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Freedom Forever

14-21 day installs.
cover multiple states
Employees are background checked and drug tested.
Customers can track time stamped updates from start to finish on install!
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About Freedom Forever

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Business Incorporation: 1029644



Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Platinum
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

86 reviews
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Terrible experience! Please stay far away from this company. Salesman are very shady and unprofessional. Do not do business with them and listen to all the other reviews

Posted by velasco98 on Jun 01, 2023
No delivery with fraudulent financing! SCAM

Freedom Forever MD did not deliver anything (not even plans) for 2 months but ensured financing from Mosaic Company. Now delaying cancellation (based on non-performance) and Mosaic is pressing customers to pay claiming that they already disbursed the loan to Freedom Forever, without customer consent and without project implementation. Classic financial scheme to scam customers so several complaints are already filed. Be warned for both companies!

Posted by gizemerenwb on May 26, 2023
They will take your money and run

I started solar work 11/2022 and it is currently 5/12/2023 and still not completed or connected. They took 80% of my money, but have been delaying getting this job completed. They will blame the city and everything under the sun, but really they fail to do work as promised. They attempted a bait and switch with the panels as well. Stay away from this company.

Posted by Mar8es3 on May 13, 2023
Great Experience with Freedom Forever in Florida!

Freedom Forever installed my solar system and did a fantastic job! The installation was smooth and the installers were very professional and knowledgeable. My reps with Sunder and Freedom Forever kept me updated on the installation at every step of the process. A+ service and follow-up. My solar system is now active and saving me money on my electric bill. Can't beat that!

Posted by mackhimphill22 on May 10, 2023
Buyer Beware!

Their initial customer service, the sales tech, was great. But then had design issues. Followed by permit issues. I kept telling the permit-coordinator, the city name. Wrong, 3 times. Then came installation. That seemed to go well, but after they left - I had to walk my yard to find things they left -- wires, a pipe, metal casings, cigarette butts, candy wrappers. Really gross. Had inspection last week, but the Freedom Forever guy was new, and couldn't properly explain to the inspector about the install -- so it had to be rescheduled. Finally got that done, with 2 guys up on the roof clomping about. Sent email and left message with their corporate office, and got no response. Spoke with a rep today, and he was so laissez-faire about it all. I would not recommend this company. Let's hope, I don't have any issues with water coming thru their roof penetration.

Posted by 711ne58thstreet on May 03, 2023
Absolute SCAM, will show fantastic service to make sale. Panels do NOT perform.

Installed in 2021, promised 10kwh per year. System produced 400 kwh the first year and 500kwh the second. FIVE PERCENT of guaranteed. Was told that solar panels would work even though I live in a heavily shaded wooded area in the mountains. Reported that I was receiving huge PG&E true-up bills in early December. Had a technician confirm that the panels were working but there was far too much shade and he couldn't understand why they'd ever install and promise me the production they did. Once they received the report from the technician all responses and communication ceased. I have been forced to get a lawyer to try to recoup the $40,000 spent. They will give a scripted response over the phone and online to appear to be "resolving the issue". I promise you they are not. The only resolution with such a poor performing system is to remove it, refund me, and repair my heavily damaged roof (ANOTHER PROBLEM). They refuse. I will now have to sue them in court and pay $3000 in PG&E bills to keep my lights on. To say this is a scam is an understatement, they will lie and tell you anything to sell you the system and abandon you with tens of thousands in debt when it doesn't work. DO NOT BUY from them, there are so many other reputable companies, choose one of those instead. The only thing this company is good at is hiring excellent scam artists to sell you a product that wont work.

Posted by kendraleah on May 01, 2023



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