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Everything that 1 Solar does regarding the solar project is handled in house and nothing is left to sub-contractors. All of our installers have a minimum of four years experience in the solar industry and have worked with 1 Solar customers for a minimum of 3 years. Also our installers have proven their knowledge by obtaining the NABCEP certification.
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Business Incorporation: 9238077-5501
NABCEP: PV-102117-019229



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  • SolarEdge Preferred

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Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!

Don’t do it, Don’t do it, Don’t do it! This is by far the worst experience with a company I have ever had. I’ve been dealing with solar1 since April… solar panels still not operating and it’s September! I’ve talked with several customer service reps, Michelle H and Matt S and still NOTHING! Nobody can give me answers! This is ridiculous. I’m about to start paying through my loan and panels are not operational….. Again since APRIL. The absolute worst communication. My friends and neighbors went with other companies and as an average they had their panels up and running within 4 weeks. Not solar1….we are going on 5 months!!! 100% unacceptable! Do not go with 1solar! If I could leave negative stars I would.

Posted by jwood8295 on Sep 03, 2022
Still waiting

Got with them in April told be done in July still no word no E mail no Tex don’t no what to expect oh well

Posted by greg.hatton on Aug 17, 2022
Functional Scam Artists!!!

Malachi Miles was not only late, unorganized, and not knowledgable about the product, but he also resorted to dishonest means to close his deal and then had near zero communication afterward. It was as if he was a scam artist choosing his next mark. I'm extremely disappointed in this experience and if 1Solar brings this kind of person on their team then I have an idea of what the rest of the company is like... Be cautious.

Posted by prestonzen on Aug 14, 2022
1Solar System Not working yet

Beginning in January of 2022 through the process and not having the system work as of now, August 12, 2022 and waiting, I am beyond frustrated. I am now paying a monthly payment for the system on top of the Power company monthly bill. 1 Solar said they would reimburse me by keeping track of KW power used and adjusting it or I think I said that correctly. It was an email a letter sized page designed to confuse a customer. It was very confusing how they would pay me back. I told them it is very simple, I give you (1 Solar) each Monthly bill until my system is working and you pay it. Simple right? The office staff said they would have to get approval for a direct pay back and call me back. of course, no call back or any attempt to answer. I highly recommend you research who you have install you solar system. I will not recommend 1 Solar. Just Sayin. In Utah.

Posted by rlmconst98 on Aug 13, 2022
great experience!

They were really great. Took the time to explain everything and were really down to earth. Normally I'm a no thanks kind of person but I didn't feel like I was being sold a dream or something unrealistic. Definitely recommend

Posted by kbingham861 on Feb 12, 2021
Rude & Belligerent Install Crew

Crew working next door felt it just fine to come onto my property and hook up an electrical cord to my home WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION. This caused our dogs to alert and make a disturbance (GOOD DOGS!). When confronted and asked to leave our property, one member of the crew became rude and disrespectful to my wife.

Posted by Jim.davenport on Jan 22, 2021



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