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The City of Elgin adopted the Sustainability Action Plan in 2011 and the Greenest Region Compact 2 in 2017. Both plans encourage energy efficiency and the use of alternative, renewable energy. The Elgin Sustainability Commission has partnered with EnergySage in an effort to make Elgin more "solar-friendly." The EnergySage portal provides residents and business owners a place to learn about and shop for solar. Shine on, Elgin!<br>

The City of Elgin does not in anyway guarantee, endorse or otherwise recommend the listed companies. The companies have met the minimum requirements outlined in EnergySage’s criteria for installer experience and qualifications.

How the EnergySage Marketplace Works

The EnergySage Marketplace gets you quotes online from multiple, pre-screened local installers and helps you compare offers in an apples-to-apples format so you get the best deal.

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With all of the tax credits and financial incentives currently being offered by the state and federal government, there's no better time than now for Elgin residents and businesses to go solar.

Elgin Sustainability Commissioner Erik Anderson

Upcoming News & Events

Elgin Solar Workgroup meeting
Thursday, January 16, 9:00-10:30 a.m.
West Conference Room
The Edward Schock Centre of Elgin
100 Symphony Way

The conference room is located on the west side of the building, near the Heritage Ballroom. Topics to be discussed at this meeting include: a) proposed changes to the Historic District & Landmark Guidelines; b) promoting solar during 2020 Elgin Earth Month; and c) team meetings for EnergySage and Solar For All teams.
This meeting is open to the public.

Solar Energy Forum
Hosted by the Fox Valley Sustainability Network
Friday, January 31, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Heritage Ballroom
The Edward Schock Centre of Elgin
100 Symphony Way

Solar Energy is more accessible than ever! Learn about the tactics and advancements in renewable energy like:
- Solar case study projects from park districts, K-12 schools, and universities
- Grant funding for net zero projects and solar installations
- Kane County’s PACE Energy Efficiency Program for Commercial Real Estate Owners
- Metropolitan Mayors’ Caucus Community Solar Program
- Meet and greet tabling fair with area solar developers
*Open to the public, but registration is required: http://bit.ly/2NbMHff

Compare solar quotes online & get honest advice

or start with an Instant Estimate of your solar savings