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Auric Energy - Profile & Reviews

Auric Energy has completed nearly 7500 installs since 2010. Some notable projects include:

- The 5.3 MW solar array and 12.8 MWH battery deployment at Soleil Lofts, the first of its kind carbon-free apartment complex & virtual power plant
- the 2.2 MW system for the Rio Tinto Real Salt Lake soccer stadium
- the 30 kW array on the National Ability Center, thanks to a grant from Rocky Mountain Power's BlueSky customers
- the combined 500+ kW on three new Homeless Resource Centers in the Salt Lake City area, thanks to a grant from Rocky Mountain Power's BlueSky customers
- the 56 kW system for the YWCA, donated and installed at no cost to them as part of the Auric Echo Program "Buy Solar, Give Solar" initiative.

Auric is the most positively-reviewed solar company in the US according to SolarReviews.com. Auric employs more NABCEP-certified designers and installers than any other solar company based in our services areas, so you know you're getting top-tier workmanship to go with your top-of-the-line equipment.

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  • "Former Employee Who Can Help"

    Reviewed May 26, 2020
    "Former Employee Who Can Help"

    Reviewed May 26, 2020

    It’s unfortunate that so many people had such a bad experience with auric. As a former employee I can assure everyone that it wasn’t all of us, some of us cared but our hands were tied. As someone who took pride in his work I feel for the customers who weren’t so lucky with their installers. I can help most of you get your systems running again if you were in the Colorado area. You can reach me at 720-526-0680.

  • "Auric is an excellent company."

    Reviewed Apr 30, 2020

    Auric comes into contact and always maintains my panels on time. As for the installation, everything was on time and professionally.

  • "Is Auric out of business"

    Reviewed Apr 23, 2020

    I am trying to get someone from Auric to provide repair service since my 9 month old system is operating at 50%. All indications that they are out of business. No local phone, no active website and my BBB complaint was not deliverable to their Salt Lake City headquarters. I read they were not doing residential but it sounds like they are done.

  • "No longer in business in Colorado"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2020
    "No longer in business in Colorado"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2020

    DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR SOLAR INSTALL. Absolutely terrible 6 month experience. Project is 3 month behind schedule. Multiple lies and missed deadlines. I currently have very nice solar panels on my garage that were never connected to the grid and a dangerous, muddy trench in my yard that has been open for over a month. Complete incompetence and lack of response to approximately 10 messages, emails and phone calls.

  • "Outstanding service start to finish with Auric Energy"

    Reviewed Feb 23, 2020
    "Outstanding service start to finish with Auric Energy"

    Reviewed Feb 23, 2020

    Auric Energy installed an 8 KW system on my residence in January. The install was done perfectly and on time. There were some glitches with getting Xcel to install the net metering and also getting the enlighten software monitoring system up and operational, but email messages to our sales contact David Hassenford, and the project management team and customer support team quickly resolved these issues. The best thing I can say is that if they said they were going to do something they did it. The one thing I would recommend, and it has nothing to do with Auric Energy, is that prior to install you have your roof inspected by your insurance company. We did that and found out the roof needed to be replaced. If we had not done this then the panels would probably have been installed and at a later date would have needed to be removed to replace the roof and then reinstalled which is expensive for the insurance company. Also, make sure not to forget to tell your insurance company once the panels are installed so they can make sure to cover the system under your home owners policy.

  • "Value received as expected, not more"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2019
    "Value received as expected, not more"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2019

    I was a bit cautious of the solar on my home, as I had been approached by many companies and all without good results. With Auric, the sales process was extended to get to shared deal, the South Metro Denver install was delayed by a couple code inspection failures, several original offerings by Auric to sweeten the deal (e.g. NEST thermostat, running a panel wire from attic to basement) were rescinded, install of pigeon guard was identified as an issue only after install and for an extra price of $350, shingle wear and tear around project site reduced shingle life span by 60-70% at a potential value lost greater than the entire contract, etc. So in the end, the panels work and I'm pleased that the product works as expected, but it certainly took a lot of legwork to get to that result and some disappointing side effects. So in the end, I got the basic promised product, but with most of the hassle one might foresee in this kind of install.

  • "Auric 10KW ground mounted solar array in Colorado"

    Reviewed Sep 18, 2019
    "Auric 10KW ground mounted solar array in Colorado"

    Reviewed Sep 18, 2019

    Our 10KW ground mounted PV solar array has been up and running for just over a year. It has produced 22.93 MWh . On peak days the system produces over 80 KWh per day. It produces over 2.0 MWh n the summer months and 1.6- 1.7 MWh in the winter months. We are very happy with the system and Auruc support ( though rarely needed) has been flawless.

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  • "Outstanding Company!"

    Reviewed Aug 21, 2019

    I am a 1st Time Solar User and we chose Auric Solar for our commercial building based on their reputation and positive reviews. We weren’t disappointed. If I could give 6 stars I would. From start to finish, the entire team made sure our experience was positive and informative. It was a huge decision for us to go Solar. Courtney and Dakota were the best! The were patient and kind, guiding us through each step and what was to happen next. Their communication was stellar. We are very happy with the results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company if you are considering Solar.

  • "Excellent Service"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    Wanted to say thank you to Auric for making this whole process wonderful. We were “lured” into the possibility of solar by a door to door salesman, that implied his company did our neighbors house. It wasn’t until we talked to our neighbor, then his Auric Rep (Nic Hunter), did we realize that it was a scam, they didn’t install his system, and they use other solar companies success, to get a foot in the door. We obviously went with Nic and Auric, and couldn’t be more happy. The whole process was turn key - they kept me in the loop on all steps, and when it came to installation day, the team arrived early, were very professional, and answered all my questions. We have enjoyed a full year of solar power without incident, and love the power savings we are getting! Thank you Nic and the awesome Auric Team!

  • "Poor Communication"

    Reviewed Jun 20, 2019

    It started out ok with the sales rep till the installation. The project manager did not communicate any information and we had to go through the sales rep. Apparently, the sales rep got upset we were asking him questions because the project manager was not answering us. The sales rep sent a nasty text intended for someone else but came to us instead. When we contacted corporate they more less said "well talk to him, but the system is paid for not sure what we can do". I would have expected a manager to come out and clear it up, but no they decided to call and text to say "sorry".
    We did nothing wrong, no one was communicating with us. We even delayed plans on Memorial Day waiting for an inspection that never happen. We called our project manager and he was "out of cell range" knowing full well we were at home waiting for the inspector. It took 3 days to get a reply from him.

    Over all I am not happy with this companies customer service and communication but are stuck with them as we have already paid.

    Danny OMalley
    Response from Auric Energy
    Responded Jul 03, 2019
    Response from Auric Energy
    Responded Jul 03, 2019

    We are extremely sorry this was your experience. We sent you a message to try and work this out with our Customer Service Manager at HQ, because we're not sure who you spoke to at our satellite office and want to get this resolved. You were definitely not given anything close to our expected level of customer service and we want to make sure we can do better in the future. Please call our main office at 801-878-3363 so we can assist you.

  • "Professional, Easy-going, and honest"

    Reviewed Dec 12, 2018
    "Professional, Easy-going, and honest"

    Reviewed Dec 12, 2018

    We chose to go with Auric Solar when we saw video of the hailstorms near one of their recent installs near Denver in June 2018. Damage abounded - car windshields and back windows were broken, tree limbs and debris were strewn everywhere, and the new solar that had been installed a month earlier on a home in the middle of the chaos was the pristine.

    ALSO, they work with CCBank, and give customers 12 months to get their rebates from the government (and municipalities, if that applies) to apply to the balance before a single payment is due. After that, the payments are set to match your previous electric bill so there is basically nothing out of pocket.

    FINALLY, and most importantly, they have taken care of every detail with so much genuine easy-going-ness, like they were going to know me for the next 25 years and wanted to make sure that every single impression was a good one. They called almost weekly to update me on progress throughout the process, allowed me to upgrade at a very reasonable rate when better panels were available, and upgraded the microconverter for free.

    Wish I needed to do more business with them. Nice guys.

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Auric Energy provides the highest-quality installations at the best value. We make solar easy, affordable, and guaranteed. We have industry-exclusive financing options and experts to help you every step of the way. You won't find high-pressure sales tactics here - we're considered the educators of the solar industry, so you can count on us to leave you informed. Our customer's best interests are always at the heart of our process.

Don’t cut corners on quality. Choose a product that achieves results, from a service provider you can believe in. Solar is going to save you money and help the environment for decades, and Auric is here to make sure that happens.

Contact us today to learn more about how solar power works. Whether you're entirely new to solar, or have advanced technical questions, our energy consultants are second-to-none on education and expertise. We can't wait to work with you for your renewable energy needs!

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Auric Energy Headquarters

2310 S 1300 W
West Valley City, UT
84119 US

Local Offices (3)

  • 99 Inverness Drive E. Ste 170
    Englewood, CO 80112
  • 3568 E Lanark Drive
    Meridian, ID 83642
  • 9530 Tualatin-Sherwood Road
    Tualatin, OR 97062

Workmanship Warranty

25 year coverage for installation, labor, and roof penetrations.


NABCEP Certified Employees:
Thaniel Bishop: # 091308-55
Jason Grimes: # 032611-126
Brok Thayn: # 031310-122
Kyle Mabey: #PV-102117-013909
Justin Osborn: #PV-102216-015056
Apirak Pruksirisombut: #PV-041115-011009
Derek Smith: #PV-042217-017148
Tobey Smith: #PV-042217-015094
Mitchell Hampton: #PV-042118-020713
Brittany Thomas: #PV-041318-019010
George Stanton: #PV-042217-017143
Kevin Burgess: #PVDS-111418-016520
Colby Takahashi: #PV-102216-013907
Andrew Meschter: #PV-102117-019128
Joshua Hill: #PVA-071619-024879


Contractor Licenses:
Utah #9715525-5501
Idaho #018933
Oregon CCB# 212831
Colorado #EC-0101291

States served by Auric Energy

  • Colorado CO,
  • Idaho ID,
  • Oregon OR,
  • Utah UT