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Torus: Manufacturing Profile

The energy storage platform that improves your solar ROI. Through intuitive software and intelligent hardware, we can compensate consumers to help stabilize grids with renewable energy generation and storage.
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About Torus: Manufacturing Profile

Energy generation is abundant, smart energy storage is scarce. Torus was built in the post-net metering era and is designed to use and store all power on site.

Keeping power on premise maximizes your return your investment by storing power when its cheap and less carbon intensive and running your home off the battery when power is the dirtiest and most expensive. If you invest in solar production, you should complement it with a battery for backup protection and resilience, especially as the grid becomes more constrained.

We write all of our own firmware and software and partner with hardware companies to co-design the best equipment solutions.
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. The premium app and software automations include real time monitoring, solar-matching EV charging and home pre-cooling with excess energy.

  2. Our enclosed cabinet design provides a fast, simple install and a modern look in your home.

  3. With unrivaled customer support and system monitoring, you will know if the system is providing the intended value.

Manufacturer and installer

We’re a Utah-based renewable energy storage and management startup. We are a committed team of 70 industry pioneers, led by co-founders Nate Walkingshaw and Gilbert Lee. Our team of dedicated hardware, firmware, and software engineers, designers, manufacturing, operations, and staff work relentlessly to make renewable energy storage more efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

Workmanship Warranty

10 year workmanship warranty



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