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Popular Mechanics

EnergySage spoke with Popular Mechanics about ways to ensure that the benefits of solar power reach all communities, such as a federally-backed solar marketplace within a Green New Deal.


A deep dive by EnergySage into how nuclear and solar energy stack up against the other. We compare how much energy each power source produces, how long they last, how long each resource takes to build, and of course, the costs.

Arkansas Money & Politics

A look at Arkansas growing market for solar and what EnergySage data means for businesses in the state considering a switch to solar energy.

Earth911 Podcast

Our CEO Vikram Aggarwal spoke with Sustainability in Your Ear about the decision to go solar and how EnergySage simplifies the entire experience for consumers.


Quartz explains why Trump’s solar tariffs haven’t stopped Americans from going solar, and interviews EnergySage on the impact tariffs have had on solar shoppers.

The Motley Fool

A year after going solar, writer Brian Feroldi shares his experience thus far, what he learned from the process, and how EnergySage can help get competitive bids.


One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to invest in a solar panel system for your home, either by installing panels on your roof or participating in a community solar program.

Triple Pundit

Though still expensive, EnergySage notes that having batteries to store solar power can be an economical investment over the long term by shaving down utility bills.

The Houston Chronicle

Texas-based solar company Sunnova looks to capitalize on the interest in solar plus storage, which EnergySage data confirms.

Greentech Media's The Interchange

On The Interchange podcast, host Stephen Lacey talks about his experience shopping for solar on EnergySage with our CEO and how today's "window-shoppers" are changing the solar sales process.

The New York Times

Our CEO spoke with The New York Times about Tesla's vertically-integrated approach to solar and the challenges of executing it.

Reader's Digest

Though not 'way more expensive,' tariffs have increased the cost of going solar by nearly $1000. NREL findings suggest that shopping for solar online via EnergySage can save thousands.

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