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Your partner in solar sales & market intelligence

We bring you leads and help you close sales. We give your team unparalleled market insight and competitive intelligence. But don’t just take it from us. Hear firsthand why solar installers across the country use EnergySage to grow their business.

Solar installers share why they use EnergySage to grow their business
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How the EnergySage Marketplace works

How the EnergySage Marketplace works How the EnergySage Marketplace works
Step 1

EnergySage recruits customers and collects their important property & electric bill information

Step 2

You get an alert when a new customer enters the marketplace

Step 3

Your team submits quotes online and connects with customers to close sales

Solar installers love using the EnergySage Solar Marketplace

“Thanks so much for all your guidance during the process to make us a relevant player in the marketplace. We genuinely value your dedication and professionalism, but most importantly your true commitment to let Californians enjoy the mix of price and quality that they deserve. We see a perfect alignment of interests in our partnership with EnergySage.”

Renzo Castillo, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Solar Union, California

“We've gotten in touch with great people who are really interested in going solar. Using EnergySage is not like cold calling; you connect with customers who know what they're getting into, are ready to learn and ready to make a decision.”

Katherine Fisher, CEO
Great Sky Solar, Massachusetts

“From day one the majority of the leads have been high quality. Customers that make it onto their platform seem to be much more educated and motivated to go solar than almost all of our other lead sources. EnergySage has helped me create a large customer base in a short amount of time and has been a key part of my success in the growing solar industry. The consistency of the lead quality and volume is unbeatable and constantly working against other companies helps me grow as a consultant every day.”

Tim DeSevo, Renewable Energy Consultant
Green Power Energy, New Jersey

“EnergySage consistently brings in high quality leads – they are better informed, more motivated and close quicker. The EnergySage team also provides us top-tier customer support. They’ve done a phenomenal job keeping us up to date on key aspects of their site, resulting in more business.”

Brian Brady, Regional Sales Manager & PV System Designer
Sunlight Solar, Massachusetts

Why join the EnergySage Marketplace?

EnergySage is an efficient channel for finding high quality solar customers and growing your business profitably. Here are some top reasons for joining EnergySage:

EnergySage Offers:

  • Quality customers
  • Sales training
  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Daily support
  • Data and analysis
More sales

More sales

Our process results in customers' quick decisions to go solar. Faster sales, better conversions.

Less time

Less time

Pursue prospects and submit quotes with ease. Focus your energy on real customer interest.

Market insight

Market insight

Glean unique insight from our data and analytics. Thousands of solar shoppers, millions of data points.

Unmatched installer support:

EnergySage Partner Success Managers

The EnergySage Marketplace is designed to unlock your potential and help you grow your business. It is a modern solution built to meet the needs of today's online solar shopper. To help ensure your success, you will work with a dedicated Partner Success Manager who will help you master the platform and online sales.

Our solar marketing strategies, your new customers

EnergySage actively markets solar energy to interested customers. We attract solar customers through educational content, targeted advertising, and high profile partnerships.

EnergySage partners with corporations, non-profits, utilities and governments to help their customers, members, employees and residents make the switch to solar with confidence.

Does your company meet our requirements?

EnergySage pre-screens installers for licenses, experience and reputation. Some of our requirements are listed below.

  • At least 3 years of experience installing solar PV
  • Licensed and insured for solar PV
  • NABCEP certified *
  • Reputation for excellent customer service and quality solar installations
  • Use high quality solar equipment

* Waivable based on years of solar-specific experience

EnergySage Solar Industry Research

EnergySage’s online marketplace connects thousands of solar shoppers with hundreds of solar installers across the country on a daily basis. Activity on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace generates millions of data points about solar shopping activities, providing unparalleled insight into the dynamics of the U.S. Solar industry. We give our installers detailed analytics about their markets. A high-level summary of our data is also available in free, public reports.

View EnergySage Solar Data Reports