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They should be called the rip-off solar company

This company should be avoided at all costs. As a former employee, I can attest that the managers are straight-up rip-off artists. I haven't worked for them for several months and still have numerous calls from dissatisfied customers on a daily basis. They train their salespeople to lie and misrepresent their products. I am getting many calls because they have you pitch a high-end solar panel and then switch the customer to a lower-end made-in-Vietnam panel. It is a bait-and-switch operation and they don't tell the customer the panel that they horribly install on their roof. I and several other ex-employees are currently preparing a lawsuit against them for non-payment to their contractors and for deceptive business practices. I only post this review to protect the public until Suntuity can be banned from doing business in Maryland.

Posted by frankthesolarman on Apr 05, 2023
Understand the chaotic administrative environment at Suntuity before you sign

Despite the excellent Sales, and competent engineering and installation teams, be aware that the administrative side of this company is unbelievably INCOMPETENT and agonizingly bureaucratic. Should a problem arise, they are incapable of resolving it in under two months and that's only if YOU do all of the legwork, identify the problem and elevate the complaint at LEAST three levels, and file a complaint with the Consumer Protection agency where you live. Some poor saps have waited up to 9 MONTHS when they were not this aggressive. It has taken me over 8 weeks to get my system activated after installation because they installed without paying for the construction permit. [DEMAND to SEE THE PERMIT BEFORE YOU ALLOW THE INSTALLATION!!] And despite my identifying the issue - to them - within 2 weeks, I got another 6 weeks of out-and-out LIES about what they thought the problem was, telling me a series of changing (false) stories, but not dealing with the problem I had already identified. "Customer Service" does not have a clue about what is really going on, won't return calls or provide updates as promised, and apparently has no ability to elevate a customer problem to management when another department is involved. And it took a 4th elevation of my complaint (and a formal complaint to the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs) for them to discover that the permit had NOT been paid for [and had nothing to do with all of the false stories I had been told]. Somebody should sue for lost income/electric bills. I'm thinking about it.

Posted by secondself on Nov 03, 2022
Do your research....

I'm writing this on Google and any other sites i can think of so nobody else will get scammed like we did. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST !! We unfortunately did not and we were stuck in the end. Customer service is almost non existent, nobody knows anything and when they say they are going to "look into your information and call you back" don't wait by your phone because you won't receive a call back. There's never a supervisor available to talk to or to call you back this has been a complete NIGHTMARE. we started the install in April of 2021 and just now went live with over 15 service calls later. Don't trust this company. THIS WAS OUR MISTAKE AND IT HAS BEEN THE WORST DECISION WE'VE EVER MADE.

Posted by dayala39 on Jan 20, 2022



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