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  • "great company"

    Reviewed May 14, 2020

    Great company hard-working crew I will use them again I will recommend everybody I know to them

  • "great during pre-installation. Very poor after the installation"

    Reviewed Apr 20, 2020
    "great during pre-installation. Very poor after the installation"

    Reviewed Apr 20, 2020

    There are 2 sides of the review. A 5 stars during installation and pre-installation process. A 1 star for the customer care and assistance after the installation is closed. I'm having such a pain to get answers for several issue I have: in general there is very little consistency with customer care feedback. Multiple agents getting your call, no record sharing ( you have to repeat the same story over and over), no feedback from them ( I have to email/contact to get update, they NEVER proactively reached out to me).
    Here are my problems
    1) it is more than 2 months since I demonstrated with multiple emails and pictures that one of the panel is producing significant less energy than all other ( adjacent or not). FF tried to explain that was a problem with shading, I show them evidence I do not have any shade at all. They came multiple times "fixing' the issue: first was a panel issue, then an optimization issue. None of the solutions worked. I still have the difference in performance.
    2) I noticed recently a leak from the roof ( 100% due to installation, I have picture of the before and after). I called them and they came out to check the problem very quickly. They tarped the roof, telling me that the next monday ( 2 days later) they would come to fix the damage. It has been 2 weeks now with no contact, no update, no keeping me in the loop. I had to ask for updated to understand they were waiting for some tiles to be replaced. My problem is still open. so my roof ( even if covered with a nylon tarp...).

  • "Took our money and ran"

    Reviewed Feb 10, 2020

    Stay away from freedom they out part of the panels on the roof, it has been a year and my solar is still not complete they are trying to get me to sign a settlement agreement just for them to finish my project and reimburse me for payments made for me making both loan and electric bill payments on a system that isn't complete because they Screwed up. They are scammers I have had multiple problems since they started a year ago they made the system to large for what my electric company would allow and they went forward without approvals from my electric company and now I'm having to pay for it I have solar panels sitting in my garage taking up Space because they won't complete the system unless I sign my rights away and sign a settlement agreement which is bribery and it's illegal I have a contract and it should have been done within 60 days here we are 13 months later and still not complete and I'm sure they will try to say some lie about how they're moving forward like they have in the past just to get me to stop calling but believe me It is a lie or my solar would have been completed a year ago. I made a bad review and they asked me to take it down and they would fix the problem so I did that believing they're word was trustworthy and what happens I took my bad review down and they didn't keep they're word and finish my solar instead they fired the guy who I was talking to, so of course they didn't hold up they're end of the deal stay away from them I don’t know how this company is still in business I got an almost $44k loan for this solar system that they got paid already and won’t finish the job someone start a class action suit against them already if I could give them negative stars I would they are not a Fortune 500 company in my eye they’re a shame

  • "Great company!!"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2020
    "Great company!!"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2020

    Amazing company, fast installs, high-quality work, And amazing warrantees! Best in the business

  • "Really bad decision!"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2020

    I had signed with another solar company. The salesman's name was Kai Blakesley. Nothing happened for almost 5 months, just text messages saying that permits were being approved,etc. Then a roofer the salesman hired showed up, removed our roof and it rained that night flooding our home. We were out of our home for 6 months..the first 2 months we were forced to live in a travel trailer due to no rentals available! During the first week or so we were out, they put a new roof on AND solar panels.
    I could go on and on about this but......

    To make a long story short....the salesman, Kai, that we had signed with had left the first company and went to work for Freedom Forever.

    So that he would not lose his commission, he cancelled our loan and contract with our original company then used our info to forge a contract with freedom AND forged loan docs with a different loan company via DocuSign. The terms weren't even the same as the original loan we had signed. Even made up a Wells Fargo checking account in my name for auto pay. I didn't have a Wells Fargo account and never have. Hi

    One day I got a call from a lender named Loan Pal telling me that my auto payments were not going through. I told the person that I didn't have a loan with them. He said I did. At this point I thought someone had stolen my identity and I had 2 loans now. I had NO idea what Kai had done and still thought we were with our original solar company we had contracted with.

    Called Freedom and they were not helpful and insisted I signed the contract no matter what I told them. I even sent them copies of the contract and loan docs I had signed 4 1/2 months prior with the original solar and lender. They still didn't give a darn eventhough the fake loan docs had a warning on them saying " There is a problem with one or more signaturues on this loan". Talked to this new loan company and after they investigated they made a demand for Freedom to send the funds back to them.


    The damage to my home was almost 80,000 which my ins company had to pay. I was stuck with my deductable. Panels have been sitting on my roof not hooked up. I checked with the bldg Dept and they didn't get a permit until 6 weeks after they installed the panels. My attorney fees are astronomical.

    I know this is hard to believe but it is all true! They have not ever been interested in making this right but instead have chosen to use their deep pockets to sue me for solar panels I DID NOT ask or contract with them to install.
    Look at the Ca state license board page. Many, many citations and letters of admonishment.
    I can't make this up. This has been a nightmare that has gone on since May 2018 and won't go to court until Nov 2020.

    Once again, read the reviews here, go to and read the citations and other offenses. Go make a complaint on the Ca state license board page. This is so serious that their contractors license could be revoked! So..if you contract with them...they start your job...and they lose their are stuck!


    UPDATE 01/03/2020!

    If you go to the contractors state license board website you will see that they have issued citations for my complaint. They are:
    Hiring a non licensed contractor ( the roofer )
    Fraud involving a contract document.
    The contractor is responsible for salesman's actions.
    The status is pending and they have until 1/27/2020 to pay a fine of $4,000, issued by CSLB.

  • "Disappeared"

    Reviewed Dec 05, 2019

    These guys booked me a for 7000 kWh system install. They never called or returned to do the install. Because they wasted my time and locked me into an unfulfilled contract I missed the 2019 tax credit which is going down in 2020.

  • "True Company"

    Reviewed Nov 05, 2019

    My family and I care about follow through. Freedom Forever has done everything exactly as promised. Been saving money for over 1 year now and I did not have to pay any money out of pocket. Very happy.

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  • "Bad experience"

    Reviewed Oct 28, 2019

    Bad experience.
    Signed a contract. Then they couldn't deliver the agreed on panels. Agreed on having cheaper lower quality panels. After coming home and checking my roof I saw panels installed completely in a different shape than agreed on and than the permit called for. They never checked the vents on my roof before and at installation they figured out that what we earlier agreed on and what they permited wasn't possible. They never changed their permit or at least let me know they were changing solar panels to a different unorganized L shape instead of keeping it neat. Withou telling me they put solar panels completely random on my roof. It took forever to have them change panels to something that would make sense.

    Contract was pretty easy and straightforward, but for some reason they did everything differently.

    Also, my 16month old son found a big clamp in the yard from them and injured our puppy with it. They should have cleaned up whatever they dropped from the roof.

  • "Best Contractor I've Ever Worked With"

    Reviewed Aug 28, 2019
    "Best Contractor I've Ever Worked With"

    Reviewed Aug 28, 2019

    I rarely write reviews but this company deserves it. Solar can be confusing and after months of shopping different solar companies, my husband and I finally decided to go solar with Freedom Forever and Better Earth. We are so glad we did! This has been the best experience with a contractor I've ever had. Here is our story along with our decision making factors:

    1) Freedom offered every top product in the industry. This made choosing which system to go with easy since we had been researching different panels and inverters online and they had them all. Our consultant could answer every question we had and knew the ins-and-outs of the system/solar industry which was refreshing after meeting with some of the other companies who seemed to be good at selling, but weren't actually knowledgeable on how the system, industry, or installation works... Most importantly, Freedom warranties the entire system for 25 years and was the only company who truly monitors the solar system and doesn't rely on the customer to do it. They back this up with a money back production guarantee. I've heard horror stories from friends who were stuck with a large utility bill at the of year due to companies not monitoring like they said they would so this was important to us. Sure enough, about 2 months into having the system our inverter had a malfunction and the service team replaced it the very next day. Although we had no idea that the malfunction happened, if they wouldn't have fixed it in time they would have paid us back for the power savings lost and this stands true for 25 years! Even when we read this part in the contract we were unsure of how reliable it was but Freedom/BE has gone above and beyond everything they promised. Score 1 for Freedom.
    2) We wanted to make sure we were getting the best deal. Although some of the companies had a lower price, none of them had the service and warranty package or professionalism that Freedom Forever had. Plus, some of my friends took the cheap route with their solar and all of them had issues whether it was roof leaks, the company going out of business, or just overall lack of communication or unfulfilled promises which led to them paying more in the end plus headache. It seems like in solar, you get what you pay for stands especially true. We got a great deal on the German Hanwah panels we wanted for no money down and are saving money on our electric bill while we own the system and Freedom maintains it! Everything carries over and there are no prepayment penalties if we every choose to prepay the system and/or sell the house. Score 2 for Freedom.
    3) Our system came with a 10 year roof warranty which was on par or better than the other companies. But the main thing is we wanted was a professional job done from the start because we have a tile roof and were weary of anyone walking on it or causing damage. Freedom Forever doesn't do anything but install solar systems (no sales team or finance team) so we felt comfortable letting them do the job. After only 3 weeks of them handling all of the paperwork and permitting with the HOA and city, the crew arrived at the time they said they would and were done in 1 day. They didn't leave any trash behind, were extremely respectful, and even painted the conduit to match my roof! The few tiles that they broke they replaced (free of charge). The system was turned on in less than a week. I didn't have to do anything or badger anyone to do anything, they handled it all.

    Fast forward and my husband and I couldn't be more pleased with how our solar project turned out. Sometimes we check our monitoring app just to see what our system produced that day and it's fun to know we're saving money and helping the environment without any effort or investment! I hope this helps anyone struggling to make a decision on if they should go solar and who with.

  • "Delivered on Promises"

    Reviewed Aug 28, 2019

    Very satisfied with my solar from Freedom Forever. I did the PPA and my customer service person, Andrew, was just super. Highly recommend it. My first system was installed over 2 years ago and I moved a year later and had solar installed in my new place. The installation process is smooth and the panels look great on my roof. Love saving money and going green! Didn't have to spend any money out of pocket and no hidden fees at all. Have never had any issues. Thank you so much for your help and guidance the entire time

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  • "Excellent Job!"

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2019

    My daughter was looking into going solar and when she told me that it didn't cost her anything I told her to cancel immediately and it was too good to be true but she INSISTED that I have the solar salesman over and hear out how it works. Even though i was very mad at him (because I thought he was scamming my daughter) he stayed calm and explained to me how it was possible.
    It turns out that because California wants more clean power they are actually willing to pay for homeowners to go solar. The way it works is instead of paying PGE rates now i pay a lower solar rate for electric, and even though i was on medical baseline i was still able to save money! I reviewed every single word of the contract with my son, and there was nothing hidden or downsides. Free installation, all maintenance is covered, the roof is warrantied, and i can move anytime. No lien is on the property and it’s completely transferable.
    This is perfect for me since I am on a fixed income and every dollar helps! As a bonus I am helping the environment. Basically all I had to do was get my roof checked out, show proof that I was the property owner, and then they do the permitting on their own end. It was quick and painless. Freedom Forever did a fantastic job installing, it only took one day. The sales persons name was Andrew. He was very nice and answered all my questions and always answers his phone when I call. I had over some other sales people before I made my decision to make sure that his deal was the best and to make sure he was being honest since I still did not fully believe it. Not only was it true, but did I like Andrew Zambetti the best and he did give us the best deal, too. Now my daughter and I went solar after we never thought that we would. This is so amazing and now I want to tell everyone! if you want to explore going solar for free call Andrew! Everyone should do this. Incredible.

  • "Started well but no customer support for legitimate complaints and vendor caused issues"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2018
    "Started well but no customer support for legitimate complaints and vendor caused issues"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2018

    Freedom designed the system with an inverter that was much too small ( based on an admission from the company that they misinterpreted the specifications and undersized inverters on several properties before figuring it out). We are losing 15 - 20% of production as a result. Freedom has been asking for patience while they figure out how to change it out since March when I identified the problem and brought it to their attention. It is now July and we have missed out on peak production time for the year as a result. Freedom offered to charge us the labor and parts for correcting their mistake, which is unacceptable. We offered to pay equipment but not labor and they will not agree to it. To correct their mistake. With the current sized inverter, we could have paid a whopping $6300 less. Freedom has still not corrected this issue and continues to string this along while claiming they are still working on it. I can not give high marks for service or for value because we should have paid 6300 less based on our current production due to their admitted mistake.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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