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IntegrateSun is an Earth based company that is successfully navigating oily waters. We chose to be in the business of installing the same technology on your roof as the one our friends in NASA use for their space stations, so you can have unlimited free clean energy too! ​ ​
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We founded IntegrateSun with a personal dream that has since evolved into a clear vision: to be a support system for the one shared home of all humans, our irreplaceable Earth...
With over 23 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, IntegrateSun has added millions of watts of solar to the US market. Our company headquarter is located in Houston, TX, and we have been chosen to be one of the best solar companies in Texas!
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As we are giving 25 year workmanship warranty. IntegrateSun has setup after sales services offices in Texas. They are only being used for aftersales purposes.
IntegrateSun usually takes 6-8 weeks to install a project.
Call us at 855-999-1850 and explain your problem. We will resolve the problem under 25 year workmanship warranty.
We prefer the solar panels which are made in USA and have long life ,atleast 25 year warranty . Aptos ,REC and Mission solar panels are the best.

Reduce your reliance on the grid by generating your own electricity with residential solar systems. During outages, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the power stored in your system, and in summer when your A/C sends consumption soaring, the extra power will be a welcome relief.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years Labour Warranty
25 Years Production Warranty
25 Years Linear Production Warranty
25 Years Product Warranty
5 Years Roof Leakage Warranty


Electrical Contractor License #35074


The company is fully Insured and Bounded
General liability, Worker Comp, Commercial Auto


Panasonic Installation
SolarEdge Installation
Enphase Installation
Generac Installation
LG Chem Installation
REC Installation

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Authorized Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • EverVolt Certified Installer
  • PWRpartner

What Customers Are Saying

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They won't fix water damage

Our salesperson, Sean, was great. He was communicative and forthright through the entire sales process. Once we were handed off to Ali, communication dropped and we had to constantly go back to Sean to help us. The installation team no called/no showed the first day, no communication from Ali to let us know what was happening. 1 day of PTO wasted. (I was told they were in a car accident) The electrician also no called/no showed during his first scheduled time. 2nd day of PTO wasted. (I was told he was in a car accident by 1 person, family emergency by another person, and the electrician himself told me he just went home and didn't have time for the job that day). Days after the installation was complete, the first rain storm exposed install problems. 3 days after reporting multiple water leaks, the first repair was scheduled (11/08) and the electrician was a no call/no show. 3rd day of PTO wasted. The multiple leaks were plugged by 3rd party contractor who informed me that the installers forgot to seal around holes they drilled in the roof. (11/09). Since 11/09, communication with IntegrateSun has been spotty at best. Going 10-14 days without any response from them became the normal. No further movement on repairs occured for an entire month. They have scheduled 5 different repair appointments with me, starting on 12/08 through 01/03. 4 we're no call no shows, 4 more days of PTO wasted. (7 so far) The only group to show up told me we needed 1400$ in repairs, but IntegrateSun rejected their bid. 8th day of PTO wasted. As of today, 02/02, I have been more than patient. The pattern of 10-14 days of no contact continue and I have no faith they will repair the damage to my home. In January, I gave them contact information for a handyman I use to provide them a cheaper alternative. I just wanted the repair completed! I was informed the handyman didn't trust them and wanted money upfront, so to approve his bid they required I signed away my warranty rights to this repair before they would send a check. Obviously, I refused to sign away my warranty protections before the repair is completed or money in hand, and requested they send another repair crew of their choice to finish the job. The have not responded to the request. The sales side was great, very responsive. The project manager and warranty response has been terrible. (Ali and Zayne) I have since requested someone other than Zayne take over this repair, they have yet to respond and I expect it will be 10-14 days before I hear anything, of they decide to honor the warranty at all. I waited 3 months to leave a review to give them ample opportunity to fix my damaged home. My home remains damaged for the foreseeable future.

Posted by travisrrenfro on Feb 02, 2023
Follow up after Install

This is a follow-up after intallation. I detected a leak back on 12/30/2022, regarding the installation and reported it by phone, text message and email. It has been a month, and there is still no technician to fix the leak nor the damage done to the inside of the drywall on the ceiling. I have spoken to Ali Shah and Zayn Jackson and I still do not have a date of when the issues will be fixed. Ivan Oscan was our main contact for the installation process of our solar panels. Sean Lucas sales rep, has also been in contact and has always answer my questions. The team was always very attentive and answer all of my questions In a timely manner. The installation process was very smooth and done in a timely manner, and he keept us informed all the time of what was going on.

Posted by jaldaz02 on Aug 31, 2022
Last minute removal

My situation was different. I needed a company to remove my entire solar system ASAP for buyers to close on my house. I was a non-customer who called mid-day one day and they were able to help me out the very next day 1st thing in the morning. The system was removed, holes patched, and system loaded into a truck. The install guys were very nice and even showed me their work and asked if it was all ok. Anytime I called any if the office staff, they answered and the communication for everything was on point.

Posted by Jbarrientos2006 on Nov 09, 2022
Solar Installation

I was very well pleased with IntegrateSun during the whole process of obtaining Solar. Mr. Ali Shah was very helpful and very informed.

Posted by rondevries56 on Nov 03, 2022
Satisfied Solar Experience

I am very satisfied with my new Solar panels as well as the solar representative. The process was great from start till end. Ivan Oscar kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend IntegrateSun!

Posted by bethtadlock on Aug 30, 2022
IntegrateSun Solar Experience

IntegrateSun has done an amazing job. Beside the weather causing delay. I'm very satisfy with the job and quality done. Ivan has done great communication and kept me updated timely. I would surely recommend IntegrateSun.

Posted by toannguyen2040 on Aug 30, 2022



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