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Popular Science

We spoke to Popular Science about putting solar panels on cars, which makes more sense today than it did a decade ago, even if only providing supplemental power.

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Homeowners have been installing solar panels at a record pace. Read on to learn how EnergySage tools, like our new Buyer's Guide, are helping consumers make more-informed solar decisions.

Chicago Tribune

With falling costs and hefty tax credits, more homeowners are harnessing the sun to save money and using EnergySage to make that happen. 

pv magazine

pv magazine covers the release of the new EnergySage Buyer's Guide, which provides data and assessments of thousands of different solar modules and inverters, as well as scores of residential batteries. 

Press Release

Built with data and analysis from NREL, the EnergySage Buyer's Guide is new tool that empowers consumers and the industry to easily compare solar equipment based on quality rating, aesthetics, performance, and pricing.

Popular Mechanics

EnergySage spoke to Popular Mechanics about solar energy technology, how it works, and the state of innovation in the industry.   

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Kiplinger explains how EnergySage simplifies the solar shopping process thanks to innovative, helpful tools like our new Buyer's Guide.  

InsideClimate News

A look at the impact of states across the country that are revisiting their net metering policy in response to the rising popularity of rooftop solar. 


As extreme weather events occur more frequently, homeowners are turning to residential batteries to help keep the lights on, according to EnergySage data. 

Washington Examiner

EnergySage CEO Vikram Aggarwal talks to the Washington Examiner about the growing trend of electrification, and the demand for solar panels paired with home battery storage systems.

The Boston Globe

EnergySage CEO Vikram Aggarwal talks to The Boston Globe about the benefits of putting solar panels on your home and how to tackle a few challenges that homeowners might experience.


EnergySage data is used to show that Tesla's new pricing strategy brings them in line with today's average market prices. 


EnergySage data is used to make the case for installing solar panels on your home following a study that shows solar increasing a home's value by 4.1%, on average. 


To give DC residents a better understanding of their options for going solar, UrbanTurf highlights tools and resources built to help consumers make the switch, such as the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

With Atlanta joining the growing list of cities aiming for 100% clean energy, homeowners turn to solar power, which according to EnergySage data, costs $15,000 for a 5kW system.

Houston's KHOU 11

The team over at KHOU 11 explains the costs and benefits of going solar, and how EnergySage can help you estimate your home's solar potential. 

pv magazine

A recap of key findings by pv magazine from the latest EnergySage Solar Marketplace Intel Report, including falling costs and bigger systems.

Press Release

American-made solar panels are decreasing in popularity despite tariffs implemented by the Trump administration, according to the latest EnergySage Solar Marketplace Intel Report.

POWER Magazine

A look at a new framework from EnergySage for benchmarking utility-led residential solar initiatives.

Solar Builder

As the California solar market prepares for the state's new Building Energy Efficiency standards, EnergySage looks at how the solar mandate might impact installers.  

At What Cost by Bloomberg

Most people shopping for solar are doing so for the first time. We talked to Bloomberg about the need to do your homework before signing the dotted line.


EnergySage talks to Inverse about why more installers aren't supplying the Tesla Powerwall, despite being in high demand.

Business Insider

Following the release of our annual Solar Installer Survey, Business Insider dives into a key finding about the demand and supply of Tesla's Powerwall. 

pv magazine

Our annual Solar Installer Survey found that over half of all respondents have growing confidence in the solar industry as they move into 2019.


According to results from our 2018 Solar Installer Survey, the majority of buyers asking for a home battery solution want a Tesla Powerwall, but that many installers don't have them.


CNBC covers the customer demand for energy storage and installer supply of batteries based on results from the latest EnergySage Solar Installer Survey.


Bloomberg unpacks a key finding from the latest EnergySage Solar Installer Survey that few U.S. installers carry the Tesla Powerwall.

Press Release

Nearly 80 percent of solar installation professionals surveyed say they're in favor of Congress permanently extending the ITC for solar and energy storage.


Here's why many homeowners are turning to solar to lower their electricity bills and why solar is one of the best financial products available.

Popular Mechanics

EnergySage spoke with Popular Mechanics about ways to ensure that the benefits of solar power reach all communities, such as a federally-backed solar marketplace within a Green New Deal.


A deep dive by EnergySage into how nuclear and solar energy stack up against the other. We compare how much energy each power source produces, how long they last, how long each resource takes to build, and of course, the costs.

Arkansas Money & Politics

A look at Arkansas growing market for solar and what EnergySage data means for businesses in the state considering a switch to solar energy.

Earth911 Podcast

Our CEO Vikram Aggarwal spoke with Sustainability in Your Ear about the decision to go solar and how EnergySage simplifies the entire experience for consumers.


Quartz explains why Trump’s solar tariffs haven’t stopped Americans from going solar, and interviews EnergySage on the impact tariffs have had on solar shoppers.

The Motley Fool

A year after going solar, writer Brian Feroldi shares his experience thus far, what he learned from the process, and how EnergySage can help get competitive bids.


One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to invest in a solar panel system for your home, either by installing panels on your roof or participating in a community solar program.

Triple Pundit

Though still expensive, EnergySage notes that having batteries to store solar power can be an economical investment over the long term by shaving down utility bills.

The Houston Chronicle

Texas-based solar company Sunnova looks to capitalize on the interest in solar plus storage, which EnergySage data confirms.

Greentech Media's The Interchange

On The Interchange podcast, host Stephen Lacey talks about his experience shopping for solar on EnergySage with our CEO and how today's "window-shoppers" are changing the solar sales process.

The New York Times

Our CEO spoke with The New York Times about Tesla's vertically-integrated approach to solar and the challenges of executing it.

Reader's Digest

Though not 'way more expensive,' tariffs have increased the cost of going solar by nearly $1000. NREL findings suggest that shopping for solar online via EnergySage can save thousands.