Simplifying Solar for Apartments & Condo Communities

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CSE is driving shared-solar adoption for multifamily buildings

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy

The Center for Sustainable Energy has partnered with a number of organizations to offer a solar program that is focused on multi-family properties. Because multi-family solar projects are often considered complex, this program was created to simplify the process and to offer resources and assistance in making a smart solar decision.
This program has the funding and support of the US Department of Energy through the SolarMarket Pathways program and is a collaboration between the Center for Sustainable Energy, CalSEIA, IREC and EnergySage. The EnergySage Solar Marketplace will be used to help property owners gather and compare solar quotes with ease to make going solar simple.
California Solar Energy Industries Association Interstate Renewable Energy Council U.S. Department of Energy Solar Market Pathways

How solar works for your property

  • Apartments

    As an apartment building owner, there are many reasons to consider going solar. Reduced operating costs; utility savings for tenants; return on investment; "eco-curb" appeal and increased property value. Learn more

  • Condominiums

    Condo communities can go solar for multiple residents and common-area loads, too! Learn more about your next steps for going solar in a condo community! Learn more

  • Multi-Tenant Commercial

    Solar works well for multi-tenant commerical buildings, such as office buildings or strip malls. For multi-metered buildings, please refer to Apartments. For master-metered buildings, please refer to Businesses.

  • Residences & Businesses

    Interested in going solar for a single utility account? Learn more about solar for single family homes, single meter buildings, and individual condo owners. Solar for Residences  |  Solar for Businesses

How the EnergySage Marketplace Works

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Get competing solar quotes online

Go solar with no money down

New financing arrangements allow property owners to go solar and save money from day one

  • Loans

    Solar loans help you maximize the financial benefits of your solar energy system without the upfront cost. Learn More

  • PACE

    Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a type of secured loan in areas where local government has allocated funds. Learn More

  • Leases/PPAs

    Solar leases and PPAs are simple, low-maintenance options for installing a solar energy system on your home. Learn More

Get competing solar quotes online