my initial panel installation date was pushed back, but because of my tight travelling schedule, the operation team went out of their way, worked with my schedule, came on a Sunday to get the panels up….many thanks to Alex & his team! The solar panels are up and running and it’s super cool :).

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"All my Demands Met with Aplomb"
Reviewed Mar 06, 2019

I sought the advice and estimates of many installers. The majority would not install in Southern California on a standing seam metal roof. Of the 8 installers contacted, only 2 would design a grid-tied solar system that met my needs. Only LA Solar offered superior products and vastly lower price. I toured their installation offices twice: Once to see their physical presence and a second time to sign the contract. The process took about 60 days, as I wanted to explore all my options from panel manufacturers, inverter types, and battery back-up systems. LA solar Group met all my demands, and my system will be installed soon. I was most surprised how quickly my electric utility approved the project too!

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"Happy Customer"
Reviewed Feb 06, 2019

We learn about LA Solar from My system when live on Jan 2019. LA Solar was the first one provided the quote and price is fair compare to other company. It took me 4 months from signing the contract to finishing the project. Two main reason we picked LA Solar over others. 1st. 25 year warranty on panels and guarantee on the production. 2nd. Gary Lubin. He is very professional. Without his assistant thru the way, I will feel very lost. Highly recommend to reach out to him and LA Solar group.

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"updated review for satisfied customer"
Reviewed Dec 05, 2018

I chose LASOLAR because of the reviews from energysage. They were a mid point price wise but it seemed like they were professional and stood behind their product with the 25 year warranty on panels and the installs all went according to their time table. My panels went online on 11/28/18. There was an issue with my roof which initially made me lower my rating and this led me to need to work through some other issues but through it all Gary Lubin was just great about everything and helped resolve or worked with me about getting all issues corrected. He was honest about price when I needed to get a new roof and was willing to make things happen faster so that after having to get a new roof ( by a different company) my solar system would be back up the next day (1/11). This was not a short process to get this all done especially during the holiday season but through it all Gary was great. I still think customers need to be get more roofing evaluations before they install solar but Gary and his efforts have made me comfortable with giving them 5 stars. I would suggest customers reach out to him if you run into any issues with the company.

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"Very Long Delays, Poor Work & Service"
Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

We got several quotes and interviewed several solar companies back in July. Signed with LA Solar in August. LA Solar was actually the most expensive of the bids but the indicated they could do the project very quickly and would manage all the subcontractors.

Four months later we still do not have solar, my husband (he is an architect) has had to manage all the subcontractors because the work being done was poor quality or incomplete. We've been waiting on a date for panel installation and they don't respond to our emails or calls.

We thought LA Solar's premium pricing would mean premium service and higher quality work but in fact it's just premium pricing and poor quality of work and service.

I would suggest using a vendor that is more professional.

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"Thanks to Eric Shabtai"
Reviewed Nov 29, 2018

I was in the market for a Solar Company. I gave EnergySage a try. I have signed up with 2 different solar companies and was dissatisfied until I met Eric of LA Solar Group.. He kept things speed up from building my system on paper up to the final signing of completion. He kept me connected 3 way call with the loan company. His price and quality of material topnotch with 25 warranty. He answers my queries night or day which was the most important aspect to me. The full process up to where Edison gives you the permit to operate was seamless. The installation crew Levi and Jon were also courteous and let you know what they accomplish for the day. If you want to get the right Solar Company the first time, do yourself a favor ask for Eric when you call LA Solar 760 8800 700. I'm very happy with my solar company.

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"Initial long waiting - Good installation"
Reviewed Nov 07, 2018

I requested my project through EnergySaga. LA Solar is not the lowest bid, but close to the lowest. I like their 20 years of warranty. We signed the contract by the end of July, and paid the $1000 deposit. Today is 11/6/2018, and I still did not see anything. I called them in early Oct, and was surprised to know that the sale person I worked with left the company. The person I called had no idea about the progress of my project. I still do not know whether they filed the permit application or not. They promised to give me regular update, nothing happened.

EDIT: After I posted review, Gary contacted me and greatly speeded up the process. The project was installed on 11/15. I am pretty happy with the installation. Waiting for it to turn on.

The system was on since 11/28. Initial production was not idea. They fixed the problem later. On a clear winter day, the 6.27KW system produces 18-19 KWH a day. The design goal was to produce 9000KWH a year. Waiting to see how much it produce in the summer time.

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"Great start anxious ending"
Reviewed Nov 01, 2018

Much delayed final inspection accompinied with numerous phone calls and texts which went unanswered. Needless to say this situation could have been avoided by the service dept. Final resolution only resulted after a detailed complaint sent to the CEO. who acted promptly to settle inspection and approval of the system.

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"Clear, concise review of solar needs"
Reviewed Oct 13, 2018

Nicholai Hansen did a site visit at our home when we were considering solar. He was extremely helpful in identifying our needs and explaining how potential issues would be addressed. His knowledge of solar, and patience in answering multiple questions, was very much appreciated. He was especially helpful in explaining how the SDGE TOU rates work and how solar would impact future bills. His follow up and communications were always prompt and fully addressed concerns.

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"Fast, efficient, with excellent service"
Reviewed Oct 10, 2018

I had teetered on the idea of going solar for awhile. My electric bill was upwards of $350 on the high end and averaging $175 on the low end. We had been in our home for just over 4 years and this was our average electric bill depending on the season. It gets particularly hot in the area we live so a/c is a must during the summer. After comparing quotes through Energy Sage, LA Solar came in with the best value. Not necessarily the cheapest but certainly best value overall and their team is incredibly efficient. We were on a crunch to get the project complete within 6 weeks so that I could take advantage of the energy credit before the new year. LA solar got it done. Huge thanks to our rep Nicholai who streamlined the entire process and was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to any questions or concerns I had, still checks in from time to time to see how our system is doing. We are 10 months into it and I’ve basically wiped out my energy bill completely. It’s the best investment I’ve made as a home owner.

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"Solar, battery, EV all done. Long, arduous process for us."
Reviewed Oct 10, 2018

Final revision (11/27):

Keep in mind that we are extremely detail oriented and a contractor's nightmare. We know it, but it's clear from the outset they know what they're getting into with us. If there was a 3.5 star rating, we would give that but we are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

LA Solar Group installed a 25 panel Panasonic system, Powerwall 2.0, and a 100A charging circuit for a middle of the road cost (not the cheapest, not the most expensive). It took a little over 60 days from deposit to starting the project. It took a month to complete the solar and about 3 weeks for the battery and charging circuit. Total was again about 60 days. We tried to lay out all the details we wanted in advance some of which related to attachments, methods, etc. They get acknowledged, but still, many of the details get lost in the process.

They have a different team each day. The previous team doesn't care much about the next team. Then if there are multiple parts to the project like ours (solar, battery, EV), the teams definitely don't plan for the next project. It's a big operation and their on-site teams really have little to no oversight. Sure, they send progress pictures and completed task pictures, but that's only a sliver of what goes on. A quality control person or supervisor never steps foot on the property to see it first hand. Simple things like sloppy workmanship, dropping tools purposely, fit and finish, etc. don't show up in those pictures. There are many details that would just get covered up unless you call them on it (e.g., electrical techniques, roof waterproofing techniques, wire gauge selection, sloppy connections, loose fitments, and others). The installers don't use more than tapping their hammer to look for rafters. There are many finder holes under the tiles, and hopefully they sealed them all. Some of the flashings needed to be redone. Some of the permits needed to . In the end, it took over a month for just the solar spread out over 4 days. We are happy with the solar but are still weary about some of the penetrations.

The EV ended up perfect, but was not a priority till the end and needed to be redone after one team installed their standard "EV outlet". With better oversight, they would have known it was to be a 100A circuit for a Tesla Wall Connecter (we provided) with room to expand. After some back and forth, the final product is what was expected and professionally done. I did double check and needed to resecure and torque some of the connections to the specifications here.

The battery was actually installed ahead of schedule. This, I commend them on. But again, the process took an extra day than the planned two days and took about 3 weeks start to finish. Their information of the site wasn't complete. They ended up opening the wall up. I noticed they ran aluminum wire to the gateway (appropriately sized from my inspection) rather than copper. It was clear here that the battery was not initially planned for by the solar installers because several things related to the solar needed to be rerouted. I note this but acknowledge it may have been to pass inspections and PTO for the solar.

The final repairs and touch ups to the walls are acceptable but again, I needed to point out some deficiencies prior to this.

Overall, we have a working system as contracted. For us, the devil is in the details and there were many opportunities for better quality and efficiencies so the rating accounts for this. There were MANY communications required to advocate for ourselves and the rating accounts for this. The senior leadership really wants to gain your trust and approval and the rating accounts for this too. But they are no longer a small installer and had difficulty executing (sales, planning, installation) to our level of expectation.

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"Very smooth installation."
Reviewed Oct 10, 2018

I have selected LA solar for my house with 15 Panasonic panels. Their price is very reasonable. The system has been up and running for a week. The production is expected. The whole installation process is very smooth and on schedule.

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"Love our Solar"
Reviewed Oct 07, 2018

Had a system installed for our 1,700 square foot home in San Diego (9 Enphase micro-inverter panels). The whole process was fairly smooth mainly due to Nicholai Hansen who was always available to answer my questions. The process does take longer than you expect, but nothing that I couldn't live with. Also some reviews talk about delays with getting the system up and running after install. That can and does happen with any solar company and I found LA Solar to be pretty good at planning ahead for any potential issues or delays. We've had our system since January (2018) and so far we're very happy with it and with the Enphase app that lets us check our energy production whenever we want. On the fence about whether 9 panels was enough (vs. 10), but I'll figure that out after we true up in January and update the review ;)

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"Above and beyond"
Reviewed Oct 05, 2018

Nicholai and the team at LA Solar spec'ed out and installed an excellent system that meets all my electricity needs. Best of all, they were also able to do some additional electrical work in my garage to support my woodworking hobby. I would not hesitate to do business with these guys again.

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""Great Solar Company – Satisfied Customer""
Reviewed Oct 05, 2018

I had a system installed last April about 6 months ago. I worked with Nicholai Hansen. He was extremely helpful, professional and an easy going person. It was a great pleasure to working with him. He was always honest and gave answers to all of my questions very promptly and believe me, I had a lot of questions because of analytical background. I would be honest that I was little apprehensive about the fact that this company is based in LA and lot of local companies are physically available in my area. Finally, I chose LA Solar Group based on the quotes, good yelp reviews and partly for Nicholai’s great interactions with me. I have absolutely no regrets. Their installation was timely, hassle free and without any issues. I will definitely recommend LA Solar to my friends.

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"The worst service! We were not important or a priority at all!"
Reviewed Oct 04, 2018

We started everything very early March, in order to have our solar up and working before summer and the real hot months. Well due to LA Solar prioritizing everything a head of us and lying to us over and over we did not get our solar up and running until August! We spent three months begging for them to come out. They would give us a date and my husband would take the whole day off from work and they would never show up or even call. This happened five times over two months. They blamed the county inspectors and after three times we called the county inspectors to find out the issue and they told us they never changed any date or time that LA Solar kept doing that. They have awful customer service, I called 2 weeks after I signed the contract to ask when they will be coming out. They said they would call me in a week and never did. I called them 8 more times and left messages and emailed over three weeks and NEVER got a return call. So they got their money and did nothing for us. My husband then called and demanded to speak to someone in charge after they finally came out and put a nail through a wire and we lost power to half our house. They tried to blame us but finally sent a electrician out who validated they caused the outage for two days. They left a huge mess in our yard all their boxes and wire and nails and screws all over our driveway. We have horses and I was worried that one of our horses would step on something and get injured. We asked over and over again if someone could come clean up their mess. After over a month finally someone came and did a awful job picking up. I finally picked up everything myself. Once we got everything hooked up we had to get an inspection. We failed the inspection TWICE due to their slop! Then we found out we could not turn anything on because LA Solar did not get the right permit for our house so we had to wait another 3.5 weeks for the right permit from San Diego County. It was an unforgettable experience and one I NEVER want to go through again! After all that we asked for them to pay our June and July Electric bills since we should have had solar at that time and the multiple hold ups and delays were all their fault and now we are getting no response. This is how they work..... AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! Stay away unless you want lots of headaches and frustration!!!!!

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"Very Pleased"
Reviewed Oct 03, 2018

Energy Sage was fantastic. They had the information I needed to educate me on what to look for. Then, I was able to get quotes through them without being pestered by vendors. Finally, the laid out the quotes in an easy to compare formate that helped me make a desision. Great resource!

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"Great solar company!"
Reviewed Oct 02, 2018

LA Solar Group offers top of line solar systems for the best price. I had 14 Panasonic panels with enphase micro inverters installed, their sales manager Gary worked with me on the price and beat all other offers, he also was able to match the best financing offer out on the market right now! Gary and His assistant Natasha were there to answer any questions along the way. The install team led by Levi also did a great and clean job patching up holes and painting conduit to match my home(I provided matching paint). Overall I received great service from LA solar group.

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"No regrets"
Reviewed Oct 02, 2018

I had a system installed in March 2018 (7 months ago). So far, I'm very pleased with everything about it. The crew arrived at the time promised, they were all very professional and obviously competent, and the job was done within about four hours. I chose LA Solar based on the quotes sent to me from Energysage and have absolutely no regrets. From my first communication with them, everything was as promised, prompt and courteous.

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"Good Price, Clean Installation"
Reviewed Sep 18, 2018

Overall I am pretty happy with the system. There were a couple of glitches in the financing process but we got them handled and the system is up and running.

In direct sun with no shade the system hits 6k of output as advertised. As soon as one panel sees shade the numbers drop quickly. The daily output of 40K is a little lower than planned so we are getting a quote for three more panels.

There is something very Kuhl about watching our meter with a negative number all day long, even when charging the KuhlToys Chevy Volt and running the hot tub.

I think the addition of the three panels will cover the difference we need to hit our goal of net zero grid power. I know that isn't the most cost effective way to do it, but I figured I can therefore I should.

We compared several other companies and Simon was the easiest to communicate with and called back quickly. Two other companies never called back. Our second choice was Tesla directly. The cost was higher and they didn't have any credits left for the battery installation, never mind it took a couple days to get a return call each time they are so busy.

The only glitch during installation is that the crew called for final inspection before they started and one guy didn't show up so we delayed activation about a week. Otherwise everything went well. Earning four stars from me is tough, and so is earning my business, which they did.

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"Delays, lack of communication, poor customer service."
Reviewed Sep 17, 2018

We started our "Solar Journey" as the company states once you've committed to their services and how your project is to be financed, in April of this year. Permits attained, we were anticipating notification of when our solar system would be installed. Two months passed. No calls, no emails with info on a install date. Finally a call placed in late June to LA Solar resulted in a impromptu install date that was another 3 weeks out. The system has been installed but yet to be "PTO"; it's not currently operating. I was told by the installers an inspector had come out and looked at some part of the install and I should expect a PTO 1-5 days, could be sooner since the inspector saw what they needed to see.. A day or two later, LA Solar emails me and tells me the PTO is 1-3 weeks. It has been 7 plus weeks since my system has be installed and not operating. Playing email tag with their customer service has been very frustrating; It appears that there are some details to our solar install that have yet to be completed. So when we've followed up on emails with questions, the responses are from another person.
Talking with a neighbor of mine across the street last Monday, he mentions he's getting a new roof installed plus solar. His roof installed in 3 days. Today I'm watching his solar be installed. Not by LA Solar. This has been the worst home improvement I've experienced.

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"Purchase and installation of my Solar Power System"
Reviewed Aug 16, 2018

The LA Solar Group installed our system yesterday - 08/16/2018 - and now all that remains is the PTO from our local utility company. We live in Northern California near to San Francisco.

Our project started in early June using EnergySage's web site. Within a few days we had scheduled on-site meetings with about 6 installation companies.

LA Solar representative ( Taylor M ) was, by far, one of the best exponents of the benefits of solar energy we met and his representation of LA Solar Group was flawless in my opinion. By 'flawless' I mean he was clear in his explanations, acknowledged instances where a competitor's product or feature was better and he never stooped to making derogatory comments about other companies who might be bidding for our business. The proposal we received was very appealing and featured, very high quality panels, exceptional warranties for all system components, a 25 year guaranteed production schedule and state of the art monitoring app.

Once we had created a short list of preferred vendors LA Solar Group were pro-active in trying to carve out the best solution and deal for our situation. Even after we had signed a contract, ( June 27 )their engineering team found a way to reduce the overall cost by over $1000 without compromising on panel quality or system capacity. To be clear, LA Solar Group's proposal ( including the cost:benefit analysis) was the best we received even before the price reduction!!

The building permit and utility company meter applications were executed ( July 17 ) on time and efficiently and managed 100% by LA Solar Group.

Their installation team arrived on time and their lead installer took time to go over the technical plans as well as what I should expect for the duration of the day. The installation team were clearly well trained and very conscientious about the quality of their work as well as the impact ( or lack thereof ) their work might have on me and my family. The City Building Inspector approved their work during their first visit.

I now await the PTO but I would strongly recommend LA Solar Group to anyone considering a solar system for their home or business.

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Reviewed Jul 09, 2018

Took longer than expected but system was installed successfully,

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"Overall, a good experience"
Reviewed Jul 06, 2018

Overall, a great experience. Had a few bumps in the road, but Nicholai was indefatigable in helping me get things resolved and getting my solar up and running!

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"Cost Competitive, Responsive, Professional"
Reviewed Jun 06, 2018

I am extremely satisfied with my experience having solar installed by LA Solar Group. I received a very competitive quote from them originally and they reduced their quote to match the lowest priced competitor. They were able to accommodate my request for a particular mounting hardware for the roof installation. LA Solar group was the most responsive company I have ever worked with responding to my emails within the hour and phone call follow-ups throughout the entire process. They worked very quickly (6 weeks total) from quote, planning, permits, and installation to obtain PTO to meet a SDGE grandfathering deadline for TOU plans, which I was very happy about. There were no issues with installation, permitting, or the system operation. I typically do not write reviews, but I was compelled to based on this company's stellar performance. I have also referred this company to my co-workers. I worked with Nicholai, Lara, and Daisy throughout the journey, great job and many thanks!

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"LA Solar Group Provided Best Service and Competitive Pricing!"
Reviewed May 14, 2018

I used energysage to collect potential bids for my home solar need. And Dan of LA Solar Group came out ahead as a knowledgeable, trust-worthy, and energetic person to help me to my best offer without any sale presure. Trust-Worthy: I preferred to use emails so Dan kept me informed of all steps (site survey, contract review, deposit, delivery, installation, inspection, payments and final roll-out) via email promptly and exactly as planned/promised. We never need to meet! Knowledgeable: He educated me to choose the best option for the money to meet my exact need. Energetic: Dan went out of his way to make the price negotiation and contract signing very pleasant. I got site survey even before having to sign any contract or any commitment. All were due to Dan's eager to make my plan possible within my timelines. Few months after my home solar operates, I got a credit with SCE! Thanks to LA Solar Group and sunny California weather.

Based on my experience, I would recommend LA Solar Group to everyone. You will have time to find out yourself.

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"panasonic install by LA solar"
Reviewed Mar 29, 2018

LA solar did a great job at a great price. I knew I wanted panasonic panels and energy sage enabled me to compare quotes for panasonic systems. The quote from LA solar was low but not the lowest. I had a few companies come to the house and, while LA solar did not give the most personable sales pitch, I thought it was the most informed and honest. They were willing to negotiate a bit, and once I signed, the work was very smooth and professional from there. The only glitch was a long wait time for PG&E to give permission to operate, but that was not the fault of LA solar. I am now happily watching the system run and enjoying the savings.

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"Great installation, great solar production, so-so on the paperwork"
Reviewed Feb 28, 2018

I chose LA Solar / Bay Solar on EnergySage because they had great equipment, great warranties, great prices, and because I found their estimate to be the most accurate and customized for my project. (Some of the other quotes were pretty generic.) My consultant, Taylor, was a great guy to work with.

We had a few snafus on the paperwork items. The first contract we signed stated that LA Solar would install a 240v car charger; due to PG&E limitations, we had to re-contract without the car charger. Also, I was anticipating that LA Solar would handle all the interactions with PG&E (changing my rate plan, processing the interconnect, etc.). They attempted all these things, but some of them didn't work. I found myself on the phone with PG&E quite a few times during the process, which was a little frustrating.

Way more important, however: the installation was outstanding. Except for a solar array appearing on my roof, you would not have known the installers had even been to my house that day, because they left the roof, driveway, etc. completely spotless.

The installers were professional, quick, and flexible too. For instance, I asked them to route a duct a different way (for aesthetic reasons), and it was not problem; they did it right away. They painted the ductwork to match the side of the building, to blend it in. They connected my system to my wifi (to support uploading my solar production data to the website), and educated me on the whole system. Overall, the installation team was awesome.

And the system is producing well! I went live right before Christmas, so the days keep getting longer - it's been exciting to see the solar production #'s increasing every week!

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"Great contact person"
Reviewed Feb 28, 2018

Nicholai, the sales rep was amazing and worked with us throughout the entire process.

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"No response after signing the contract"
Reviewed Dec 11, 2017

The response was really good until I signed the contract to install the solar panels. It's been 2 months since I signed, and nothing has happened, even after me reaching out number of times during this time.

Since I don't hear back from them after number of times I reached out, I am going with another company who wants my business.

Even if I went with them, I would be very concerned about after care as lack of communication from them.

Maybe because my house is located in Las Vegas, but before I went with them, I asked specifically about local offices and they confirmed that they did.

Anyways, as they don't want my business, I will be going with another company for my solar needs.

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"LA Solar - Great Experience"
Reviewed Nov 06, 2017

I shopped a lot of companies and read a lot of reviews before making a choice. LA Solar was not the cheapest, but they proposed what I thought was the best equipment and I went with them. The process was easy, communication was never an issue, they filed all the paperwork necessary on my behalf, always answered questions quickly, I can't come up with a complaint. And now I love checking my website and seeing how much I generate every day, its great to be your own utility company.

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"Great job"
Reviewed Oct 01, 2017

Great experience, first class service, from time we decided to purchase from they were very professional. They sent the contract online and once I we signed it they obtained the permit and did the installation in two days and it perfect. It was all done while we were at work, we did not have to be there. This was the best contracting experience we have ever experienced, can,t get better th

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"LA Solar"
Reviewed Sep 29, 2017

LA Solar did an excellent job from start to finish. Their proposal included very high-quality panels and inverter; they had quick and satisfactory responses to all questions and issues; great installation team who worked through 100+ degree heat to get the job done. Price was the best of six bids we received. I was impressed. Performance of the system so far (one month) is as expected. Final hurdle will be how the electric utility accounts for our production.

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"Bay Solar"
Reviewed Sep 29, 2017

Excellent experience, would have them do it again with no regrets. Our biggest problem was PG&E.

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"BAY Solar Group. Good Value and Customer Service"
Reviewed Sep 25, 2017

Listed as LA Solar, but up here in Northern California where the Dodgers suck, they go by Bay Solar Group. Smart.

Between getting a quote here, talking it through with Taylor. Scheduling the installation date and the various other site visits they had to make. I feel like the company was very responsive and on-time.

I felt very good about our project. It seemed like a complicated thing, but in the end i have been educated, that it is just another construction project. It's not like Elon Musk comes and inspects and adjusts each piece of tech. So in that case, with the equipment being the same, the manufacturer warranties being same. It comes down to the experience of the company.

While new in Northern California, they have many projects completed in Southern California. What i liked was that they have an in house crew. Even though i'm sure sub-contractors that other Solar companies use are fine as well. It just felt better knowing that these guys are part of the company.

I got the equipment I wanted, and the price was good. I feel confident in the star values i put for value, service, and responsiveness. The Quality... i put 5 stars but it is really yet to be determined. I need to sit through a rainy season to be sure that my roof isn't a leaky mess. But they have a guarantee/warranty for that too. So ill bet that my roof will be fine.

thanks Bay Solar.

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"Affordable, Professional, and Fast installation"
Reviewed Jul 25, 2017

The salesman was great, the price was very affordable, the workers did a great job, Installation was fast. I'm now an energy producer, what more can I say. I would highly recommend L.A. Solar.

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"Great service!"
Reviewed Jul 09, 2017

We shopped around for a few companies and ended up choosing LA Solar, they had great prices but most importantly, they did a great job and the customer service was excellent. They kept us updated through the whole process and made every step as simple as can be. We love our panels and we love that we are no longer giving the power company so much money. I would highly recommend them.

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"Very Happy with LA SOLAR"
Reviewed Jul 04, 2017

I did lots of research and met with several Solar Companies before deciding. LA SOLAR did a good job presenting their products and gave me their best bid right off the bat...that caused me to choose them over my first choice who had begun contracts for us. LA SOLAR promised they would be on the grid by July 1, and they far exceeded that date. The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is we did have some roof issues matching our tile, and this required several tries on their part, but they did stick with it until they got it right. Very nice office staff, and all workers aimed to please. I would recommend them again!

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"Highly Recommend LA Solar!"
Reviewed Jul 01, 2017

We had 9kW system installed by LA Solar in December 2015 and LA Solar has stood by the system ensuring it performs as intended. We had a piece of monitoring equipment fail -- and LA Solar made sure to get the vendor to provide a replacement. We have worked with many contractors and Ara / LA Solar definitely stand out for their long term customer service. LA Solar was able to do all of this with the most competitive bid on the project -- while also working with our clay tile roof. If you are looking into solar -- we recommend having LA Solar bid your project.

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"Ara the owner is an engineer and hands on."
Reviewed Jun 29, 2017

Ara makes sure your system is designed correctly. Solar City just throws salesmen at you. This is why I went with Ara, Solar City. Follow-up service if ever necessary works better also when there is a hands on boss.

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"Great Company Great Price"
Reviewed Jun 29, 2017

I just had my solar panels installed by LA Solar Group this week and I'm extremely happy with their service. They were able to rush the installation so I can catch the deadline of meter 1.0 from my electricity company. The crew are very professional and courteous, the communication is very smooth and they left the job site very clean. My roofer recommended this company, the general manager Ara gave me a great price and helped me along the way. I highly recommend this company to anybody who is considering solar panels.

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"Happy Customer!"
Reviewed Jun 25, 2017

After doing my research and narrowing down to a few local solar companies, I decided to go with LA Solar because of their professionalism and reasonable pricing. The whole process was smooth and efficient from getting city permits, to installation, and inspections. The staff was very patient in answering my questions and explaining the process along the way. They're also good about responding back to you right away. I would definitely recommend LA Solar.

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Reviewed Jun 24, 2017

we installed solar panels couple of years ago . LA Solar Group was selected based on other satisfied customers. The installation, permits, and clean up after completions was done without any problems. The system has been working without any need for maintenance. We have 17 300-W panels. There is enough power for our house and two electric vehicles.

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"The BEST, by far. "
Reviewed Jun 24, 2017

I have an efficient 14kw system from LA Solar with room for expansion and a EV car charger.

LA Solar was, by far, the best solar company I researched. I was so excited to do solar but felt the prices were high, the return on investment took forever and that the companies were "salesy" –like car salespeople. I deeply researched 7 solar companies and my gut didn't feel good about any of them until LA Solar Group. Most of the other companies had to use more panels to deliver less electricity and the warranties and return on investment were not as good.

LA Solar was the best rated by customers by far, had a strong financial rating, has been growing consistently and substantially for the last 5 years.

Fast forward a year later, and they have been perfectly attentive and my system has been flawless.

After LA Solar like the best choice, I walked into the office unannounced. The CEO stopped a meeting to speak to me. He started on the roof installing the first systems himself. He is an ultra-smart guy, very focused on efficiency which is important for long-term survival. He is an electrical engineer by trade and also has a roofing license. Locally they have 8 crews installing full-time. Nothing is subcontracted out. This, to me, is very important. Quality control.
The solar designers are engineers. The equipment is from the best manufacturers. They don't spend money on advertising, they get their new business from referrals almost exclusively. This, in combination with efficient and quality processes and equipment, right down the highest quality waterproof washers, is their secret sauce. This is how they get installations done for the lowest cost, the first time, with the least amount of return service calls. In my experience they are honest, transparent, hard working and innovative. I met much of the sales team, the sales manager and the support staff. Hard working, kind and educated people who care.

My installation was done a year ago. I went from contract to installation to approvals in less than a month. LADWP now owes me 1600 kwh as of today. I pay 10 dollars a month on my electric bill for connection fees, that's it and my system will be paid off in another 5 years. It was a complete no-brainer. Plus, they listened to my requirements. You cannot see my system from the street, there is room for another row of panels. I was able to have enough space to install thermal pool solar on my north face as well. Perfect.

In a sea of questionable companies, I knew they were the best choice and it still holds true today. Solar is not a little decision in my view. You are letting people drill into your roof. For me, I wanted to make sure I had the best people as partners, so I was always proud driving into my garage and that's exactly what I have with LA Solar.

Here is a link to my FB page with some public pictures. Feel free to leverage my research. You can message me with questions or come by our house to see the installation.

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"LA Solar Group Experience"
Reviewed Jun 24, 2017

I purchased a 17.00 KW system from LA Solar Group. I primary worked with Ara Petrosyan (sales reprentative). I have to admit I was very leery about purchasing solar as I have heard a lot of bad things about different companies. LA Solar Group was referred to me by a very reputable source. I am 100% satisfied with LA Solar Group and Ara Petrosyan, as their customer service, quality of work and products as well as knowledge was absolutely the best. My system is over producing and my return on investment exceeding my expectations just as LA Solar Group did. I will be referring them to all my friends, family members and colleagues. I look forward to installing batteries soon to take me off the grid completely. Thanks again LA Solar Group!

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"LA Solar did very well"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

I started looking for Solar in 2014. I has several companies come over and a few gave me quotes based on satellite photos.

LA Solar was near the lowest bid but the main reason I went with them is all the positive reviews on Yelp.

I signed a contract with them and after all the permits were in place they installed the system.

It was turned on not long afterwards and has been working very well with the exception of a faulty inverter a year later that they replaced with a newer model.

LA Solar has been responsive to my requests and seems to care about their customers.

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Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

I have done a ton of work on my house since I bought it, and HANDS DOWN, the level of professionalism of the LA SOLAR contractors and engineers was second to none. They were clean, professional, fast, and they did not mess up.

The sales team did a phenomenal job explaining my costs, benefits, and tax rebates. Not to mention, they went into detail about what was being installed on my roof.

I ended up buying a Chevy Volt down the road. Due to their install I save roughly $350/month on my electrical bill, $350/month on not having to buy gasoline.

A+, I high recommend them.

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"Great Experience"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

From start to finish, my experience w/ LA Solar was great. They were able to get my system approved and installed fairly rapidly, allowing me to claim a tax credit for 2016, instead of having to wait for 2017. 6 months into ownership - no issues w/ my panels and their customer service is top notch. I'm 700 dollars to the good w/ my electric utility and that was through the wettest winter in Southern California History.

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"LA Solar Group - the best there is"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

We've now had our panels for 2yrs, and they continue to produce above anticipated levels, and completely maintenance free. LA Solar also check in with us from time to time to make sure all is well - and it is! When we started this process, we'd taken numerous bids from the 'big names' when my wife found the Yelp reviews from LA Solar Group, and I gave them a call. They put in a bid, which was substantially better then the 'big names', and provided better quality panels and microinverters in their bid, when the others didn't and still cost more. All the staff there are friendly and knowledgeable, and unlike the big names, they don't hassle and pressure you into decisions. Our installation was fantastic - 1 day for a complete 18 panel installation and main service panel upgrade. 10 days later we had the permit from the inspector, and 3 weeks after that Edison gave us the go ahead. We went from contract to operational in 6 weeks, which is a timeline no-one can promise. They also patched and painted the stucco and conduit to match the house color as part of the service. We've only been online for 7-days now, but the panels are already producing more then anticipated, and we still have spring/summer to come! Make sure you get multiple bids when going solar - there is such a swing in price and quality, but absolutely make sure you get LA solar to bid on your project, you won't regret it. LA Solar Group are *the* standard of excellence.

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"Great company"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

An excellent company that works hard to keep customers happy.

"great experience"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

end of this month marks a year after I had Solar install on my house. I've had zero issues. when the install was going on last year I was updated every step of the way. everything was on time as promised.

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"Finally went solar"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

After receiving high summer electric bills, I finally decided to go solar. I've been looking for almost 4 years and had started the process with LA solar group last sept 2016. Out of the 3 other companies I reached out too, LA solar group provided with the best pricing, fastest completion of work, clean install and solar was turned on within a month. I'm currently prepared for this summer and running the AC will be a breeze.

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"tip: stay on top of the process"
Reviewed Jun 23, 2017

This is a MAJOR investment so I'll treat the review accordingly and try to cover my entire experience so far.

I met with LA Solar Group, Solar City, and Crown Solar before deciding to go with LA Solar Group. My parents have panels installed by Solar City but I decided to do some shopping around just in case there were better prices out there and it turns out Solar City was the most expensive of the 3. Crown Solar was pretty competitive but doesn't seem to have a big reputation/many reviews.

The last thing you want is to dump a bunch of money into a company and find out they went out of business and you can't get support on your hardware that was supposed to be covered by warranties.

The guys from LA Solar group are smart and competitive. They asked to see quotes from the other providers and insisted they would beat their prices.

I have a large tree in front of my house. While it does keep the house quite cool, shade is a known enemy of solar panels and they even offered to credit me for the tree removal in an effort to max out panel product.

Financing is done through LA Credit Union.

If you haven't done your homework, do study up on combo loans. It's tricky and probably sounds like a scam but relies on you getting a refund the following year.

The actual install process was pretty smooth. I didn't have to babysit the installation and the mounting is clean. I have some reverse tilt panels on the rear of my house and they seem sturdy enough. I'm not actually offended by solar panels affecting the aesthetic of buildings, so there's not much to really note other than the panels are installed exactly as they were planned in the design app.

Afterwards, it felt like I was a bit in the dark for system activation. The process doesn't end once the panels/inverter are up. You have to get permission to operate from your electric company (LADWP in my case).

It took a few emails/phone calls back and forth between LA Solar Group and DWP to get things moving. As long as you are on top of the activation process, you'll get your system running in a reasonable time. Responses to status inquiries were always received in a reasonable amount of time and my sales rep never ignored any of my text messages.

The monitoring app is somewhat limited if you are expecting live stats. Since the inverter is connected via a cellular connection, the readings only update in 4 hour intervals.

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"LASolar installation"
Reviewed Dec 03, 2016

My installation has been very smooth and very professional. The first time they came to install, they noticed that some of my roof plywood underneath and the insulation was very old and they were worried that drilling the holes in the tile would create leaks. So they helped me find a roofer that could fix it very quickly (within 10 days) and they 1 week later they installed the panels. Within about 2 weeks it was connected and all inspections passed with no issues. Very satisfied and very professional.

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"LA Is Great For The IE"
Reviewed Sep 28, 2016

Our choice to go solar was dropped, but it had nothing to with the great experience and service provided by energysage and LA Solar Group. They were right there as my leading choice based upon their responsiveness, pricing, and quoted equipment and service.

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"Great equipment, good service"
Reviewed Jul 27, 2016

The price and quality of equipment is excellent. We felt very comfortable with that. While we were using the company, they were growing so fast that we got a little lost in the shuffle -- but they made up for it, attended to our issues and made us feel like we mattered. They've since put systems in place so that customers are in the loop about their projects, etc. We're thrilled to have solar.

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"LA Solar Group - great Solar Experience "
Reviewed Jul 24, 2016

I decided I wanted SunPower panels first and called around. LA Solar Group was responsive, courteous, and on task with all of the Solar process.

I could not be happier with the experience and the panels.

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