Blue Dot Solar Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Solar O&M Provider

Blue Dot Solar Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Solar O&M Provider

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, to prominent national solar companies and forward-thinking home and business owners; our projects & clients may vary in size, but their satisfaction is of equal import.

While most companies perceive the path to "a healthy bottom line" as separating customers from as much of their money as possible - we at Blue Dot Solar see things differently. In short, we believe that if we take care of our employees, customers, vendors, the environment and communities we serve, our bottom line will take care of itself.

More About Us

More About Us

Blue Dot Solar management leverages 10 years of industry experience to provide homeowners, business owners and solar industry leaders with a solar acquisition experience second to none.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Could do what other installers said couldn’t be done"
Reviewed Apr 07, 2019

I can’t say enough good things about Blue Dot Solar. I had received quotes and visits from several other companies but none of them were willing or able to customize my system the way Blue Dot was. From the first visit where Glenn met with me I got the sense that it was more than another job for him. He sat at my table and was coloring pictures with my 3yr old daughter while answering every question I had.

The challenge I had was that my roof is a hip roof with an addition on the south west face that is lower than my main roof. As a result I needed the maximum production I could get from a smaller footprint. Blue Dot was able to source the panels that 3 other solar installers told me they could not.

Glenn assisted me with the Mass Solar Loan program application and a lender that worked quickly. In my case this gave me a 30% principle buy down plus a 1.5% interest rate buy down.
After the install Glenn relentlessly followed up with Eversource for them to change out the meter and give us permission to operate.

The installation was quick and despite having some of the coldest and windiest days we’ve had in a long time in January they completed the install in only 3 days.

Everyone including the technicians that came here were courteous and informative. After each day they cleaned up and took everything with them never leaving any waste behind.

I couldn’t be happier with the decision my family made to work with Blue Dot Solar.

"A professional solar installation with very helpful staff"
Reviewed Mar 25, 2019

We started the process with a strong interest in solar but not much knowledge about the economics. BlueDot stood out among the bidders for the way they listened to our goals, the way they informed us about our choices, and the easy back and forth for decision making. At every step of the installation process, they were excellent in the way they made the paperwork simple, and the professionalism of their staff. We are very pleased with our home solar system, and have had no problems after 6 months.

"Cape Cod Solar"
Reviewed Nov 20, 2018

Glenn and his team at Blue Dot Solar are true craftsmen at their craft. The initial bid through the Energysage portal was very prompt and competitively priced. Joe and Glenn visited me at my home to affirm the feasibility of the project for our location, and advised they could deliver the project in about 5-6 weeks(assuming permits/inspections didn't delay longer), if we were ready to go (we were!). Our project just went live after about 6 weeks from the start. The installation took 1 day, and was done very professionally, with quality components. Looking forward to many years of renewable energy production, from a quality system. Highly recommend the team from Blue Dot!

"Great company to work with!"
Reviewed Oct 09, 2018

This company was a pleasure to work with. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner, did not get upset at my many requests for changes, recommended a high-end solar panel at a great cost and provided quality work!

"Your search has ended!"
Reviewed Oct 09, 2018

No need to continue your search, if your site can accommodate solar, you'll want to go with BlueDot Solar. Our 5.76 kW system in Plymouth went live a few weeks ago and it is amazing to see the performance of the 18 panels via the Enlighten app.. Give yourself about 6 weeks from the first consultation to flipping the switch. Most of the time is spent waiting on local inspectors. The good news is that Glenn and his team have been doing this a long time and they take care of everything. On time, good communication, respectful and courteous from start to finish. Really, from start to finish. This doesn't happen anymore, especially in a competitive market like this.
It was a hot day when the team showed up, half working on the roof and half working on the electrical. The system was carefully installed and quality was maintained throughout including the little things like; running the conduit into the attic and out the roof under the panels to avoid the "wrap-over" effect you see on systems that are installed with less care. Nameplates created and mounted onto the different elements of the system. Adding additional grounding. Using spacers to assure that the shut off panels are flush with the other system components on the uneven basement wall. And leaving the area in a way that you'd never know they were there.
I found BlueDot through which is an excellent resource. Once we selected BlueDot we met and refined the system. Glenn (the owner) and I went back and fourth optimizing the placement, capacity, technologies and cost. No surprises because each option was explained in a way I could understand and he responded quickly. From there, BlueDot handled everything including ordering, installing, the paperwork, scheduling with inspectors, SREC applications, and working with Eversource. Easy (for us)!
The system looks great, is running great and we're looking forward to powering our home by the sun from this point forward.

"Blue Dot Solar"
Reviewed Aug 05, 2018

Blue Dot employees were professional, helpful and completed the job in a timely manner. Even after the work was complete employees took the time to explain questions regarding solar generation and billing from power companies.

"Excellent experience, highly recommend!"
Reviewed Jul 05, 2018

I recently had solar installed on the roof of my house by Blue Dot Solar, and I wanted to share my excellent experience and learnings.

Initially, I used to get some quotes for my solar work. Blue Dot's quote caught my eye because they were the only ones that offered the high quality Panasonic solar panels on my quote. I learned later that they offer a wide selection of models, but I wanted high quality, so I ended up choosing the Panasonic. Anyway, I reached out to Joe at Blue Dot to ask some questions and he ended up spending 45 minutes with me explaining all the details of how Solar works. The cliff notes here:

1) They work directly with a loan vendor and the process was extremely easy and streamlined. You just need to have good credit to get the loan, they don't worry about your debt to income ratio.

2) You select the system size based on your historical electrical usage and roof space. You can select panels that are all black if you want (look nicer) and you can also work with them to put the panels in a configuration on your roof that you feel is most visually pleasing.

3) Once loan is approved, you schedule an install date, they install (see pics on my google review), and there are several inspections that take place, electrical, structural, etc., your electric company comes and puts in a new "net" electric meter, and finally they turn the system on.

4) I can view my daily electric production online (see screenshot on my google review, and actually the 6.93kw installation pic on energy sage is my roof) and I can also look at the net meter outside my house. The numbers on the meter go down during the day while the solar production exceeds our usage, and up at night, but overall they are going down. For us, our solar electric production exceeds our average usage, so usually our electric bill will be zero, and any extra solar I generate will appear as a credit on my bill (they won't pay that to me in cash). We got into the Massachusetts SREC program which will pay me a small amount (few hundred dollars based on our generation estimates) four times a year for the electricity we generate above and beyond what we use.

So, back to my experience. Glenn Maltais (owner) and Joe Nelson (solar specialist) came to my house to speak with me and generally look at our particular solar situation. They look at how many trees might cause shade, look in the attic to see what type of beams hold up the roof (they usually need 2 x 6 inch beams), and generally assess the age / condition of your roof. They are up front that if your roof needs to be replaced soon, you may want to wait to install solar, or do them both together. They brought a folder with their proposal documentation and suggested configuration and they were very thorough. They also checked the basement to look at where the electric could be installed.

After that meeting, I felt comfortable I didn't need to meet with anyone else and signed the contract (which has a clause that allows you to back out if you are not approved for the loan). From there I applied for the loan, which was a very easy process, although I did need to create a DCU account (Digital Credit Union) as part of the process.

The work was scheduled for a month or so later. The crew was very professional and considerate. There were two roofers and an electrician, all of whom were very competent. The electric inspector had several compliments for the work that the electrician did.

I did take the extra time to personally match and paint the metal electric tubes that go up the side of my house and onto the roof (greenish-gray for the house color and charcoal gray for the roof). It helps to hide the tubes that go up the side and across the roof, so I recommend taking the extra time to do that. The Blue Dot team left me the unpainted tubes ahead of time so I could do that.

Joe was fantastic, getting back to me very quickly and thoroughly to answer my questions and to provide updated design options for the panels on my roof. He also helped me to choose an alternative panel that was the same price (albeit a little less wattage) so we could get the all black panels that we felt looked nicer.

The install itself took about 3 days, and then there were some other appointments with the inspections, etc. So it was helpful that I was able to work from home to be there to facilitate.

Overall I feel the Blue Dot team was fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone that is considering a solar project.

"Great service!"
Reviewed Mar 20, 2018

I purchased a solar system from Blue Dot, Blue Dot made everything so clear from the beginning to the end. I met with several contractors for bids, and the Blue Dot's proposal was the one that offered the most value for the bucks. Joe from Blue Dot keep us posted on all the schedules, including permit, inspection, and post inspection.
Service was great, great communication, everything was on schedule as expected.

"Highly recommend"
Reviewed Mar 02, 2018

My company was lucky enough to work with such a great team at Blue Dot. The team was full of knowledge and couldn't be nicer. I would definitely be recommending them to anyone who is looking into solar.

Reviewed Mar 02, 2018

The crew at Blue Dot Solar was on time and dependable, kept me informed throughout the whole process and got things done quickly. The installation came out better than I imagined. My only complaint is that I didn't do it sooner!

"You can't do better than BlueDot Solar!"
Reviewed Feb 13, 2018

I've known the owners of this company for many years. It's not always best to mix business with friendship but in this case it was a no brainer. I was hesitant to "go solar" until they started Blue Dot, but once they did there was no question I'd do it and that they were the ones that would do it for me. I have zero regrets about going solar and having them provide the system.

"Highly recommended for your solar installation"
Reviewed Feb 13, 2018

Blue Dot Solar made the installation of our office's 14.8 kW system simple and seamless. They coordinated the permits, utilities and inspections all while keeping the project right on schedule. Blue Dot employees were knowledgeable and professional. The installation came out beautiful. We can't recommend them enough!